April 25, 2016

Five Wins Or Bust

2:10 – Carry Us Murk
Murkalot, Leviathan Hatchling, Mountain Panda
win vs. Blossoming Ancient, Sky-Bo, Lil’ Ragnaros

Murkalot didn’t do much carrying, the Leviathan Hatchling was more of the hero.

7:10 – Thought You Were Good Bro
Murkalot, Trunks, Mountain Panda
loss vs. Graves, MPD, Nexus Whelpling

This is one of the harder teams to face on my meta, I gave it the ol’ college try but fell short of a draw by 7 health.

14:20 – My Tanky Chicken
Jade Oozeling, Rocket Chicken, Mountain Panda
win vs. Ghastly Kid, Death Talon Whelpguard, Son Of Sethe

My opponent ran way too early, they still could have won after I avoided the Haunt.

17:35 – My Tanky Chicken
Jade Oozeling, Rocket Chicken, Mountain Panda
loss vs. Stunted Direhorn, Death Adder Hatchling, Death Adder Hatchling

I mistakenly thought that the Acidic Goo had fallen off too early, but I forgot about the round that I was interrupted. It was a fair and square loss.

25:50 – Tastes Like Metal
Lil’ Bling, Frostwolf Ghostpup, Jade Oozeling
win vs. Ore Eater, Graves, Widget the Departed

The Ore Eater wasn’t played well, and I had a Ghostly Bite to deal with it.

34:10 – Chaos Mascots
Lost Netherpup, Macabre Marionette, Jade Oozeling
win vs. Unborn Val’kyr, Alpine Foxling Kit, Soul Of The Aspects

The valk was level 24, but I’m pretty sure I would have won if it was level 25.

44:55 – The Impatient
Leatherhide Runt, Hogs, Alpine Chipmunk
win vs. Graves, MPD, Nexus Whelpling

I threw this bad team together in a hurry. There’s no way in hell that I was going to win without something crazy happening. The craziness was that my opponent skipped a number of turns. I accepted it as my fifth win and called it a day :)

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