September 7, 2013

Game 1 (Pho Cough)
Spirit Crab, Fiendish Imp, Warbot
vs. Anubisath Idol, Direhorn runt, Son Of Animus

090713EI got some revenge against the person that knocked me out of the last Challenge Mode. This time I had one of my top flight teams. I started with my Crab, my opponent with the Direhorn. When I put a Whirlpool down they swapped to the Idol. I knew the Deflection was coming so I Shielded. Sandstorm came and now it’s a dice roll. It’s my 85% Snaps versus the 70% Crushes. The Idol missed first, my Crab downs the Idol with around 170 hp to spare. In comes the Direhorn so I swap to the Warbot. After a Primal Cry the Direhorn swaps to the Animus. I bring in my Imp and decide to wait patiently for the Sandstorm to end to give my Nether Gate a better shot at hitting. It hits, the Direhorn dies to the mines and now my opponent afks for the last few rounds. Some people are wonderful. You bully people with the Idol and Direhorn and then when things go bad you throw a tantrum. I now have no respect for this opponent.

Game 2 (Copycat Killers)
Fiendish Imp, Darkmoon Tonk, Blighthawk
vs. Fiendish Imp, Stunted Direhorn, Ghostly Skull

090713CI had a feeling that I’d be seeing more Direhorns today so I brought another one of my top teams. And sure enough I get this team. It started as Direhorn against my Tonk. It went Minefield/Cry, Horn/Missile, Charge(miss)/Ion Cannon. See you in hell Mr. Direhorn. The Imp comes out and takes a few free shots at the Tonk before I swap to my Blighthawk. The Imp tries to Gate and misses so my opponent fled. Stupid rng soiling my victory.

Game 3 (Pho Cough)
Fiendish Imp, Spirit Crab, Warbot
vs. Blossoming Ancient, Zandalari Kneebiter, Soul Of The Aspects

090713BDamn that Blossoming Ancient was hard to take down. If I didn’t have the Spirit Crab and its Whirlpool I may have lost. The Ironbark blocked my Immolation and Photosynthesis healed so much each round. The Crab was able to take it down and I ended up surviving with all three pets. On a funny note, I guess I have too many teams to keep track of. I made a team called “Sultans Of Ping” a few days ago and it turns out that I already had a team with the Warbot, Fiendish Imp and Spirit Crab on it. Which is the team I’m using now haha. I must really like those three pets. Hmm, I better go back and change all the names of the battles that I used Sultans Of Ping, including game 1 from today.

Game 4 (Acid Bath)
Corefire Imp, Shimmershell Snail, Jade Oozeling
vs. Crow, Crow, Crow

What a yawnage team to play with. Yay you have three Darknesses and three Nocturnal Strikes, yawn. My team relies on the healing from Absorb to stay alive so I was in trouble from the beginning. Darkness wasn’t much of a factor, my opponent missed once but that evened out with a killshot crit on my Oozeling. The last Crow was a P/S breed so its speed was tied with my Imp. It came down to the last coin flip and I lost it. I actually did better than I thought.

Game over.

Final Score: 3

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  1. Snow says:

    I’ve never seen 3 crows before. I wonder what kind of win percent that team has.

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