April 18, 2015

Today’s Team: Colden Days
B/B Tiny Snowman (Magic Hat, Call Blizzard, Deep Freeze)
P/P Rotten Little Helper (Club, Booby-Trapped Presents, Call Blizzard)
H/P Snowy Panda (Bite, Call Blizzard, Crouch)

Three ways to change the weather is a great thing. I have a lot of elemental damage so critters may be a problem, that’s why I included the Snowy Panda with bite. This team has five different types of damage and some powerful mines. Really I just wanted to try something different so I ran this team and ended up doing better than I thought. So far it’s 7-3.

This slow team isn’t too competitive. My losses have come at the expense of the big boys, but if I continue to win seven out of ten I can totally live with the spankings.

The Opposing Team:
P/P Lil’ Deathwing
B/B Unborn Val’kyr
H/H Anubisath Idol

The Battle:
041815AI thought I was slow! All of my pets were faster than all of the opposing pets. I took a gamble by starting with my Rotten Little Helper so I could get the presents down. In retrospect, it was a bad idea since the valk was most likely to begin. I got lucky, instead Lil’ Deathwing came out. The dragon took out my humanoid despite the strong damage from Club, but the presents were down. The Tiny Snowman came in to finish off the dragon, the idol came in to an exploding… miss caused by Lil’ Deathwing’s darkness. I thought about that happening, but didn’t want to waste Call Blizzard when Lil’ Deathwing didn’t have much health, oh well. After the idol used Rupture and I used Call Blizzard then it was safe to use Deep Freeze. My opponent tried some swapping which allowed me to eventually get off another Deep Freeze. After the Tiny Snowman my beast came in to easily clean up.

2 Responses to April 18, 2015

  1. Harpua says:

    Ummmm, it’s springtime dude. That blizzard stuff is, like, so three months ago. Even Winter’s Little Helper will tell you that.

    I clown around with the “Holiday” pets, but it rarely works out. You’re pretty lucky to escape with a win on that. Or a lot better than I am,

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