Weekly Challenge #3

Battle 1 (Obvious Ponies)
Warbot, Fiendish Imp, Unborn Val’kyr
vs. Magical Crawdad, Moon Moon, Lil’ Bling

w101313FMy meta has been pretty competitive today so I start out with my current best team. It’s the newly found power of the Val’kyr combined with the long-standing power of a Minefield swap team. My first battle is against everyone’s favorite griefer the Crawdad. At least there’s Moon Moon in that second second spot, ready to get swapped into a Minefield. I lay it down and then miss my Nether Gate. Great way to start. The Crawdad tickles me with Surges as I bring back the Warbot to set it up again. Next time it works like a charm, the Crawdad’s heals can’t keep up with the damage from Haunt and Minefield, all of my pets survived. The bad thing about using my best team first is that there’s nowhere to go but down. I’ll manage.

Battle 2 (Millions Of Dead Crabs)
Spirit Crab, Unborn Val’kyr, Arctic Hare
vs. Tiny Snowman, Anubisath Idol, Kun-Lai Runt

w101313CHaving the Val’kyr against the two humanoids was good for me, having the Hare was not. I Haunted the Snowman immediately rather than Curse first because I assumed it would use Blizzard before Deep Freeze, which it did. That allowed me to avoid the Freeze with my Val’kyr. Then I brought the Hare in to stall, it worked perfectly. I left the Hare in to eat the Runt’s Deep Freeze then back in came the Val’kyr to Curse and Haunt the Runt. In comes the rabbit again to Dodge and Burrow while the Runt died. Now here’s the problem: the Hare is useless against the Idol. I Haunt the Idol and leave it up to the Crab. I can’t Whirlpool since this Idol has Deflection so it’s up to my Snaps. They all hit in the Sandstorm for the win. Damn I still hate Idols. First a Crawdad, then an Idol, what’s next Rag or Deathwing?

Battle 3 (Pho Cough)
Warbot, Spirit Crab, Fiendish Imp
vs. Scourged Whelpling, Lil’ Tarecgosa, Crow

w101313DNo Rag or Deathwing but I get a Crow. Seriously, is the queue just reading my list of most hated pets and messing with me? With so many new teams to choose from I don’t know why I’m going back to my 5.3 teams. I guess I still feel they’re the best. This one was about as close as it gets, I needed my undead racial to win the battle after taking a Surge Of Power at the end. How was it so close? Another missed Nether Gate , this time thanks to Darkness. I didn’t panic, I brought my Warbot right back in to Missile down the Scourged Whelpling but the damn undead dragon ended up taking out my Warbot. Tarecgosa ate the Minefield when my next Gate miraculously didn’t miss. I brought in the Crab and my opponent thought the Crow could handle it. I watched it miss under its own Darkness while my Crab dominated it. Stupid bird. I went back to my Imp and Gated out the Scourged Whelpling to waste its undead turn before the Imp and the Crab finished off Lil’ Tarecgosa. Barely. Perhaps I should go to a new 5.4 team after that close one.

Battle 4 (One Deadly Venom)
Death Adder Hatchling, Son Of Animus, Scourged Whelpling
vs. Fiendish Imp, Skywisp Moth, Stone Armadillo

w101313AWhenever I see a flyer I generally consider it my first priority. The Skywisp hasn’t shown me too much to be impressed about (I have yet to go get one myself, I saw something about special instructions and an albatross and lazied out) but it’s still a flyer. Snake versus flyer, no way. Animus might hang with it, but I think the Scourged Whelpling will be better. The Death and Decay ticks will break the Cocoon. As almost every Moth user in the history of pet battles has done before my opponent starts with the Moth who faces my Scourged Whelpling. A Counterspell and a few Alpha Strikes didn’t do much, I have 1806 hp and an undead racial to fall back on. Then the weather changed to Lightning and I had to wonder what was going through my opponent’s head. My Death and Decay just became more than twice as effective. I understand when the Armadillo comes out and uses Shell Shield. Being a fan of the Armadillo myself I know these guys can Scratch so I get out of there with my undead pet.

I swap to my Death Adder to get Scratched then watch the Skywisp come back in. The DoT ticks and Lightning have brought it below flying bonus range which means my Adder is faster, plus it took a Poison Fang on the swap. I use Blinding Poison to be safe, then finish it off with Puncture Wounds. That was a lot of writing to take out a Skywisp Moth, dammit! I hopefully have many more battles to go so I’ll wrap it up by saying that the Imp came in to get Poisoned then had Plaugued Blood applied. Now the Death Adder is getting healed for Poison ticks. Animus came in to join the healing party, Touch and Plagued Blood together meant that all of my pets survived this one. See Moth, that wasn’t so hard.

Battle 5 (The Hard Call)
Warbot, Snarly, Infested Bear Cub
vs. Frosty, Anubisath idol, Mini Thor

101313BWhat the hell is going on? I queue up all the time and face so many easy teams that I have absolutely no problem beating but now that I’m doing my weekly challenge I’m getting these scary teams. Look at that team, it’s scary. I really didn’t see how I was going to pull this off. I decide to stick to my plan so I start with my Warbot who must face Mini Thor. I decide to hold off on the Minefield since Thor has so much hp. Thor throws down its Minefield and I pound at all that hp with my Missiles while Extra Plating protects me. I take a good portion of hp off before Thor swaps to Frosty. Here comes the pain. I’m expecting an Ice Tomb but this Frosty is using Frostbite. I may have a chance. I do as much damage as I can and put down a Minefield before my Warbot dies. My Infested Bear Cub walks into a Minefield and then finishes Frosty. I use Hibernate on Frosty’s undead round hoping the extra hp will get me past Mini Thor. Thor came out to lay another Minefield while my Cub is Hibernating and I watch all the little attacks from Frostbite add up. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to go to sleep. I wake up and am able to hit a Maul and two Infected Bites to finish off Mini Thor. There’s hope. I need perfection from here on out. The Idol comes out to Rupture me down to 0 hp. I wait for the stunned icon to tell me good game but it never happens. I hit both Infected Bites before expiring. This one’s turning out to be a real nail-biter. Snarly eats the mines and crits the Rip while the Crush hits. Blood In the Water hits for 563 as I get hit with another Crush brining me to less than 100 hp. I Surge and see the Idol fall on his face as I am victorious. Nice one.

Battle 6 (I Need A Chick)
Robo-Chick, Unborn Val’kyr, Arctic Hare
vs. Anubisath Idol, Stinker, Giant Bone Spider

w101313GI’m supposed to be bringing my top teams and here I am with an H/H Robo-Chick. What? This team has been doing very well for me. The Robo-Chick is a great pet that’s underrated in my opinion, although I usually prefer the S/S breed to the H/H. The H/H is better for stalling for the Val’kyr. It turned out to not be a very difficult battle, even with that Idol. I Cursed and Haunted the Spider then came out to stall with the Hare. The Spider went down fast. Then my opponent baited me a few times and I Haunted Stinker while it healed through it. I finally ended up applying a Curse at the right time and they ran away. I was ahead but they weren’t completely out of it. It’s time for dinner anyways.

Battle 7 (Nerf My Smurf)
Fiendish Imp, Xu- Fu, Nether Fairie Droagon
vs. Fiendish Imp, Xu-Fu, Crow

I Prowled when I shouldn’t have which lost me the game. It was a dumb mistake and I surely didn’t deserve the win. So ends another week of my challenge. A marvelous run brought to an end by a full stomach and a lapse in concentration. At least I lost from making my own mistake and not by rng.

Game over.

Final Score: 6

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