April 10, 2015

Today’s Team: Sidewalk Burial
S/S Arctic Hare (Flurry, Dodge, Burrow)
H/H Lost Of Lordaeron (Shadow Shock, Arcane Explosion, Curse Of Doom)
H/P Gilded Moth (Alpha Strike, Cocoon Strike, Moth Balls)

The rabbit and Lost Of Lordaeron have been doing very well as a pair. I like the ghost as a partner for the rabbit because it’s good against the two families that consistently give my rabbit trouble: flyers and humanoids. The ghost has Shadow Shock for humanoids and Arcane Explosion for flyers. I was looking for pets with a barrage move (Nut Barrage, Egg Barrage, etc.) for another way to take out decoys so I typed in “barrage” to Rematch. Along with the pets I expected, moths also came up in the search, the reason being because the word “barrage” is in the description of Moth Balls. It made me wonder if Moth Balls would take out both charges of a decoy. I wanted to test it out so I included my old friend the H/P Gilded Moth. It’s the moth that I’ve used the most since I used to be a huge fan of H/P flyers before I jumped on the P/P bandwagon. I guess I’m not all the way on that wagon or I would be using the P/P Yellow Moth instead.

I’m not a big fan of moths. At least I’m not using Moth Dust.

The Opposing Team:
S/S Fiendish Imp
S/S Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
S/S Enchanted Broom

The Battle:
041015AThe MPD was the first pet to face my bunny. I cast Flurry four times in a row as the MPD cast Thunderbolt then Decoy, then swapped out for the broom to force swap out my rabbit. Not a bad start. My LoL was brought in by the swap, it took some damage from the broom as two Shadow Slashes and an Arcane Explosion killed the magic pet. The MPD came back in so I swapped to my moth to test if Moth Balls would take down both charges of a decoy. I didn’t get a chance since the MPD cast Thunderbolt then swapped to the imp.

041015BIf I were that imp user I would have cast Immolation while the moth wasted Cocoon Strike, so I cast Alpha Strike instead of Cocoon Strike. I lost that head game; the imp cast Nether Gate to do strong damage to my moth. That was actually okay with me since the LoL was brought in. The imp was greedy and tried to get Immolation going before swapping, which lead to a death from Shadow Slash. The MPD came back in to face my LoL. Rather than try to be fancy I just spammed Shadow Slash as my ghost took weak damage. It was clear that I had the battle all wrapped up so my opponent fled. Another win for the rabbit and ghost, even thought it wasn’t very well played by my opponent.

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  1. Jere says:

    It does take down prismatic barrier, so I would assume it takes down Decoy as well.

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