August 28, 2014

Team Focus: Rebel Scum
H/P Blighted Squirrel (Woodchipper, Crouch, Stampede)
P/P Sen’Jin Fetish (Flame Breath, Wild Magic, Sear Magic)
H/S Tiny Bog Beast (Clobber, Lash, Rampage)

I’ve been having a lot of fun the last few days with this team. Without any of he top pets from the current meta I considered this team more along the lines of fun than competitive, but it’s been doing better than expected. Sure, it has lost against some adder and valk teams, but it has also beaten some adder and valk teams. Of course idols will give this team an huge hurdle, but I haven’t been running in to many. I certainly hope that trend will continue.

The strategy with this team is to start with the Blighted Squirrel to use Woodchipper, then Crouch, then Stampede. Thanks to Crouch the Blighted Squirrel will usually outlast the opposing pet. I make sure to use Stampede on its undead round so Shattered Defenses will be up when I bring my next pet in. At this point I can bring in either of the other pets depending on the situation. I like to bring in the Sen’Jin Fetish next so that before it dies it can apply Wild Magic. Many battles have been won thanks to Wild Magic being up for the Tiny Bog Beast and Lash.

Battle 1
vs. Darkmoon Tonk, Stitched Pup, Chrominius
082814AI had to deviate from my strategy due to the Minefield. Instead of starting with the Blighted Squirrel I started with the Sen’Jin Fetish. Sure enough, the Darkmoon Tonk started and immediately threw down some mines. The Sen’Jin Fetish was able to cleanse the mines and after that the battle was about swapping out when Shattered Defenses was up. The biggest moment was when I swapped in the Tiny Bog Beast for the Ion Cannon, which soft countered it and then allowed the elemental to easily kill the mech.
Record: 1-0

Battle 2
vs. Darkmoon Tonk, Stitched Pup, Chrominius
082814BI started with the Blighted Squirrel because I assumed my opponent wouldn’t try to start off the same way as last time. I was wrong. The Darkmoon Tonk laid the mines on the first round and now I was stuck there with my Blighted Squirrel. It really wasn’t that big of a deal since I had my elemental to absorb the mines later. The Tiny Bog Beast was able to wreak havoc on the mech and Stampede did some big damage to the Stitched Pup. This battle was closer than the last, but it was still a fairly easy victory.
Record: 2-0

Battle 3
vs. Anubisath Idol, Garden Moth, Fungal Abomination
082814CI beat an idol. I deserve a cookie. Well, not really, this idol wasn’t played particularly well. I thought the idol would start so I started with my Tiny Bog Beast to hopefully stun and get a free Lash off. Instead the moth was first. I wasted a turn to get my Blighted Squirrel in, but it was worth it since the undead was able to take out the flyer. The whole time I was thinking “please don’t swap, please don’t swap” because I thought this was the best starting match-up for me. When the idol came in I brought my mask. I was able to get Flame Breath and Wild Magic up then swap to the Tiny Bog Beast when my opponent used Deflection. After a Clobber the Sandstorm ran out and my elemental hit three Wild Magic enhanced Lashes. That went a long way towards successfully taking out the idol. My opponent should have swapped; I think a good idol player would be very hard to beat with this team.
Record: 3-0

Battle 4
vs. Curious Wolvar Pup, Corehound Pup, Onyxian Whelpling
082814DThere’s certain little tells to let you know that you are facing a new player. Tells such as taking a speed based move like Thrash on a 211 speed pet. I doubt any experienced battler would ever do that. I also had some lucky timing on the trap. It went off right before I got Howled by the Core Hound Pup so I needed to swap anyways. Come to think of it, I think every Lash hit three times. Yeah, I had a lot of rng blessings this battle. With that I need to call it an evening. This team didn’t necessarily do that well because look at the competition I faced. At least I got a few more wins under the belt.
Record: 4-0

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  1. Kring says:

    > The Darkmoon Tonk laid the mines on the first round and now I was stuck there with my Blighted Squirrel.

    You can always swap in your first round because swapping happens before laying down mines.

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