April 5, 2015

Today’s Team: Supermodel
S/S Bronze Whelpling (Arcane Slash, Crystal Prison, Lift-Off)
H/S Young Talbuk (Horn Gore, Tough N’ Cuddly, Flurry)
S/S Sky-Bo (Flamethrower, Sticky Grenade, Decoy)

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Young Talbuk. It has Flurry to put a beating on undead, a shield to reduce damage and a reasonably powerful normal attack. I chose the Bronze Whelpling to make my team a bit more competitive. I realized I have a big weakness to mechs since Arcane Slash is weak to mechs and mech attacks will do strong damage to me beast. I wanted some elemental damage because of this. While looking through elemental attacks I noticed Sky-Bo, with Flamethrower being strong against mechs.

Mechanicals may still be an issue.

The Opposing Team:
H/P Twilight Spider
H/H Mini-Thor
H/S Mojo

The Battle:
040515AMini-Thor is sort of scary with all of that health and move Minefield. As with any pet that can lay mines, one of the first things that I do is try to figure out how I can mitigate the mine damage. Do I have an elemental to eat the weak damage? Do I have a cleanse? Do I have a block? Why yes, I do have a block. The battle just got a lot easier for me thanks to Sky-Bo. I just needed to make sure that I always brought in Sky-Bo to face Mini-Thor so that I could cast Decoy right after the mines went down. Then I could swap on the next round and the damage from the mines would be blocked.

This ended up being a 28 rounder with a lot of swapping so I think I’m going to cut the blow by blow short. Basically there was a ton of swapping. Whenever Mini-Thor came in I would swap to Sky-Bo to create the scenario described above. I was able to block two mine explosions this way. The Bronze Whelpling was a able to provide a lot of control throughout the battle and it was able to force the frog into some swaps due to fear of strong Lift-Off damage. My opponent fled in round 28 and I had not even used the Young Talbuk yet, which goes to show how much swapping, stunning and blocking that was going on.

2 Responses to April 5, 2015

  1. tekulve says:

    Its so rare in PvP to face no weather , no decoy and no undead in one game. Your meta has a lot more variety than mine. I like your team here though.

    I have done a fair bit of PvP on Illidan and Madoran (before Draenor and a bit since)..I’ve often wondered if realm pop has an influence on the battle group you face. Illidan had few experienced players with good pets. Madoran was a mix.

    Sometimes when I’d flip realms, I’d face the same player (can tell by pet names/player mog)…this makes me wonder if groups are randomly assembled by day regardless of realm or faction…not that it matters much

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      The meta I’m in is very much like that, it’s all undead and MPD. You have to play foul teams, which means I have to run away a lot when facing friendlier teams, or Id feel too dirty. Beating up someone’s green cat with my MPD ugh, usually I fight until the next move would kill them and then leave and requeue in hopes of finding the cheese players.

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