September 14, 2013

Game 1 (Moonlight Fetish)
Nether Fairie Dragon, Xu-Fu, Sen’Jin Fetish
vs. Effervescent Glowfly, Terrible Turnip, Amethyst Spiderling

091413HThe Fairie Dragon took out the whole team. No really, it did. It’s not as powerful as it may seem, I was able to read my opponent’s moves fairly well. The Terrible Turnip never went under, it just used Sunlight then spammed Tidal Wave. There were a lot of Dragonkin racial procs.

Game 2 (Moon Creeper One)
Nether Fairie Dragon, Xu-Fu, Tiny Sporebat
vs. Curious Wolvar Pup, Onyxian Whelpling, Phoenix Hatchling

091413CI’m not a huge fan of the Tiny Sporebat but I wanted to give it a shot. It turned out well in this battle due to its strong attacks versus the Wolvar. If there were any Mechs then I would be in trouble with this team. I could run Spore Shrooms which is strong against Mechs but it’s not that great of a move, or at least I haven’t figured out how to make it great. Prowl plus Feed plus Beast racial one shot the Phoenix Hatchling to end this battle. Nice. I should mention that the Trap went off at a good time for me when it killed my Sporebat.

Game 3 (Moon Creeper Two)
Nether Fairie Dragon, Xu-Fu, Infected Squirrel
vs. Curious Wolvar Pup, Onyxian Whelpling, Phoenix Hatchling

091413ISame opponent as last battle, at least the flow was different this time. Again I had strong attacks versus the Wolvar, but this time the Trap harassed me. The Fairie Dragon being faster than all the opposing pets had a huge advantage with Dodge. This time the Phoenix hatchling only had around 600 hp when I brought Xu-Fu to finish it so I didn’t use Prowl, I just Fed then Spirit Clawed. I should mention that Xu-Fu was not at full health due to the Wolvar’s AoE when I brought it in, otherwise I wouldn’t have Fed.

Game 4 (Spineclaw Tap)
Spineclaw Crab, Snarly, Infested Bear Cub
vs. Water Waveling, Alpine Foxling, Spirit Crab

091413EWhat the hell, I called dibs on the Spirit Crab on my meta, only I can use it! I was a bit worried about the Geyser stun and Frost Nova root combo but my opponent didn’t time it right so I would have been able to swap if I needed to. I decided to just stay in and take the shot from the Waveling before it perished from Bleeding. I got a Whirlpool down against the Foxling before my Spineclaw died. Snarly made quick work of the Foxling then Ripped the Spirit Crab. I brought in the Bear to hit Maul for over 600 damage when my opponent decided to leave. With the not so great accuracy Infected Claw on the Bear they actually had a chance to win, albeit a slim one.

Game 5 (Moonspine)
Nether Fairie Dragon, Xu-Fu, Spineclaw Crab
vs. Onyxian Whelpling, Lil’ Ragnaros, Harbinger Of Flame

091413MWhenever I see Ragnaros I get a bit worried. The Conflagrate version of Rag is something you need to watch out for. The Trap version of Rag is one of my most hated pets to face. Traps are stupid. Luckily this was a Conflagrating Ragnaros. I started off with my Crab against the Onyxian Whelpling. I applied Bleed and my opponent used Lift. I swapped to my Fairie Dragon to take the weak hit and the two Dragonkin canceled each other out (the Onyxian Whelpling killed me with Tail Sweep but died from the Bleed). Now it was essentially a two vs. two pet battle. The Harbinger got hit with Blood In The Water from my Spineclaw, then I brought in Xu-Fu to finish off the battle. It died as it killed Ragnaros but I still had the Crab alive for the win.

Game 6 (Lolkin Bonus)
Nexus Whelpling, Nexus Whelpling, Nexus Whelpling
vs. Fiendish Imp, Fiendish Imp, Enchanted Broom

091413FIn the battle of the cheese my cheese won. Three times swap versus three times Mana Surge. I didn’t miss any of my 80% Mana Surges so I guess I was on the lucky end, but I also still had an almost full health pet left on the back line when I won. I haven’t faced a team like this yet but I’m sure that it’s annoying to face. You better have a Mech, some avoidance or a weather change or you’re gonna get stomped.

Game 7 (Nerf My Smurf)
Nether Fairie Dragon, Xu-Fu, Fiendish Imp
vs. Sunreaver Micro-Sentry, Gusting Grimoire, Zandalari Kneebiter

091413NLightning being nerfed is a major improvement to the pet battle meta in my opinion. It was the type of thing that if you can’t counter it then it’s almost surely a faceroll (like the team I used above in Game 6). This was the first time I’ve seen a Grimoire used as part of a Lightning team. Overall it was pretty unimpressive. This was a good match up for me with my Imp being able to put so much hurt on the Mech. Between swaps and Dodges I don’t think the Zandalari raptor did any damage at all.

Game 8 (Needs More Crab)
Nether Fairie Dragon, Xu-Fu, Spirit Crab
vs. Onyxian Whelpling, Tiny Harvester, Cockroach

091413LMy Spirit Crab easily took out the Cockroach with Snap. The Cockraoch started with Apocalypse then spammed Flank. I know, Critters are supposed to counter Undead, and that’s exactly why the Spirit Crab is still one of the best pets around. I almost lost this one due to the Demolish spamming Harvester hitting so many of those 50% moves. It missed the important one against Xu-Fu, that sure would have hurt. Spirit Claws took out the Harvester and it was the Onyxian Whelpling versus Xu-Fu to decide the battle, Xu-Fu won thanks to the extra hp from Feed. Oh, in case you were wondering Apocalypse still misses if the Cockroach is dead.

Game 9 (Pho Cough)
Spirit Crab, Warbot, Fiendish Imp
vs. Emerald Proto-Whelp, Nether Ray Fry, Spider

091413GI almost forgot that I had some really good teams before 5.4. I went to choose one and then remembered that the scroll function isn’t working properly for pet battle teams. It’s easy to forget how much we rely on some add-ons until they’re gone. I was able to make my way down to the P’s for this team and I’m glad I did. The Imp and the Warbot work great together, so well that I didn’t even use my Crab. The most difficult part here was getting past the Whelp’s heals, but a Missile was able to just barely take the dragon out before Emerald Dream hit its second tick.

Game 10 (Spudboy’s Pleasure)
Spirit Crab, Sen’Jin Fetish, Scalded Basilisk Hatchling
vs. Scourged Whelpling, Infested Bear Cub, Giant Bone Spider

I barely hit any of my third Thrashes. I missed a Shadow Slash that would have won the battle for me but I still escaped with the draw.

Game 11 (Aqua Teens)
Emperor Crab, Mirror Strider, Purple Puffer
vs. Kun-Lai Runt, Electrified Razortooth, Darkmoon Zeppelin

I swear my Aqua Teens used to win a decent amount of games, although it was awhile back, I think as far back as 5.1. Now they even lose to Kun-Lai Runts, one of the most overused and overrated pets in the game. Oh well, it was a nice run with a mix of some new teams and old teams. I replaced my Emperor with a Spirit Crab to make a new team, if I could just find another non-Aquatic that has an Aquatic move I could do a real Cleansing Rain team instead of a themed one.

Game Over.

Final Score: 9

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