July 30, 2013

It’s Tuesday. Prepare for the best, or worst depending on how you look at it. I’ve been creating some new teams so they don’t have names yet. They’re called “Tryout Team #x”.

Game One (Tryout Team #3)
Warbot, Fiendish Imp, Armadillo Pup
vs. Pygmy Direhorn, Phoenix Hatchling, Dark Phoenix Hatchling

073013AThe Warbot hit a Missile to kill the Direhorn, nice. I was a little bit worried, at the end my slower Armadillo was facing the Dark Phoenix, the Armadillo just needed one hit for the win. Why the worry? If the Dark Phoenix would have had Rebirth it would have easily won, but it didn’t. Off to a good start.

Game Two (Tryout Team #4)
Snarly, Infested Bear Cub, Gilded Moth
vs. Silky Moth, Cogblade Raptor, Kun-Lai Run
Whoa this one was long and strategic, both players were taking a while to make their moves. I use an H/P moth regularly for the extra power and survivability, but this fast S/S Moth was giving me some trouble. I had to make sure Snarly didn’t get stuck with the Moth at the end. Well, I failed in that regard. Snarly ended up with a showdown versus the 500ish hp Moth. Surge gimps Alpha Strike by going first, so I used three Surges to finish off the Moth. It was kind of annoying as the second Surge got it down to 4 hp, but I survived to get off the last Surge.

Game Three (Tryout Team #1)
Warbot, Snarly, Infested Bear Cub
Vs. Living Fluid, Scalded Basilisk Hatchling, Scourged Whelpling

From me over using it I know the power of the Basilisk, proceed with caution. It started out as Warbot vs. Whelpling. Sometimes I approach match-ups this way: if these two pets cancel each other out, what will be left? I figured my Bleed combo wouldn’t have a problem with the Basilisk/Fluid, so I decided to just take the Scourged Whelpling down. It didn’t work as well as I planned: the Undead survived my Warbot with 5 hp, so Snarly had to take a few hits from the Whelpling while finishing it. After that I switched to the Bear and it finished off both remaining opponents. My second game in a row with Bleeders that didn’t Bleed.

Game Four (Pho Cough)
Spirit Crab, Warbot, Fiendish Imp
vs. Scourged Whelpling, Arctic Fox Kit, Gregarious Grell

0730BDazzling dance it a pain if you have fast, multi-attackers. I didn’t so it wasn’t much of a factor. I did have to stay in while Shattered by a Howl to get my Gate off, but Flurry was weak against my the Imp so it turned out fine. The least competitive battle so far.

Game Five (Tryout Team #1)
Warbot, Snarly, Infested Bear Cub
vs. Anubisath Idol, Tiny Snowman, Dancing Water Skimmer

073013CEverythime I see that Idol I know I’m gonna have to bring my “A” game to beat it. It actually wasn’t too bad this time. Three weather changes for my opponent must mean they really like to control the weather. Snarly got a Bleed and Surge on the Snowman which swapped to the Aquatic when I brought in my Bear. Guess they know about Bleeding and Maul. I went back to the Warbot who was able to take out the Skimmer and get a Minefield down. The Idol walked into the Mines, took a few Diseased Bites to the face and that was it. No problems cleaning up the Snowman.

Game Six (Tryout Team #4)
Gilded Moth, Snarly, Infested Bear Cub
vs. Magical Crawdad, Fel flame, Scourged Whelpling

Let me say that my opponent played this one well up to a last mistake at the end. They made some good choices to be in a position to win. Then the game had an interesting ending. I had the Crawdad down to less than 200 hp and the Fel Flame down to 700 hp. I was going to finish off the Crawdad and deal with the Flame, not quite sure how I was going to pull off the win. Then my opponent made a mistake and swapped in the Flame. Now I essentially get a “free turn”. One Alpha Stike on the swap, another going first on the next turn, a final one to finish the Crawdad, gg. Except the rng Gods didn’t think I deserved a win, because I missed my Alpha Strike and I ended up losing. All part of the game.

Game over.

Final Score: 5

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