August 24, 2014

Five Wins Or Bust

Battle 1: Don’t Spike Me Bro
Spirit Crab, Vengeful Porcupette, Sen’Jin Fetish
vs. Lil’ Deathwing, Onyxian Whelpling, Frosty

082414CI got caught off guard by making assumptions about Lil’ Deathwing’s move set. I thought an Elementium Bolt was imminent but instead the move set was Darkness and Cataclysm. I got behind by having to swap and at one point I thought I might lose. That all changed when my voodoo mask cleansed an Ice Tomb then got Wild Magic on Frosty before the Vengeful Porcupette came in. A strong Flank with Wild Magic saw Frosty go to 0 hp fast.
Record: 1-0

Battle 2: Unfortunate Yeti
Stunted Yeti, Fel Flame, Scourged Whelpling
vs. Lil’ Deathwing, Onyxian Whelpling, Frosty

082414BI was a total dumb ass this battle by using Bash on the first round. I should have let the dragonkin racial proc and then used Clobber to avoid the big damage. I paid for my mistake since this allowed Lil’ Deathwing to two-shot my humanoid with Cataclysm and Darkness. Oops. One should never blog before their second cup of coffee. The Fel Flame finished off Lil’ Deathwing to make the battle a two versus two encounter. My Fel Flame and Scourged Whelpling were able to beat the other two pets thanks to a Lift-Off miss and Frosty doing weak damage to my Scourged Whelpling. I should call today “play bad and win”.
Record: 2-0

Battle 3: Rainbow Hoppers
Tiny Bog Beast, Lifelike Toad, Azure Crane Chick
vs. Chi-Chi, Warbot, Stunted Direhorn

082414EHow many battles does the Tiny Bog Beast have to win before I start considering it a top pet? In this battle the victory was helped by a timely Frog Kiss proc, so the swamp dweller can’t take all the credit. I thought I was outclassed in this battle but a few important things helped me to win. I already mentioned the Frog Kiss proc, plus the Tiny Bog Beast was able to outlast the Warbot’s first Minefield due to a stun and my opponent swapping. The Azure Crane Chick being a soft counter to the direhorn helped a lot. Ok, maybe I wasn’t as outmatched as I thought. After polymorphing the Warbot the Lifelike Toad worked around the mech racial with Tongue Lash then finished off Chi-Chi with a final kiss.
Record: 3-0

Battle 4: Party Party Party
Tiny Twister, Lil’ Bling, Macabre Marionette
vs. Fel Flame, Lava Crab, Clockwork Gnome

082414FI am still not completely awake yet. I planned my whole strategy around how I would have trouble taking out the shielded aquatic, so I forced the Tiny Twister versus the crab match-up. The problem with that strategy was the crab wasn’t aquatic, it was elemental. Luckily it didn’t even have a shield. The battle started with the Macabre Marionette beating the Fel Flame, then the Tiny Twister beat the Lava Crab before watching the Clockwoprk Gnome flee. The “play bad and win” theme continues. I was considering getting another coffee but whatever I’m doing now seems to be working :). I did actually play well in the previous battle when it counted (against a good team).
Record: 4-0

Battle 5: Peckmaster Arson
Fiendish Imp, Sen’Jin Fetish, Robo-Chick
vs. Death Adder Hatchling, Bonkers, Blighthawk

082414HAfter the mighty Warbot the S/S Robo-Chick with Batter has been my second most used mech. Sometimes I change things up and use an H/H with Peck as I did here. With the mechanical racial you end up with over 2100 hp. I started with my Fiendish Imp against the DAH, it blinded on the first round as I cast Immolation. I love when that happens, especially when the snake stays in for my mask. I swapped in the Sen’Jin Fetish to cast Flame Breath and Wild Magic which was enough to take out the adder. I didn’t mind that exchange at all, now it’s two versus two and the scariest opposing pet is gone. I was far from out of the woods. I brought in the imp and my opponent brought in Bonkers. I refreshed Immolate before Going Bonkers was cast. A Nether Gate removed that threat, I swapped in my Robo-Chick to face the Blighthawk. All that hp came in handy, the Robo-Chick was able to take the Blighthawk to 0 hp with 14 hp remaining before Failsafe. The Blighthawk missed on its undead round so my opponent fled. Bonkers may have been able to pull off the win but my opponent didn’t give it a chance. Yet another 5-0 day where I feel that I didn’t play well.
Record: 5-0

9 Responses to August 24, 2014

  1. Noel says:

    Heheh 5 wins in a row…I win 1 in 3 at best lol. Lately I’ve been having trouble with humanoids, Bonkers, Doggy Face, Qiraji Guardling and Peddlefeet.

    What is the best way to stop them? I’ve been using a Giant Bone Spider but he dies way too easily while “countering”.

    Advice would be appreciated!

    • Noel says:

      I also tried using Yu’la to bless the spider first make him tougher, but these humanoids are my bane…oh and the Kun-Lai Runt…he wrecks me!

      • Vek says:

        For the runt. Keep Mr wiggles in back, then after it chills you switch to Mr wiggles. You can’t be stunned and take little damage. Then crouch and bite it to death.

        Mr wiggles also kills doggy faces easy enough.

        If the keep humanoids in back nothing is better than bonestorm from creepy crate or fossilized hatchling.

        The bone spider is not really the best undead humanslayer.

        • Noel says:

          I honestly never even though of Mr. Wiggles…
          I’ve got a Golden Pig (H/P) which would be even better, after giving it a try so far so good! Thanks Vek!

  2. Noel says:

    I got it from RAF, I think its still gettable, you get a coin when your reward comes through and you use it to buy one of 8 things (4 mounts 4 pets).

    I’m super OCD about pets nowadays because I missed the Vampiric Batling back in the day so now the moment there’s one to get I get it lol.

    There’s also a Silver Pig (same as Golden), Jade Tiger (standard but slow cat with Jade Claw and Jadeskin) and Zipao Tiger (standard but slow cat with Onyx Bite and Stoneskin)

  3. Loki says:

    You can send an invite to yourself at another email address for RAF. Buy a 3 month card, use it on your new account and a few days later you get your RAF coin.

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