August 26, 2013

Game 1 (Disco’s Destroyers)
Mongoose Pup, Spirit Crab, Scalded Basilisk Hatchling
vs. Clockwork Gnome, Zandalari Anklerender, Scourged Whelpling
082613DThis was a tough one. You need to get out of the way of the Turrets when you have Plagued Blood up. Unless you have a Shell Shield like I did. Unless you get Black Claw on you like I did. There was a lot of swapping by both players trying to get the upper hand. Prisoning and Diving at good times helped me get the wins.

Game 2 (Frank Rizzo)
Son Of Animus, Black Rat, Fiendish Imp
vs. Pandaren Earth Spirit, Son Of Animus, Nether Ray Fry
082613AI started with my Imp while my opponent started with the Earth Spirit. I guess they didn’t know about Nether Gate being strong against birds because they immediately swapped to theirs. I Gated out the Flyer and used the usual tactic of getting the Rat’s Poison up and then using Touch. I had a lot of health on the Animus but was afraid of the Earth Spirit. The Rat was able to care of it before it hurt my Animus.

Game 3 (Crybunny)
Spirit Crab, Crimson Geode, Arctic Hare
vs. Son Of Animus, Pygmy Direhorn, Electrified Razortooth
082613BMy Crab handled the Direhorn and got a Whirpool down for Animus. The Geode came in and Animus was swapped out for the Razortooth. The Stone Rush did some serious damage to the Razortooth along with the Whirlpool, then Stone Rush crit Animus. The rabbit finished this somewhat quick fourteen rounder.

Game 4 (Immolointment)
Shrine Fly, Fiendish Imp, Sen’Jin Fetish
vs. Ghostly Skull, Blighthawk, Mr. Bigglesworth
Too many hard-hitting Undead moves for my Imp.

Game Over.

Final Score: 3

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