August 2, 2013

Game 1 (The Hard Call)
Snarly, Infested Bear Cub, Warbot
vs. Magical Crawdad, Fossilized Hatchling, Qiraji Guardling

080213ASandstorm and the Crawdad, my lucky day. At least it’s not the Idol. After killing the Guardling I had to ride out the Sandstorm versus a shielded Crawdad. Thanks to Extra Plating I was able to take a lot of turns off of the Sandstorm after the Qiraji Guardling died. I wish people would let their Sandstorm caster die more often, as waiting it out can sometimes be effective. It will be more effective after the duration is reduced to 5 moves. I think I’m looking forward to the Sandstorm nerf even more than the Direhorn nerf. After the Sand was gone the damage from Bleeding and BITW was too much for the Crawdad without its second heal.

Game 2 (Bleeding Blight)
Snarly, Infested Bear Cub, Blighted Squirrel
vs. Darkmoon Zeppelin, Fel Flame, Frosty

080213CThis was a close battle. Makes me want to run my Fel Flame. I really like Stampede against decoy. My disconnected thoughts mean there really isn’t much to say about this battle.

Game 3 (The Hard Call)
Snarly, Infested Bear Cub, Warbot
vs. Jungle Grub, Oily Slimeling, Kun-Lai Runt

If I had to take a guess I’d say the Kun-Lai Runt is the pet I’ve done best against percentage-wise. People absolutely love this thing, and it’s just not that effective unless you save it for last. Which most people don’t. The fact that I crit the Runt for 1025 damage with BITW didn’t make it any better. he Jungle Grub turned out to be hard to kill at the end.

Game 4 (Total Thrash)
Fiendish Imp, Warbot, Scalded Basilisk Hatchling
vs. Living Sandling, Pygmy Direhorn, Direhorn Runt

Sandstorm knocks me out again, good times. It was still very close, the Sandling survived the battle with 60 hp. I just love seeing mines fly up in the air and disappear before landing. A 100% accuracy, 5 round CD move blown away in the Sand. As I mentioned above the duration of Sandstorm is being nerfed from 9 rounds to 5 rounds. Thanks Blizzard.

Game Over.

Final Score: 3

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