April 4, 2015

Five Wins Or Bust
After being gone for a few days my meta seems to have taken a competitive turn, or at least it has for these last few hours.

Battle 1: Kung Foolio
Fiendish Imp, Frostwolf Ghost Pup, Young Talbuk
vs. Droplet Of Y’Shaarj, Fragment Of Anger, Scourged Whelpling

040415GAfter reading all of the comments on this page I decided to try an H/S and an H/P Young Talbuk instead of the S/S that I was using. I ran into some difficulties with the H/P against 260 speed undead so I switched to the H/S. I included the Frostwolf Ghostpup on this team to help with some of the AoE nonsense that seems to be popping back up after our brief respite. I can describe my teams performance in three words: working as intended. This frightful AoE team got pounded really hard. The battle got off to a good start when I didn’t cast Nether Gate to bring the DoY in like I thought my opponent wanted me to. The Frostwolf Ghostpup got off two Haunting Songs to counteract the AoE.
Record: 1-0

Battle 2: Winterspring Warriors
Robo-Chick, Rabid Nut Varmint 5000, Alpine Hare
vs. Anubisath Idol, Clockwork Gnome, Landro’s Lichling

040415JThis battle seriously sucked. First of all, I chose the S/S RNV 5000 with Thrash over the the P/P with Metal Fist. Since I already had two multi-attacks the P/P is the smarter choice, but I went with Thrash anyways. It took the Robo-Chick and half of the RNV 5000 to take out the idol (the 25% strong stun didn’t help), then the gnome came in to finish off my second mech.

My only chance was if my opponent had never PvPed before and decided to cast Repair against the faster rabbit. OH YES! They chose to cast Repair, which put a huge smile on my face. Well, the joke was on me because Flurry only hit twice… ON EVERY DAMN ROUND. I’m not exaggerating, Flurry hit two out the three times on eight rounds in a row. My rabbit took the undead to 0 hp but died on that same round for the loss. Time to run to the forums to let the world know that I have no comprehension of probability (“Flurry is broken…”).
Record: 1-1

Battle 3: Leviathan Scorchling
Fel Flame, Son OF Sethe, Leviathan Hatchling
vs. Ghastly Kid, Son Of Sethe, Sky-Bo

04041`5FI played well enough, but the striking misuse of Touch Of The Animus by my opponent was a shcoker. Please don’t ever cast TOTA on an opposing undead pet’s immortal round. I would have won anyways, but c’mon. I don’t play the Fel Flame/Son Of Sethe combo as much as I used to, but when I do it still can dominate if played well. It can even carry Leviathan Hatchlings.
Record: 2-1

Battle 4: Aqua Teens
Mirror Strider, Purple Puffer, Emperor Crab
vs. Droplet Of Y’Shaarj, Fragment Of Anger, Scourged Whelpling

040415IEven though I prefer the P/S Eternal Strider I decided to roll with the H/S Mirror Strider for old time’s sake; I used to play this team a lot in 5.2, possibly even as far back as 5.1. It goes without saying that flying attacks make quick work of my aquatics.

There were no flying attacks, but I was frustrated nevertheless. My nostalgia cost me in this one because the ridiculous choice of the H/S Mirror Strider left the FoA alive with 33 health when the P/S Eternal Strider would have surely killed it. That extra turn would have allowed me to at least force a draw. Stupid MoP nostalgia. And even stupider even split AoE. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: even split AoE moves are the worst thing to happen to pet battles since the FFF (Fluxfire Feline).
Record: 2-2

Battle 5: Rich Girls
Bone Serpent, Nightshade Sproutling, Junglebeak
vs. Golden Dawnfeather, Lil’ XT, Hopling

I was in revenge mode after the close loss to that AoE team so I ran Rich Girls. I don’t know that it was a good counter team, but it wins most of the time (imps give it problems, though). In this battle it frustrated my opponent into fleeing halfway through.
Record: 3-2

Battle 6: Not So Cuddly After All
Fiendish Imp, Warbot, Young Talbuk
vs. Murkalot, Fossilized Hatchling, Spawn Of G’Nathus

040415EThere is no shame at all in losing to Murkalot. In my opinion Righteous Inspiration is by far the number one OP piece of crap move in PvP pet battles. It’s not unbeatable with an imp, I would just have to get lucky with the head games. I didn’t and I lost. One sad fact about this battle is that it was very close, one more Horn Gore would have killed Murkalot. My opponent should quit pet battles forever.
Record: 3-3

Battle 7: Not So Cuddly After All
Fiendish Imp, Warbot, Young Talbuk
vs. Murkalot, Fossilized Hatchling, Spawn Of G’Nathus

040415DI wanted revenge and I got it. This time I won the head games. I never even used Nether Gate.
Record: 4-3

Battle 8: Lunch Money Gankers
Fragment Of Anger, Ore Eater, Bronze Whelpling
vs. Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, Unborn Val’kyr, Rotten Little Helper

040415BI wanted a quick win so that I could be done, yet I almost lost. Scary. The problem was that I started with the Ore Eater versus the valk but didn’t swap out. Don’t I always talk smack when people do that?

The Bronze Whelpling saved the day from my bad play by stalling enough so that the gifts expired. Come to think of it, I was suprised when the Rotten Little Helper didn’t come back to life due to its racial. Damn, I really am going crazy here. As much as I dislike running into the FoA I’m glad that there’s a pet to make all the MPD users think twice. I’d reather face the fragment than the mech dragon any day.
Record: 5-3

2 Responses to April 4, 2015

  1. Rhonstifor says:

    I faced your imp/warbot/young talbok team yesterday with imp/bronze whelp/ fetish

    Good match. I knew it was you when you wouldn’t throw down mines to be cleansed!

    • Discodoggy says:

      Yeah, that was me. At the end of the battle I gated the Sen’Jin Fetish back in on the off chance that you would swap it back in. It was a bad move :)

      I enjoyed it, too.

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