August 2, 2015

The Quick Three
Gotta keep my promise about the POTM teams.

Battle 1: I feel like such a heal!
Servant Of Demidos, Singing Sunflower, Son Of Sethe
vs. Bone Serpent, Death Adder Hatchling, Searing Scorchling

080215BThis was quite the frustrating battle for me because my opponent was captain obvious with the blinds, yet I couldn’t do anything about it. The sunflower was great against the Bone Serpent; watching Nocturnal Strike miss not once but twice was quite funny, but other than that I couldn’t figure out how to mount a decent attack. I don’t use the sunflower much so I had trouble figuring out how to utilize only having one attack that takes recovery. I think I didn’t use the back line healing effectively, and I didn’t make a good enough attempt at winning the weather war; darkness was up more often than I should have let it.

Battle 2: Luke, I am your master
Servant Of Demidos, Zomstrok, Emperor Crab
vs. Curious Wolvar Pup, Crusher, Ore Eater

080215CI saw the three humanoids and thought “this is going to be fun”. I remembered that I had Creeping Fungus instead of Infected Claw and thought “those shields are going to own me”. I made good use of Clean-Up by sweeping away the trap on the turn that my SoD was going to die, so that went well, but I feared how the battle would end. I was interested in how the Emperor Crab with a nerfed Snap would hold up against the Ore Eater at the end of the battle but I never got the chance; my opponent went afk and let me spam Creeping Fungus for the win.

Battle 3: Magical Mystery Tour
Servant Of Demidos, Ghastly Kid, Hogs,
vs. Hyjal Wisp, Kun-Lai Runt, Forest Spiderling
080215AI got off to a great start when the KLR stayed in on round one to take the Haunt. I let my SoD get stunned by the runt then brought in Hogs. I was able to use Consume Corpse for a small heal. After my SoD was finished it was essentially a two versus one against the Hyjal Wisp. I took a risk by using Haunt. It paid off, as even a fully ramped Arcane Blast wasn’t able to kill Hogs off before the spooking was finished. For most of the battle I could barely see Hogs, I wish that little guy was bigger.

7 Responses to August 2, 2015

  1. Lyraat says:

    I wish Blizzard would put a deserter debuff-like mechanism in punish afk’ers. Something like, “If you don’t do anything for 3 consecutive rounds, you automatically forfeit the match and cannot participate in another pet battle for 15 minutes.” May not solve the problem, but it might deter some people from being sore losers.

    • Jon says:

      Whenever I see a fotm team(pretty much anything with graves) I just quit out and reque. If I see 3 fotm teams in a row I just stop for the day. Not worth my time. I like trying some of the teams listed on this website, and can’t really do that while getting pounded by undead aoe.
      I think they should make it so that you can’t have two of the same pet in the pvp matches. 3x weebom/3x FoA/3x whatever is a bit much.

      • Discodoggy says:

        When pet battles first started I had an idea of limiting PvP battle teams to a maximum of one pet per family. With all these triple undead teams around I wish I would have pushed harder for it, but at the time it seemed too restrictive.

      • Giggles says:

        Graves, FoA, Weebom, and even MPD are not invincible.

        You can murder the weebom x3, or the gaves, weebom x2, and many other undead triplet teams with a pair of Stitched Pups.
        My personal version is “pups of doom”

        Fjord Worg Pup H/P (flurry, howl, Daz dance)
        Stitched Pup (flurry, howl, consume corpse)
        Stitched Pup (flurry, howl, consume corpse)

        Works pretty good against the thunderbolt switcharoo teams too. (Just had a Mechanical Pandaren Dragon, Spawn of G’nathus, Bonkers team run away)

        There are many, many ways to counter trip undead teams, and AOE teams. Many are viable against other team types as well.

        I use rematch, and have about 20 unique PVP teams saved. Keeps it fresh.

        • Vek says:

          Nice one with Stitched Pup. I totally forgot that it had Flurry. And while it is slow it is fast enough against fellow undead.

  2. Josh says:

    Did you win or lose that first one? The tone suggests that you lost but it isn’t entirely clear.

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