September 19, 2013

Game 1
Ashleaf Spriteling, Xu-Fu, Singing Sunflower
vs. Direhorn Runt, Silkbead Snail, Infinite Whelpling

092013BThere’s still something satisfying abut beating a Direhorn with a jerky name. I bought the Ashling knowing it would work well on a Sunlight team but then remembered too late that I don’t like Sunlight teams. I have some serious buyer’s remorse. Not all Sunlight games are long and painful, this one only took 14 rounds. Hey wait, I just realized I didn’t even use the Ashleaf Spriteling, just the Sunflower then the Xu-Fu.

Game 2 (Pho Cough)
Spirit Crab, Fiendish Imp, Warbot
vs. Fiendish Imp, Corefire Imp, Zandalari Footslasher

My Imp won the initial coin toss which started me off with a big advantage. I swapped to the Warbot agter taking a few shots at the Corefire Imp. The opposing Imps really tore through the Warbot, but not before it got a Minefield down. I brought back my Imp, gated out the raptor and said goodbye to the opposing Feindish Imp when it got asome Mines to the Face. From there my Crab cleaned up.

Game 3
Ashleaf Spriteling, Xu-Fu, Singing Sunflower
vs. Spiny Terrapin, Fel Flame, Rapana Whelk

091913AI didn’t feel that I got my gold’s worth out my Spriteling (it wasn’t cheap) in Game 1 so I ran this team again. I got the win, but in 32 rounds? Not a fun battle. At least the Ashleaf Spriteling got to use its Solar Beam this battle. Even that didn’t work out quite right since it hit the Fel Flame the second time, which it shouldn’t have happened due to the new and improved Elemental racial. By “new and improved” I mean totally not working.

Game 4 (Harmony)
Xu-Fu, Harmonious Porcupette, Nether Fairie Dragon
vs. Kun-Lai Runt, Chuck, Frog

091913CCelestial blessing won this game. At the end of the battle Chuck killed Porcupette but not before she put up Celestial Blessing. A half health Xu-Fu came in to recieve the Blessing. Chuck used Rip and then Blood In The Water which would have takan Xu-Fu out but the 50% damage reduction allowed it to get a Prowled Feed off. Thanks Porcupette. Out of all my recent purchases Harmonious Porcupette seems the most useful, although I haven’t played a lot of games with all of them.

Game 5 (Purple Crane)
Spirit Crab, Azure Crane Chick, Mirror Strider
vs. Warbot, Sunreaver Micro-Sentry, Eternal Strider

091913FEven with all my new pets I wanted to play this team again. I don’t know why, it’s just fun. This one wasn’t going well, the Warbot and the Sunreaver both had Extra Plating so they were hard to take down. Those two mechs went through my Crab and my Strider and took some hp of my Crane. Now it was Flyer versus Aquatic, I should come out on top. Oh no, after two turns my flyer lost its speed bonus and will surely die. Surge to the rescue again! It’s turning out to be a great choice in lieu of Reckless Strike.

Game 6 (Ruby Noobies)
Ruby Droplet, Corefire Imp, Scalded Basilisk Hatchling
vs. Tainted Waveling, Fel Flame, Grinder

091913DI made a themed team for my Ruby Droplet (they’re all red in case you didn’t notice) and boy it must be bad. Look at the team I lost to lol. Talk about humiliating losses. A new Plagued Blood pet is nice, especially with a DoT, but I don’t like the fact that the Ruby Droplet doesn’t have a standard attack. I’m sure that I’ll find a good use for it eventually, but it’s introduction into my pet battle world was less than impressive. Maybe I’ll take this themed team to greatness!

Game over.

Final Score: 5

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