April 6, 2015

Today’s Team: Tragic Magic
H/P Syd the Squid (Water Jet, Bubble, Cleansing Rain)
S/S Jademist Dancer (Steam Vent, Rain Dance, Acid Rain)
S/S Slithershock Elver (Deep Bite, Clobber, Pump)

I still love to play to play cleansing rain teams. The weather gives such a big boost (25%) to aquatic attacks, of which this team has plenty. The plan is simple: change the weather to cleansing rain then pound the enemy team with aquatic damage. Bubble and Clobber give me some defense and utility, but other than that it’s an all out water attack.

All of my attacks are aquatic, which do weak damage to magic pets, making magic pets a hassle to deal with. Creating a diversified arsenal of attack moves is fundamental to PvP success, I am lacking this diversity.

The Opposing Team:
S/S Ore Eater
S/S Mechanical Scorpid
H/H Bone Serpent

The Battle:
No magic pets, that was good. S/S Ore Eater, that was bad, very bad. Shell Armor is currently number 4 on my list of broken things that need to be fixed. It has the same CD and function as Trihorn Shield, yet it’s so much more powerful. Thankfully I don’t see too many of these in the queue. Unfortunately when I do run into one I lose more often than not. In this battle it wasn’t just the Shell Armor giving me problems, it was also the 341 speed out speeding both of my fast pets.

040615AI did my best to get my damage in between the applications of Shell Armor, but it just wasn’t enough. In retrospect, with all of my damage it seems I should have been able to take out the low health Ore Eater faster than I did. However, darkness put a damper on my plans for aquatic domination and Bone Barrage was a good counter to Bubble. I got countered decently enough and lost, although I still feel it should have been closer. Perhaps I tried to skirt around the Shell Armor too much. In the end there was a face off between the half health elver and an equally fast mech scorp. Without a speed advantage the elver couldn’t pull it off. You’re still my favorite elver, catching elves day and night!

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