August 10, 2013

Lately I’ve fallen into a rut of using all my personal FoTM pets. The Spirit Crab, Warbot, Basilisk, Snarly, Infested Bear, and so on. I’m going to use all pre-5.3 teams to break myself out of this rut.

Game 1 (Stuff That Flies)
Fledgling Buzzard, Jade Owl, Blighthawk
vs. Murky, Anodized Robo Cub, Clockwork Rocket Bot

081013HI can’t say this team is super crazy good, but it has its moments. The three Lifts mean it has some serious Avoidance. If the Lift happens to hit then that’s a bonus. My opponent used Murky for the accuracy buff, then swapped and Supercharged the Cub. I know a 100% accuracy Demolish is coming at my Buzzard, it would be scary if I didn’t have Lift. I Lift and it misses. After the wasted turns the bear got off one Demolish, then the Rocket Bot came out. I used the Blighthawk for awhile, the Owl ate the mines, and the Buzzard came out to finish it off. A good start to my walk down memory lane.

Game 2 (Remembering)
Flayer Youngling, Jade Oozeling, Gilded Moth
vs. Darkmoon Tonk, Clockwork Rocket Bot, Clockwork Gnome

081013CThe Oozeling’s DoT ticks worked really well against all of the Failsafes. The Moth hit a Sleep, when that happens it’s tough for teams to make a comeback. I may sound over dramatic but Moths hit so hard you really don’t want to be losing turns against them. My Flayer was fast and when the Flayer is faster than all of your pets expect to get Kicked a lot. I don’t know if my opponent expected it, but they sure got Kicked a lot.

Game 3 (Sunling’s Revenge)
Arctic Hare, Scalded Basilisk Hatchling, Enchanted Broom
vs. Darkmoon Tonk, Clockwork Rocket Bot, Clockwork Gnome

081013DA Basilisk against all of these Mechs is scary indeed, but I know from the last battle that this person is using Rockets. With all my avoidance I can use this to my advantage. And I did. I Feigned, Dodged, and Burrowed at the right times resulting in a lot of wasted turns for my opponent.

Game 4 (Hai Gaiz)
Gilded Moth, Jade Oozeling, Arctic Hare
vs. Dark Phoenix Hatchling, Crimson Lasher, Hyjal Bear Cub

I had so much fun using the rabbit that I wanted some more. My opponent used a Crimson Lasher, I used to use it a lot. The B/B breed really turned me off but it’s not a bad pet. In this battle my opponent did a lot of swapping. Rabbits need to be taken out quickly before Dodge refreshes. That didn’t happen and it I was able to use Dodge three times. This is turning out to be quite a good night to battle, there’s none of the usual top-tier overused pets around. I would be the most guilty in this case with my Moth. And previously my Broom and Basilisk… and Blighthawk.

Game 5 (Blue Hawks)
Nexus Whelpling, Blighthawk, Blighthawk
vs. Clockwork Gnome, Zandalari Anklerender, Fiendish Imp

081013FMost Imp users start with the Imp so I started with a Blighthawk to force the swap. It worked, in came the Nexus Whelpling. Arcane Winds and two rounds of Mana Surge led to a dead Imp. The third Surge hit, I swapped to a Blighthawk and finished the Gnome. My opponent had seen enough and white flagged it.  I usually talk a lot of smack about people running, but this one was pretty much done.  But still, with me having such low accuracy moves you never know what could happen.  We never will.

Game 6 (Bring Out The DoT)
Corefire Imp, Scourged Whelpling, Fel Flame
vs. Gregarious Grell, Arctic Fox Kit, Cogblade Raptor

081013EI replaced my Corefire Imp with a Fiendish Imp for the swap in 5.3 but sometimes I wonder why. Wild Magic is brutal. My opponent did their best to get the Fox against the Whelpling. I didn’t let it happen. All the swapping seemed to benefit me as I was able to keep my Immolation up and apply Wild Magic each time my Imp was in. It ended up not being close at all. All of the little heals from my DoTs and Plagued Blood added up to a lot of health.

Game 7 (Wounded Lightning)
Wild Golden Hatchling, Fel Flame, Cogblade Raptor
vs. Son Of Animus, Dancing Water Skimmer, Guardian Cub

081013BLightning is one of those weathers that if you don’t have a counter to it you’re basically screwed. As my opponent was this game. The only thing they really had going for them was the Skimmer against my Flame. I made sure not to take a Pump with the Flame, and I was able to save my Flame for the Animus at the end of the battle. I finally break the six game mark while I’m doing Challenge Mode.

Game 8 (Annoying)
Peddlefeet, Wild Golden Hatchling, Cogblade Raptor
vs. Clockwork Gnome, Zandalari Anklerender, Scourged Whelpling

081013AAww man, when I saw this team I knew I was doomed. My fault for running back to back Lightning teams. I wasn’t going to be able to use my Lightning against this team. Peddlefeet with only a Stun, Heal, and AoE (Rapid Fire) is pretty bad without Lightning. It was still a close one. The Cogblade Raptor did well putting up Exposed Wounds and then Battering. It just wasn’t enough. In the end I got the Scourged Whelpling to around 200 hp but couldn’t finish off with Rapid Fire. It was actually gaining hp. Nice run though. I guess the secret to doing well in Challenge Mode is to not use any 5.3 teams.

Game Over.

Final Score: 7

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