August 2, 2014

Today’s Team: Get Jaded
Jade Oozeling (Absorb, Corrosion, Acidic Goo)
Jade Owl (Thrash, Adrenaline Rush, Lift-Off)
Jadefire Spirit (Jade Claw, Immolate, Fade)

I was bored so I made a themed team. That’s the extent of the thought that went into this team. I did need to pick the skills so I picked the classic early pet battle move set for the oozeling, then I tried to diversify my attacks. I threw in Fade for some defense. Not a great team but sometimes you just need to change things up for fun.

There’s not much synergy here besides the self synergy of the Jade Oozeling. None of the pets are particularly good stand alone pets. The magic racial is weak.

The Opposing Team:
S/B Clockwork Gnome
P/S Chi-Chi
H/S Kovok

The Battle:
080214AThe queue can be interesting. I threw together this team in a matter of seconds and here I am facing a decent team yet I managed to win quite easily. The battle started off with Kovok versus my Jade Oozeling. Acid Goo, Corrosion then two Absorbs saw the Jade Oozeling come out on top, although some back line damage was done with Pheromones. Chi-Chi came out and put up Wild Magic as my green blob applied Acid Goo. This may have been a closer battle if the third Fire Quill hit to take out my oozeling, but it didn’t so Corrosion was addend to Acid Goo. What a nice combo. Not only that but it was strong against the flyer. The flying racial was lost which so the faster Jadefire Spirit took out Chi-Chi with a Jade Claw. Immolation spam was all it took to take out the gnome. I suppose it was a good match-up for me.

As I mentioned yesterday I’m starting a bicycle trip tomorrow. I’ll continue the dailies when I return. Until then have fun in the queue without me!

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  1. Luthorien says:

    Bike trip sounds cool, man! Have fun! It’s been a pretty good summer so far, may as well make the most of it. :)

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