April 14, 2014

Today’s Team: Squirt McGurt
P/S Eternal Strider (Water Jet, Healing Wave, Pump)
S/S Jademist Dancer (Steam Vent, Rain Dance, Acid Rain)
P/P Azure Crane Chick (Quills, Cleansing Rain, Surge)

This is another chapter in my current obsession with Cleansing Rain teams. It’s just such an awesome buff with the 25% damage increase to aquatic moves and harmful DoTs having their duration shortened. The plan is fairly simple: I’ll start with one of the weather applying pets then reap the benefits of the weather.

With all of the aquatic attacks I may have trouble taking out magic pets.

The Opposing Team:
B/B Soul Of The Aspects
P/P Dread Hatchling
B/B Blossoming Ancient

The Battle:
041414AUsually when I see that I have to face a Blossoming Ancient I cringe, but not this time. I have plenty of aquatic damage to take down the big tree. My opponent started with the Dread Hatchling which had to face my Jademist Dancer. I decided that I liked this match-up since the Jademist Dancer could ignore the Darkness. I didn’t work as I planned and the Dread Hatchling won the head to head. It only had 200 hp left though, so my Azure Crane Chick was able to take it out in one round. There was then a lot of swapping to try to control the weather. I wanted Cleansing Rain and the Blossoming Ancient wanted Sunshine. Eventually the Azure Crane Chick and the Soul Of The Aspects died and we were left with my aquatic versus the elemental. Even with a missed Pump my Eternal Strider easily took out the tree. The queue was nice to me this time.

5 Responses to April 14, 2014


    I’m a bit of a treehugger, but when I see a Blossoming Ancient I want to be more of a Lumberjack (and that’s OK!)

    Well done 😛

  2. Seca says:

    Is the damage buff from cleansing rain enough to make an aquatic aoe (tidal waves the only one I see) team viable? Or maybe a combo tidal waves / dreadful breath? (I know dreadful breath teams are viable)

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