November 30, 2014

Today’s Team: Twisted Mister
P/B Stormwing (Quills, Call Lightning, Thunderbolt)
H/P Macabre Marionette (Macabre Maraca, Death and Decay, Bone Barrage)
S/S Lil’ Bling (Inflation, Extra Plating, Make It Rain)

My favorite and best performing lightning team of all time is the trio of the Tiny Twister, Macabre Marionette and Lil’ Bling. All I did for this team was to replace the Tiny Twister with Stormwing as the pet that can bring the lighting. It’ll be fun using Stormwing even though I don’t think that this team will do as well as the aforementioned team. The plan: use Call Lighting to change the weather then bring in the undead puppet and Lil’ Bling for their DoTs, the ticks of which will proc lightning strikes.

Stormwing has two moves in the first slot that rely on speed for extra attacks (Quills and Alpha Strike). This means that after the flying racial is gone the 273 speed bird may not be fast enough to get the extra attack. One way to get around this would be to save the Thunderbolt until after the flying racial is gone.

The Opposing Team:
H/H Chrominius
H/P Darkmoon Tonk
P/P Dragonbone Hatchling

The Battle:
113014AThey like the cars, the cars that go boom! Both the tonk and the dragon were equipped with super nukes in the form of Power Surge and Ion Cannon. The first match up was Stormwing versus Chrominius. I needed to figure out when the Surge Of Power was coming. I thought it would be safe to keep my flyer in the first round to cast Call Lightning. At the last moment I got worried about the extra damage from lightning possibly killing Stormwing so I cast Thunderbolt instead. It wasn’t a good call because a strong Surge Of Power crit would kill the bird regardless of the lightning and a lightning tick on top of a regular hit wouldn’t be enough to reach 1400 hp. A hasty decision meant that there was no lightning on the first round. Chrominius cast Howl. Howl and Surge of Power are great for killing Mo’ruk’s moth, but not so great for PvP. I swapped to the Macabre Marionette to take the nuke. Lil’ Bling would have taken weak damage but I wanted to save Lil’ Bling for later in case the dragon survived and I needed to eat the nuke in a one on one situation. I got off a few strong Macabre Maracas then watched the dragon swap for the tonk.

113014CI went back to the lightning bird. Shock and Awe didn’t stun. I cast Thunderbolt again and the tonk cast Ion Cannon. While the tonk was recovering Stormwing brought the lightning, took out the tonk with Quills then took out Chrominius with Quills. My opponent should have brought in the Dragonbone Hatchling to finish off Stormwing instead of Chrominius but it may not have mattered much at this point. The Macabre Marionette was all that was needed to finish out the battle; Lil’ Bling sat this one out.

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