August 18, 2014

Mini-Tryouts: The Suggested
S/S Alpine Hare (Flurry, Dodge, Burrow)
H/H Spirit Crab (Snap, Surge, Shell Shield)
H/S Tiny Bog Beast (Clobber, Lash, Rampage)

I suggested this team to someone on the forums then realized that I had never used it myself. I want to give it a shot and see how it performs. I was responding to someone asking for a good team of free pets, one of which is a rabbit. The Spirit Crab gives some tankiness and the Tiny Bog Beast gives a little bit of control with Clobber if it is lucky enough to be faster than the opposing pet.

Battle 1
vs. Death Adder Hatchling, Tolai Hare Pup, Fiendish Imp
081814CThis was really aggravating because I made a dumb move. I brought my Spirit Crab in against the 322 speed rabbit when I should have I should have brought in my 357 speed rabbit. I’m not really sure what I was thinking, fast rabbits handle slow rabbits easily and the undead crab can hang with the adder. The Fiendish Imp was 281 speed so my Tiny Bog Beast would do well against it. Really this is a battle that I should have won if not for my thickheaded move. I still had a chance to win in the end if my rabbit hit three Flurries. It only hit two which left the adder with 29 hp. Dang.
Record: 0-1

Battle 2
vs. Death Adder Hatchling, Tolai Hare Pup, Fiendish Imp
081814GI instantly queued again with a taste for revenge and I was able to get it. This time I tried harder to force the favorable match-ups and I easily won. So much thought and energy goes into team composition but this goes to show that having a good team isn’t enough, you need to use it well.
Record: 1-1

Battle 3
vs. Unborn Val’kyr, Ghostly Skull, Sunreaver Micro-Sentry
081814HI felt good going into this battle. The rabbit should have taken a toll on the undead pets, the Spirit Crab can go toe to toe with any of them and the Tiny Bog Beast had a speed advantage. Unfortunately, both Flurry and Lash hit mostly two out of three. This made the battle much closer than I felt it should have been, but I still managed to win comfortably.
Record: 2-1

Battle 4
vs. Xu-Fu, Kun-Lai Runt, Rascal-Bot
081814EOne of my evil guilty pleasures in pet battles is stunning Xu-Fu when he charges with Prowl. No super damage for you! I know, I’m mean. One should never underestimate a stun move on a faster pet, the Tiny Bog Beast was a superhero in this battle. The elemental damage against the mech helped, as did the aforementioned waste of Xu-Fu’s Prowl. The Spirit Crab sat this one out, I only needed the elemental and critter to win. I think I have one more battle in me tonight.
Record: 3-1

Battle 5
vs. Anubisath Idol, Unborn Val’kyr, Scourged Whelpling
Again the rabbit terrorized the undead pets, ths time hitting three out of three Flurries almost every time. The Spirit Crab and Tiny Bog Beast both contributed against the idol. The smelly dog face even landed a stun. I’m starting to think that my suggestion wasn’t half bad.
Record: 4-1

13 Responses to August 18, 2014

  1. Snow says:

    I wonder if we can get the Idol renamed to Smelly Dog Face.

  2. Tekulve says:

    So I’m wondering if anyone can tell me why Unborn valk users always pick CoD as their 1st move. When I have a pet with an obvious evade move that is obviously faster the Valkyr owner uses CoD 1st about 90% of the time even if I’ve faced them before.

    I fail to see any advantage especially if they are forced to wait out the cool down. Your alpine hare has 2 avoidance moves so little room for error ..when you get a chance to hit it, you’d better!

    • Loki says:

      It’s the same reason that if you see a valk in the opposing team at the start of a battle they will ALWAYS open with it. People playing on easymode. Makes them easy to beat.

  3. Josh says:

    I’m curious.. using stun on Xufu when he has just cast Prowl will take him out for one round, but he’ll still have one round left on this move when he comes out of stun. Did you just kill him before that could happen? I only ask because I’ve stunned a full-HP Xufu just after he’s cast Prowl, only to damage him below 50% and have him hit me when he comes out of stun with the added damage of the Beast racial – ouch!

    • Vek says:

      You have to use the stun right after prowl is cast not the same turn. Since prowl comes with a speed debuff you should be faster and that means that the prowler will be stunned for both prowling turns.

      • Discodoggy says:

        Yes, what he said. Any interesting pets or combos that you’ve been using Vek? My creation abilities have felt stale lately.

        • Vek says:

          Seems like I am one a similar dry imagination spell. Problem is I keep running into the same kinds of teams and that just brings me back to Prarie Mouse, Voodoo Figurine, Vengeful Porcupette, Tiny Bog Beast, Baby Ape.

          But some nights when there is a lot of Idols and Crawdads I have even started running triple beasts. Elder Python, Baby Ape and either a Worg/Fox or V.Porc. But this also seems to bring out some triple mech teams and finally some other mechanicals other than the MPD.

          Some nights I have just been doing triple Vengeful Porcupettes for the hell of it.

          I did try out a couple of ideas but they were quickly shot down. Like I really wanted to get a spider to work for me, but I get bad match ups and can’t really figure out which breed to use.

          Have also been itching to get better at using Maggots. The real nice part is the 5 turn root and using it on a humanoid, preferably an Imp. But every time I bring a maggot all I see is 341 speed DAH and valks…

          I really want the Curious Oracle Hatchling to come in a different breed. :)

          So sorry if I’m not much of an inspiration at the moment.

          • Vek says:

            Well I have also been itching to kill unsuspecting Valks with Explode/Armageddon. Preferably Rascal-Bot with Armageddon or Pet Bombling with Minefield+Explode. Sure it’s a huge risk, but might be fun to do.

            Problem is every time I run one of these pets I never run into any Val’kyrs. Only have had it done once by accident, I clicked Armageddon by mistake which worked out great, which got me thinking along these lines.

          • Discodoggy says:

            I forgot all about spiders and maggots. I’ve tried both of them in the past and have never been able to get them to work well against top teams.

            There is one spider that has done well for me, but it’s different than the rest. The Crystal Spider. With a 305 speed stun it can take some people by surprise. After reading your comment I put together a H/P Highlands Skunk, H/S Crystal Spider and H/B Swamp Croaker team. It went 3-0 against a valk team, then a valk/adder team, then unbelievably an Emperor Crab/Warbot/DAH team. It cam down to the last Water Jet hitting high or low, it hit high and I won. I was surprised.

            I’m using Brittle Webbing instead of Webbing, so people can swap out of the Swarm if they’re smart. No one has yet. Plus, it has been wreaking havoc on the adder DoT. I don’t see this team keeping up this win rate, but so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

            Edit: 4-0-1 now. I drew to a valk/crow/NFD team. Gotta get some work done now but that was fun.

          • Vek says:

            Nice game record! :)

            I have tried out the Crystal Spider before, mostly back when Scalded Basilisk Hatchling was my go-to pet(they share stun icon! 😛 ). Seems I can’t come to grips and play it well, the lack of a spammable “main” attack is a bit of a problem, that can be worked around of course.

            I wanted to try something new against MPD’s and such and there is a 325 speed spider that could do the trick with brittle webbing and swarm to break the decoy. But with only 260 power the swarm feels a bit weak.

            Have tried the 341 power spider. That swarm is brutal, it does have a bit lowish health. But I just seem to get much more use out of the Ravager Hatchling or Diemetardon for example.

            Got my sights on getting the 305 power spider to work. Not really sure about what partners to use though. Perhaps I’m just on a fools errand. :)

          • Vek says:

            And yes Brittle Webbing is actually a very nice ability to use against DAH. :) Even if it does not do super damage the DAH have low health so it matters.

            Btw I managed to trick a Valk into an Armageddon. I had faced this opponent a few games before, which helps to predict their moves. I lulled the Valk into safety by stunning it and damaging it. Then did Armageddon, the Haunting Valk died and back line DAH got hit for 500, and the other back line pet for 300 or so. Was sweet, but I can’t really recommend the gamble unless you don’t mind giving your opponent an edge.

  4. Noel says:

    Vek, are you saying if you armageddon while haunted the haunting valk dies? or just takes a lot of damage?

    Sounds like something to try!

    • Vek says:

      If you have a valk and you cast haunt. If the opposing pet dies just before haunt hits then the valk dies. Same as two valk both casting haunt on the same turn. The valk that goes last just dies.

      With rascal bot you are faster so die first and armageddon damages back line pets. So even if you sacrifice the bot you will kill the valk and damage the others. Of course if the valk did not haunt then you just lost a pet.

      Same works with explosion and corpse explode i guess. Which is why pet bombling can do it. Put a minefield when you get cursed then explode when valk presumably casts haunt.

      Risky but fun.

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