August 20, 2013

Game 1 (Frank Rizzo)
Son of Animus, Black Rat, Fiendish Imp
vs. Gilnean Raven, Ghostly Skull, Pandaren Monk
082013AOuch, losing to the mediocre Monk hurts. When Darkness gets the best of you sometimes there’s nothing you can do. Missing the Gate on the bird was the most annoying part. I’ve strayed pretty far from my “you can’t beat me legit so you have to use Sandstorm and Darkness” stance, but I still don’t like the accuracy debuff.

Game over.

Final Score: 0

2 Responses to August 20, 2013

  1. I finally got a direhorn yesterday and I am against them in principle, but! The patch is coming in a week and I wanted to try him out while before he gets nerfed. Mine is S/P pygmy version which is nice because he is faster than a stunted direhorn.

    I figure the 2 most powerful pets right now are Direhorn and Fiendish imp. I wanted to play the metagame so I wondered what a good 3rd pet would be. I looked to see if there was a flyer who could fight opposing direhorns, and also have an undead attack to fight opposing Fiendish imps. A pet popped up when I turned on the filters: Nether Ray Fry!

    I wrecked so many people yesterday with Direhorn, Fiendish Imp, Nether Ray Fry yesterday. You gotta try this team. Fry isn’t an all-around great pet, but in this Fiendish Imp/Direhorn metagame, he gets a lot of work done.

  2. Discodoggy says:

    I haven’t had much success with the Nether Ray Fry but I’ll give it another shot. It seems like such a versatile pet with so many types of attacks.

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