September 28, 2014

Today’s Team: Minfernal Fears
H/S Scaled Basilisk Hatchling (Crystal Prison, Feign Death, Thrash)
H/H Spirit Crab (Snap, Surge, Shell Shield)
H/H Minfernal (Crush, Extra Plating, Meteor Strike)

Sometimes you just want to have fun. I felt like playing these three pets, so I put them on a team.

As if the magic racial wasn’t weak enough already, using an H/H breed makes it almost completely worthless.

The Opposing Team:
P/S Jademist Dancer
H/P Blighthawk
P/S Alterac Brew Pup

The Battle:
092814ANever underestimate a faster basilisk. I cast Crystal Prison on round one then let the basilisk loose on a Thrash adventure. Rather than swap out when the inevitable Ghostly Bite was coming I decided to eat it and keep casting Thrash. I ended up keeping the basilisk in until round ten, which was the Blighthawk’s undead round. I saved my second Crystal Prison for the turn when I thought the Jademist Dancer would cast Rain Dance. My opponent decided to swap rather take another Thrash so I managed to avoid that powerful move. This only worked because the elemental was a P/S and not an S/S. I’m always saying that the Emperor Crab is boring but I guess I’ll admit that the Spirit Crab can also get a bit boring at times. After the Feign Death to my crab it stayed in to kill both remaining pets with Snap and Surge. The basilisk died on the back line and the Minfernal never made it out.

8 Responses to September 28, 2014

  1. Noel says:

    Not that it mattered in this case, but what would be the best Minfernal breed to use? P/P?

    • Vek says:

      The H/H Minfernal is not one you want to use if you want to have any use of the magic racial, unless running into a howlbomb/supercharge/Prowl pet I guess. Otherwise the H/H breed gives the biggest Explode.

      I prefer the P/P breed, just for stronger hits. But I can see use in even the H/P(decent trade with H/H for Power, perhaps nice for Immolation+Immolate + Plagued Blood team) and P/S breeds(faster Meteor Strike for slightly better avoidance for example).

  2. Calerian says:

    Want some new team ideas, like your wildin’? How about some other themes, like a Beverly Hills team with Lil’ Bling, or a KFC team with Pierre and a chicken?


    Yep, I’m reaching.

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