August 28, 2013

Game 1 (The Good Fight)
Diemetradon Hatchling, Robo-Chick, Mongoose Pup
vs. Netherspace Abyssal, Sunreaver Micro-Sentry, Nether Fairie Dragon

082813CI was a bit worried about the Lightning, but it ended up helping me just as much as my opponent as usual. My Diemetradon hit a crucial third snap and used Quick Attack to kill rather than be killed. This allowed it to Quick Attack the next enemy pet, so it turned out to be a huge damage turn around. The Robo-Chick and Mongoose had multi-attacks which also benefitted from Lightning. It was still a very close battle, my Chick survived with 8hp and a Failsafe to spare.

Game 2 (Acid Bath)
Corefire Imp, Shimmershell Snail, Jade oozeling
vs. Fiendish Imp, Peanut, Tiny Snowman

082813DThe Fiendish Imp I faced was of the 281 speed variety so it wasn’t as scary as a “real” Fiendish Imp (333 speed). It started off Corefire Imp vs. Snowman. I got up Immolation and Wild Magic before I was stunned. After I took a Snowball I swapped to my Snail. After realizing the Snowman’s attacks were weak against the Snail my opponent went to Peanut. We Head Butted each other and mine was a crit for 1360 damage. Sometimes that one aspect of rng can decide it. My opponent never came back, my Imp’s DoT and the Oozeling facerolled the opposing Imp.

Game 3 (Ratty Dread)
Black Rat, Scourged Whelpling, Robo-Chick
vs. Dark Phoenix Hatchling, Crimson Lasher, Hyjal Bear Cub

082813BThe Rat and Whelpling really did a number on the two Elementals. The Rat would apply its DoT and eat the stun-less Seed from the Lasher. It was stun-less thanks the the Critter racial. Then the Whelpling would come in and put up Plagued Blood and the Rat would get healed. What a nice combo. After the Elementals were gone the Chick destroyed the bear.

Game 4 (Ninja Scroll)
Emerald Turtle, Infected Squirrel, Nether Fairie Dragon
vs. Tundra Penguin, Curious Wolvar Pup, Pandaren Earth Spirit

The Tundra Penguin’s Slippery Ice caused too many misses. I could go on a rant about rng heavy teams, but I’ll try to bow out gracefully and say good game Mr. Penguin.

Game over.

Final Score: 3

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