August 30, 2015

Five Wins Or Bust
I promised to feature all of the POTM teams in a write-up. There are five teams I haven’t gotten to yet, so even if I go 5-0 I can get to them all.

Battle 1: A Sword In The Sand
Anubisath Idol, Servant Of Demidos, Alpine Foxling
loss vs. Fragment Of Anger, Sunblade Micro-Sentry, Dread Hatchling

083015AThis battle had stuns a’ plenty with two pets using Soulrush, the idol with Rupture and an Interrupting Jolt (I know it’s an interrupt). Even with a few stuns going my way I didn’t have enough left in the tank to bring the Dread Hatchling to half in order to use my foxy speed against it. It swept my team mightily. I never found a use for Howl, I surely could’ve made things closer if I had Crouch instead. The idol has been fun to use, the fox is great as usual, you know what the weak link on this team is? The damn POTM Servant Of Demidos. If anything, this competition has taught me I don’t really like the SoD that much. I will surely pick a pet I like next time rather than a pet I wan’t to use more but don’t (which is why I chose the SoD).
Record: 0-1

Battle 2: Demimore Macarena
Servant Of Demidos, Trunks, Alpine Hare
loss vs. Fel Flame, Soul Of The Forge, Elementium Geode

083015BScorched earth was a killer; it made having two of the same type pet a big liability. Its ticks did 92 damage to both magic pets, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you only have 1197 health it is. The bunny was going to have to be the superstar here. The bunny has saved me from similarly bad situations in the past, but its low health was also an issue as the scorched earth slowly chipped away through its avoidance.
Record: 0-2

Battle 3:Sally Can’t Wait
Alpine Hare, Zomstrok, Servant Of Demidos
win vs. Nexus Whelpling, Emerald Whelpling, Amber Moth

083015CI started with my rabbit in order to avoid when Mana Surge was used. My opponent never pulled the trigger on it and ended up swapping to the EPW. I took a gamble that the EPW would have Emerald Bite rather than Breath and swapped to my SoD. Thankfully the EPW didn’t have Breath, my SoD took it out when it used Emerald Presence. My opponent hit the pavement, leaving a cloud of dust as they fled.
Record: 1-2

Battle 4: Serve or Feed the Grave
Pygmy Cow, Graves, Servant Of Demidos
loss vs. Crusher, Hydraling, Frostwolf Ghostpup

083015DThis was a case of the queue being extremely unkind. Two Shell Armors against a pet that doesn’t have a regular attack, but instead has Stampede. The Pygmy Cow was only going to be useful against the Frostwolf Ghostpup, and I couldn’t force that match-up. I even got an Udder Destruction to proc, but what then? Feed into a Shell Armor doesn’t heal much. I’m always saying that the Ore Eater is a a deserved 1st-tier pet, I only beat it all the time because people don’t use it right. This opponent used it correctly by back lining it when the armor wore off. Grave Destruction hits weren’t enough to take it out on the back line.
Record: 1-3

Battle 5: Shameless
Curious Wolvar Pup, Graves, Servant Of Demidos
draw vs. Bone Serpent, Qiraji Guardling, Trunks

083015EGrr. Eleven stinking health away from a win. Trunks survived a Skull Toss with eleven health, which allowed him to get off the Avalanche that took out my SoD on the back line. Hey, for the purposes of the POTM competition it’s five points, better than nothing. So my record today with POTM teams is 1-3-1; I can assure you that the SoD hasn’t been that bad overall, but I probably won’t be using it much after this month is over. This battle went as you would expect: Graves did good back line damage, the trap gave me an extra round, the SoD contributed a little and was mostly along for the ride.
Record: 1-3-1

Battle 6: All The Kids Grow Reefer (8-1)
Chaos Pup, Scalded Basilisk, Ghastly Kid
win vs. Hatespark, Death Talon Whelpguard, Droplet Of Y’Shaarj

083015FThis team is a weak attempt at copying Done Did Kid, the same team but with the Fiendish Imp instead of the Chaos Pup. At 8-1 so far the slow Chaos Pup hasn’t been too much of a liability, but I wouldn’t expect this team to have a win rate anywhere near as good as Done Did Kid (currently 56-1). One thing the Chaos Pup has going for it that the imp doesn’t is Consume Corpse, which helps make up for its low health and weak magic racial. This battle was not hard at all since all of the pets were slower than the basilisk, which let me use Crystal Prison freely and effectively. The Droplet Of Y’Shaarj didn’t have Dreadful Breath, so it was a mediocre build.
Record: 2-3-1

Battle 7: When You Cry (1-0)
Zomstrok, Trunks, Alpine Foxling
loss vs. Magical Crawdad, Swamp Croaker, Frostwolf Ghostpup

083015GUgg. I didn’t have enough power to out damage the heals, especially not with Zomstrok’s two undead moves.  I want to say horrible things about this person but who can blame them with all of the triple undead around. Instead I will just make them feel the pain that Rich Girls brings to aquatics.
Record: 2-4-1

Battle 8: Rich Girls (109-11-2)
Bone Serpent, Nightshade Sproutling, Junglebeak
win vs. Teroclaw Hatchling, Nightshade Sproutling, Puddle Terror

083015HThank you sunny day for taking the joy out of pet battles. It wasn’t the same person as the last battle, because from the names I can identify this player as someone who rarely wins. Seriously, this person is the biggest reason the Teroclaw Hatchling had such a poor record in my 1000 battles of data. Ok, maybe I’m just being mean now. Is the truth mean? They fled after I pounded the Puddle Terror with my Junglebeak. See, how many of you reading this would have let that happen?
Record: 3-4-1

many hours later…

Battle 9: Bog Bastards (9-2)
Fiendish Imp, Sen’Jin Fetish, Tiny Bog Beast
win vs. Sentinel’s Companion, Scourged Whelpling, Blazing Firehawk

083015IDecided to go for a 5.4 team. I had to face an uncommon Scourged Whelpling. Enough said.

Battle 10: Party Party Party (2-1)
Macabre Marionette, Tiny Twister, Lil’ Bling
win vs. Clockwork Gnome, Ghostshell Crab, Aqua Strider

083015JThe Aqua Strider’s 1319 health went away quick when the twister used Wild Winds in lightning. The Aqua Strider used Pump twice and I was able to eat both with my puppet. The Macabre Marionette and Lil’ Bling then took out the Ghostshell Crab since it didn’t have a shield; that would have given my team a lot of trouble. The Clockwork Gnome fled after a few rounds rather than try to take out Lil’ Bling and the Tiny Twister on its own.
Record: 5-4-1

I’ve battled so much this weekend! I think I was making up for lost time. It was quite fun, and I’m almost done with POTM #7, so stay tuned for POTM #8.

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