July 29, 2013

Game 1 (Blue Downgrade)
Nexus Whelpling, Arcane Eye, Tiny Blue Carp
vs. Fiendish Imp, Kun-Lai Runt, Crawling Claw
072913AMy Blue Downgrade is definitely a fun team rather than a competitive one. I was after a Tiny Blue Carp for awhile, I finally picked one up so could make this team. Three times Mana Surge. It’s so rng dependent and its vulnerable to a lot of teams, especially Mechs. I was feeling adventurous so I gave it a shot, and lost. Mana Surge actually hit right at four out of five. It came down to the Kun-Lai Runt versus the Arcane Eye, but Arcane Winds had expired and I had no way to stop the Deep Freeze.

Game over.

Final Score: 0

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