April 7, 2014

The Chopping Block
After my pet journal starts to get clogged up I go through all the teams I’ve made to decide whether or not they’re going to make the teams page. There are always some teams that I’m not sure if I should keep or not. I like to give em’ one last try in the queue to help me decide.

Team 1: Jupiter Junior
Spirit Crab, Alpine Hare, Imperial Eagle Chick
vs. Warpstalker Hatchling, Crawling Claw, Brown Marmot

I really thought this team was going to beat me since the Warpstalker Hatchling was a good counter against both the Alpine Hare and my flyer, but my opponent fled. I didn’t really get a chance to see this team shine but I really didn’t need to. There’s so many ways to throw three solid pets together and that’s all I really did here. It’s a good team but with so many teams to choose from I don’t see myself coming back to it much.

Thumbs down, deleted.

Team 2: Safe Haven
Anubisath Idol, Direhorn Runt, Living Sandling
vs. Jademist Dancer, Toothy, Blighthawk

040714AI lost the battle and in the process decided that I don’t like this team that much. I’ve been experimenting with the Anubisath Idol a little bit. On this team I used it to replace a Qiraji Guardling from the team Beige Bandits. The slow idol just isn’t as fun to me as the fast Qiraji Guardling. In fact, I would have had a much better chance of winning this battle against the 317 speed Jademist Dancer if I had the 325 speed humanoid rather than the 244 speed one.

Thumbs down, deleted.

Team 3: Axis Of Ceva
Lil’ Ragnaros, Death Adder Hatchling, Mulgore Hatchling
vs. Murkalot, Fossilized Hatchling, Kovok

040714BThis was a close and fun battle. The Mulgore Hatchling survived with 18 health and used Feign Death on the undead round to earn the win. I didn’t even get lucky with timely trap detonation. I was leaning towards deleting this team since it has the most OP pet of 5.4 (DAH) and the pet which uses the lamest move in need of a fix (Magma Trap). It also uses the Mulgore Hatching, which is a pet that I’m always trying to find a good spot for. My desire to use the Mulgore Hatchling wins out over my desire to not use the other two pets.

Thumbs up, I’m keeping it.

Team 4: Umbrella Corporation
Enchanted Broom, Emerald Proto-Whelp, Celestial Dragon
vs. Fiendish Imp, Corefire Imp, Phoenix Hatchling

040714DYou know what works great against a triple Immolation team? A shield that blocks 90 damage. It was an Immolation block-fest. I was even able to pull off the win after a dreaded and usually game losing Wind-Up miss. I made this team as a soft counter against clonedance teams. Magic in the front to soft counter the aquatic damage and dragonkin in the back to soft counter the Cyclone. I’m not sure if it really works because I don’t remember ever running into a clonedance team with Umbrella Corporation. If someone starts spamming the meta with a clonedance team I can always remake it (who knows if it’ll even work), but for now I’m done with it.

Thumbs down, deleted.

Team 5: Green Guys
Snarly, Harmonious Porcupette, Emerald Proto-Whelp
vs. Pengu, Cinder Kitten, Direhorn Runt

040714EPENGU REALLY NEEDS TO FALL OVER WHEN IT DIES! Seriously, there’s nothing creepier in pet battles than a dead Pengu standing upright on the back line. This battle ended in a draw since Snarly died to Scorched Earth after he dispatched the Cinder Kitten with a Surge. I made this team as a green themed team for St. Patrick’s Day and haven’t used it much since. I think I’ll start using it more after this, Snarly is so fun to use and I like the EPW a lot when it’s shielded. I haven’t come up with too many themed teams that are good (besides the almighty Acorn Berserkers) so I really should keep this one.

Thumbs up, I’m keeping it.

Team 6: Julius Seizure
Warbot, Sen’Jin Fetish, Sporeling Sprout
vs. Clockwork Gnome, Unborn Val’kyr, Wild Jade Hatchling

040714HI countered the enemy team so well it was a total faceroll. I thought I fell in love with the Sporeling Sprout so much after the Crouch buff but I only had three teams with the mushroom guy on them. I’m already keeping the other two, there’s nothing so special about this team that I need to keep it too. I have enough Warbot teams already. It is pretty damn good, though. Deleting good teams is hard, but I think I can make a better Sporeling Sprout team.

Thumbs down, deleted.

Team 7: Bet On Black
Warbot, Gilnean Raven, Gilnean Raven
vs. Fel Flame, Spawn Of G’Nathus, Alpine Hare

I won this battle but not without some drama from two raven misses caused by my own Darkness. I hate when that happens. At least I didn’t try to use Nocturnal Strike against the elemental (which isn’t blinded by the Darkness). I’m pretty sure that I made this team not long before the Dread Hatchling was released. I replaced one of the ravens with that pet for a slightly more diverse team. I don’t see any reason to keep this one around.

Thumbs down, deleted.

I have plenty of teams I still need to go through but I think that’s it for tonight. Perhaps I’ll do this again soon.

4 Responses to April 7, 2014

  1. Noel says:

    I loved the Julius Seizure team, looking forward to the new Sporeling Sprout team.

    • Discodoggy says:

      I attempted to make one today and came up with nothing good. Or I should say nothing good that didn’t involve two other top tier pets. I’d like to find a team for the Sporeling Sprout where it is the star!

  2. Seca says:

    Its neat knowing you are on my meta. I recognize a lot of the teams you are up against and get a little more out of your analysis.

    I’ve been using an Emerald Proto some lately (have run into triple crow a fair bit, and don’t have many max level dragons). If I run shield + dream I feel like I’m trolling the other player. Should I feel bad about that? Maybe use lift-off instead?

    • Discodoggy says:

      I don’t feel like the EPW is on the same level as a Magical Crawdad even with the synergy between Emerald Dream and the other two moves. It would seem like so much healing would be hard to take down but I think the 1400 hp makes it a lot easier to burst than the evil crawdad. I guess I’ve beaten it so many times that I don’t hold it in high regard. I’m definitely wary of it when I see it on the opposing team. You need to make sure you don’t get in a bad match-up like getting stuck attacking it with multi-attacks. So to answer your question: no, I wouldn’t feel bad, personally I don’t think that using shield and dream is trolling.

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