July 31, 2013

Game 1: (Space Doo Doo Pistols)
Fiendish Imp, Warbot
vs. Anubisath Idol, Giant-Bone Spider, Clockwork Gnome

I’m finally done with tryouts for this team it’s a good one. It ought to start me off strong on today’s challenge mode. I get a Sandstorm team to start. I have one DoT, but that’s it. I have enough hard hitting attacks to break through the Sandstorm. Also, I’ve played this person a number of times and as long as Sandstorm isn’t too punishing they aren’t hard to beat. Well, Sandstorm was punishing. Too many misses. The second-most annoying miss was missing laying a Minefield. The most annoying miss was missing a killshot game-winner. I think Sandstorm has replaced the Magical Crawdad as my most hated aspect of pet battles.

Game over.

Final Score: 0

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