Weekly Challenge #1

September 28, 2013

Alright. This is my first Weekly Challenge. I’m gonna bring my best teams every game and play until I lose.

Game 1 (One Deadly Venom)
Death Adder Hatchling, Son Of Animus, Scourged Whelpling
vs. Amber Moth, Toad, Fire Beetle

092813HWhen the Moth has Adrenaline Rush you know something isn’t quite rght. A lot of this player’s choices were questionable, I’m assuming it was a new battler. Keep at it fellow battler. I could go into the details but I’ll just say it was a total faceroll. The most interesting part was when Plagued Blood and Touch were up on the Toad and both Animus and my Whelpling were getting healed for 200+ a turn.

Game 2 (Nerf My Smurf)
Xu-Fu, Nether Fairie Dragon, Fiendish Imp
vs. Amber Moth, Toad, Fire Beetle

092813JSame opponent as last battle, they actually did a little better. They put in the Beetle against the Imp since it’s a weak counter. Okay, that’s a good call. Overall their team had no synergy and my team had quite a bit. The Fairie Dragon wreaked havoc with Arcane Blast and the dragonkin racial. Try saying that in 5.3.

Game 3 (Sears And Robot)
Spirit Crab, Sen’Jin Fetish, Warbot
vs. Wandering Festival Hatchling, Celestial Dragon, Amber Moth

092813CI started with my Warbot to get a Minefield down but the damn Moth put me to Sleep. Rather than deviate from my plan I just took the Alpha Strike and continued at less than half health. I got my mine down, the Moth decided to swap to the Celestial Dragon. It took Mines to the face then three Missiles so there was no more Celestial. The Warbot died to the Flamethrower still Burning the field. I brought in the Fetish to face the Moth, it accomplished that and Immolated the turtle. It was Spirit Crab versus turtle after that, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Spirit Crab won it easily.

Game 4 (Frank Rizzo)
Black Rat, Son Of Animus, Feindish Imp
vs. Fiendish Imp, Lil’ Ragnaros, Chrominius

092813IThis one was going to take some effort. I expected the opposing Imp to start and it did. Rather than take a chance on winning the opening round coin flip I decided to start with my 341 speed Black Rat and use Poison Fang. The Imp Gates me out, thanks pal. Now I’ve got my Animus in who can get seriously hurt by those Elemental attacks. I use my Touch anyways so the Rat could gain back the little bit of hp that it lost, then I go my Imp. My opponent brings in Rag, there’s no way I’m letting a Trap go down so I gate out Rag. It turns out he didn’t even have a Trap to throw as it was a Conflagating Rag. The Rat ended up being the hero here, all of the Elemental damage didn’t hurt it much and I was able to get more Touch Of The Animus/Poison healing. Add in a survival and you have a lone Chrominius running away to end the battle.

Game 5 (Pho Cough)
Fiendish Imp, Warbot, Spirit Crab
vs. Qiraji Guardling, Rocket Chicken, Minfernal

092813FI’m gonna have to watch out for that Sandstorm. I start by Gating out the Guardling. The Chicken comes in and I use Immolation, maybe my opponent won’t bring back in the Guardling. That was a bad call, it comes right back in to Sandstorm. I bring in the Warbot and want to put down some Mines but I get stunned. I wait it out and put down my Mines. Right before the Sandstorm ends I swap to my Imp. I’m faster, the Sandstorm ends and I Gate out the Guardling. The Chicken comes back in to the Mines and decides to stay in for the beating. After the Imp killed the Chicken and finished the Guardling the untouched Minfernal runs away.

Game 6 (Copycat Killers)
Darkmoon Tonk, Fiendish Imp, Blighthawk
vs. Unborn Val’kyr, Fiendish Imp, Scourged Whelpling

092813KOkay, now I’m remembering how frustrating this self made challenge can be when rng doesn’t like me. And against the Val’kyr, too. Oh how I love beating those these days, but the Blighthawk missing those Infected Claws ensured that my first Weekly Challenge is over. I do have to say that Darkmoon Tonk did a nice number on the Val’kyr. Once the Minefield was down it didn’t want to Haunt and its Curse of Doom was meaningless because the Tonk sacrificed itself by using an Ion Cannon to bring the Val’kyr to 0 hp.

Game over.

Final Score: 5

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