December 1, 2014

Today’s Team: Hot Bug
H/P Fire Beetle (Flank, Hiss, Scorched Earth)
H/P Soul Of The Forge (Deep Burn, Extra Plating, Flamethrower)
H/P Parched Lizard (Quick Attack, Conflagrate, Ravage)

The synergy here comes from Deep Burn and Conflagrate doing more damage and hitting twice when the target is burning. The move Scorched Earth and Flamethrower will both cause the burning effect. The plan is to start with either the Fire Beetle or Soul Of The Forge to get the burning started then use the big damage moves. The damage from Hiss has been increased which makes the beetle a little bit better on its own. It can Hiss to slow the enemy pet then benefit from Flank, a move that has a chance to hit an extra time when it goes first.

If the beetle casts Hiss then the enemy pet swaps out there’s a good chance that Flank won’t get a speed bonus since the beetle has only 260 speed.

The Opposing Team:
B/B Flamering Moth
H/H Clefthoof Runt
H/P Grunty

The Battle:
120114AI couldn’t decide which pet I wanted to start with so I accidentally let the timer run down. The Fire Beetle it is then! Not a good match-up against the Clefthoof Runt. I cast Scorched Earth and took a Smash. It hit low so it could have been worse. I swapped to the Soul Of The Forge. Extra Plating, some Deep Burns and a Flamethrower finished off the beast but left very little hp on the elemental. The Moth came in to finish it off with a Cocoon Strike and Moth Dust.

120114BI didn’t want to be left with a humanoid as the last pet versus my beetle’s weak Flank so I decided to bring in the critter in against the moth. The beetle cast Scorched Earth, which along with the damage from earlier damage ticks was enough to make it lose the flying racial. The beetle was still slower then the moth so Hiss was needed. After Hiss the now faster beetle finished off the moth with 22 hp to face Grunty with. Scorched Earth was ready again, both pets were 260 speed, would the beetle win the coin toss? Yes, and my final bit of luck did 406 damage to Grunty and solidified the win for me. The lizard easily finished off Grunty.

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