August 27, 2015

Today’s Team: Bandalero
S/S Slithershock Elver (Deep Bite, Clobber, Pump)
H/P Zomstrok (Infected Claw, Rot, Carpnado)
H/P Vengeful Porcupette (Powerball, Spirit Spikes, Flank)

There’s synergy between Rot and Flank: Rot will turn any pet into an undead then the Vengeful Porcupette can come in and do strong damage with Flank. I’m experimenting with third pets, I chose the Slithershock Elver because it doesn’t get enough use for such a cool and useful pet. The plan will probably be to start with the elver to use Clobber then Pump and then go from there.

I’ve not been too successful with Zomstrok, but then again I haven’t used it much.

The Battle:
082715AWhy write in complete sentences when I can mindlessly document the rounds of a battle :)

Slithershock Elver vs. Graves to start it off.
Round 1: Clobber
Round 2: Pump
Round 3: swap to Vengeful Pocupette / Grave Destruction
Round 4: Flank (3 hits) / BONESTORM
Round 5: swap to Nightshade Sproutling / Flank (1 hit)
Round 6: Fist Of The Forest / Powerball
Round 7: Nature’s Ward / Powerball
Round 8: swap to Graves / Flank (3 hits) (Graves to 0)
Round 9: Powerball / Grave Destruction (Alpine Fox in)
Round 10: Spirit Spikes / Flurry (blocked)
Round 11: Flank (2 hits) / Leap
Round 12: swap to Slithershock Elver / Flurry (3 hits)
Round 13: Pump (Alpine Fox dies, Nightshade Sproutling in)
Round 14: Deep Bite / Lash (2 hits) (Slithershock Elver dies, Zomstrok in)
Round 15: Fist Of The Forest / Carpnado
Round 16: Nature’s Ward / Rot (Nightshade Sproutling died)
082715BA decent win. Triple hit Flank sure put a hurt on the big ugly.

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