Weekly Challenge #2

October 6, 2013

It’s time. Time for me to test my best teams in the PvP queue and see how far I can go before losing. I started off 5.4 pretty good but now that the meta has established itself I’m losing a little bit more. Mostly to Val’kyr comps. I don’t really know how I feel about the current state of the meta. Sure, Direhorns in 5.3 were annoying but at least the games were quick. In 5.4 people are developing all new ways to stall so that their Haunt can do damage while they wait for it to run its course, then do it again. Already I’m getting bored of seeing Val’kyr after Val’kyr. Oh well, I better get used to it since Blizzard isn’t likely to change the new Haunt anytime soon. I’ve also taken a different stance on the current flavor of the month. “If they can use it, then why can’t I?” is my current stance as opposed to “I don’t want to be part of the problem so I won’t use it.” Call me part of the problem.

Battle 1 (I Need A Chick)
Unborn Val’Kyr, Robo-Chick, Alpine Hare
vs. Rapana Whelk, Amber Moth, Prarie Mouse

w100613BMoths are terribly difficult when they hit Moth Dust and it procs Sleep. They’re not so difficult when they miss their Moth Dust, which is what happened in this battle. I Haunted first turn so now the fragile Moth is taking damage while my Val’kyr is safe. My Robo-Chick comes in and Wind-Ups since I know the Cocoon is coming. The Chick breaks the Cocoon with an Overtune. I’m faster now, the Moth went down quick. The Snail was the next opposing pet to get Haunted along with a Curse for good measure. After a few rounds it fled.

Battle 2 (The Crab Who Snapped Liberty Vallance)
Warbot, Alpine Hare, Spirit Crab
vs. Anubisath Idol, Lil’ Deathwing, Netherspace Abyssal

w100613AThis is awkward. I should call shenanigans. After my Hare easily handled the Abyssal my whole team got beat by this Demolish spamming Anubisath Idol. I’ve just started testing it but I’m fairly certain that Demolish is hitting at way too high of an accuracy. Right now my PAR is showing an expected accuracy of 46.38% and an actual of 65.96% (with a sample of 188), almost 20% higher than it should be. Rather than let this broken move boot me out of my weekly I should continue, but I’m just too rigid lol. Any victories after this will have an asterisk so I’ll take my early exit. Bummer. I’ll continue to test this and if it is broken what a slap in the face that’ll be. One of my most hated enemies gets nerfed but then by a mistake ends up being just as good.

Game Over.

Final Score: 1

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