April 28, 2014

Today’s Team: Those Nutty Pheromones
P/P Son Of Animus (Metal Fist, Touch Of The Animus, Extra Plating)
H/S Kovok (Poison Fang, Pheromones, Black Claw)
S/S Grizzly Squirrel (Woodchipper, Crouch, Nut Barrage)

In case you don’t already know, Touch Of The Animus gives amazing heals. Each time a pet with Touch Of The Animus is damaged the pet doing the damage will get healed for around 170 health. If you can get multiple DoTs or field effects going then get Touch Of The Animus up the healing is through the roof. The plan is to get Nut Barrage, Woodchipper or Poison Fang going then get some heals with Touch Of The Animus. If Pheromones is up then the touched pet can’t even escape by swapping.

When this strategy works it’s amazing, when it doesn’t these teams can seem mediocre. Also, this will be my only battle of the day. No warm up for you!

The Opposing Team:
B/B Unborn Val’kyr
S/S Death Adder Hatchling
P/P Lil’ Ragnaros

The Battle:
042814AI told you how my team was created. Now let me tell how you how the opposing team was created: someone realized that they were bad at everything in life and needed every possible advantage to make up for their overarching inadequacies. They first searched up “OP pets” and found the Death Adder Hatchling, then they searched up “OP moves” and found Magma Trap, then finally searched up “most common pet that’s easiest to win with” and found the Unborn Val’kyr. Seriously though, when you don’t have a DAH counter you’re pretty much screwed. I didn’t and I was screwed. I got some heals from Touch Of The Animus but it wasn’t enough to make up for the missed turns from Blinding Poison and Magma Trap. I’ve stated many times that traps are the most over tuned moves in pet battles, I still stand by that. I was planing on going straight back to Hearthstone but now I feel that I must make all Unborn Val’kyr and Death Adder Hatchling users suffer.


Edit: I whipped out All Buzz Cons for some wins. I got revenge on an Unborn Val’kyr but no snakes. Tomorrow, snake, I’ll get ya tomorrow.

17 Responses to April 28, 2014

  1. Gulnarr says:

    Unfortunate that you got a bullshit meta team with this one. I’d be really interested in hearing how it does against other things.

  2. rhonstifor says:

    lol…..you got the team I made to counter a Warbot, Fiendish Imp, Valk team. Yeah, not much imagination on my part, but sometimes I fight fire with nuclear bombs!
    Oh, and please don’t let everyone know how inadequate I am. I feel bad enough! :)

    • Discodoggy says:

      I was being silly of course. If I didn’t know for a fact that I wasn’t playing until this battle the Warbot teams could have been mine. It’s still one of my go to pets. Darn these other people using it. My Warbot!

  3. Jan says:

    Mmh, i never had real success with Animus Teams. In theory the heal is great, but in practice there is always something like a stun, miss, etc. Also most people know the animus heal and swap their pet (or stun, dodge, etc.) Can’t remember an enemy animus team on my server.

    Sometimes i use an animus team for PvE, then it could be really funny :-)

    • Rhonstifor says:

      My favorite Animus team has the darkmoon glowfly for sting and dazzling dance. I then use Animus with the interrupt rather than extra plating and batter rather than metal fist. Fast Animus is beyond awesome although touch of animus seems to miss a lot. Talk about a move that needs to be 100%. I usually put the Senjin fetish in for the third pet with flame breath and wild magic and cleanse.
      One of my favorite teams, but at best, maybe a 65 or 70% win rate. When it works though, it is awesome. Lots of synergy and flexibility.

      • Vek says:

        Dazzling Dance works great with Touch and Batter. Last I ran it I tried with a Wolf(289 speed so it would be faster than DAH when dancing). Only real problem is Sandstorm, so would be nice with a weather changer that still had some dot or multi-hit attack. Sadly Darkness is pretty much out of the question otherwise Scourged Whelpling would be a great fit.

        • Josh says:

          Yeah I tried with a wolf too and got some great results. Didn’t run in to any Sandstorms, but perhaps a Fel Flame instead of the Fetish to counter those?

      • Jan says:

        Thanks for the suggestion, i’ll give it a try.

  4. Zampo says:

    I didn’t get into pet battling until recently, but I must say that Kovok is one of my favorite pets to use. I haven’t tried the particular strategy here, but it sounds interesting.

    I’ve actually had some success against DAH with my H/P Kovok using Poison Fang, Digest Brains and Puncture Wounds.

    Usually, I’ll try to soak the first blind on another pet, then bring in Kovok to apply Poison Fang & Puncture Wounds. While blinded by the second blind, I’ll use Digest Brains to regain health. I also like the fact that Digest Brains has the same 3 round cooldown as Blind, so I’ll only have 1 round wasted by Blind instead of 2. Also, once the Beast family ability kicks in, puncture wounds will do 2 hits of ~380 damage, which amounts to more then half of DAH’s health.

    It’s not an awesome counter to DAH, but the additional health, power and heal are usually more than DAH can handle.

    P.S. This is my first comment and I love your blog and the teams you come up with. Keep up the good work!

    • Discodoggy says:

      Thanks for the comment and welcome! That does sound like a good move set against those evil snakes. If only I had an H/P.

  5. Vek says:

    I have actually started to play around with other really healty pets, guess I have to try the H/H Buzzard. I had often just discarded them with little thought but I feel I might have judged them prematurely. For example Obsidian Hatchling with 1644 will last much longer and get more Exposed Wounds in. I’m having fun with the King Snake at 1644 Health, trying to make use of Counterstrike but Hiss is probably still more useful(except against flying pets). And a 1725 Health Worg Pup could be a pain to take out, have not yet tried this one.

    I also got out and captured a H/H Venomspitter Hatchling, thinking it oculd be a useful pet with more Health instead of the other stats. Sadly certain bugs have prevented me from testing it.

  6. Hirrus says:

    I came up against a similar team the other day. Valk/Rags/Direhorn. All with taunting names (Itsokaytoquit, Yeahiknowimop, and I don’t remember the third. Something about me losing.) and I beat them down pretty effectively. Fiendish/Warbot/Emperor. I didn’t even Warbot/Imp cheese it; Emperor pwned the whole fight. Soaked all the Haunts, soaked Traps, soaked Sons, healed through almost everything. I don’t know why I have any teams without him.

  7. Vek says:

    Have started running a variant of this team. Went 10-3 for this weeks pvp quest.
    H/H Fel Flame(Flame Breath,Scorched Earth,Immolation)
    Son of Animus(Metal Fist,Touch of Animus,Extra Plating)
    Kovok(Poison Fang,Pheromones,Black Claw)

    Plan is mainly to get Scorched Earth and Immolation up(possibly a Flame Breath as well) and then switch to either of the other pets depending on what you want to do.
    Best part is that your opponent can’t switch away from Scorched Earth and Immolation.

    Touch of Animus will heal for a lot, it is not even halved by darkness since the Fel Flame is elemental, and if you get it on a pet with Flame Breath that is 3x Touch heal.

    Since both Scorched Earth and Immolation lasts for 9 turn you can easily wait with the heal and go with the Kovok and Black Claw instead. Pets go down really quick with all those things ticking with bonus damage from Black Claw.

    I have had some use of Pheromones, but I wonder if I would get better use of Digest Brain. Also I am tempted to go and find a speedy Fel Flame, sometimes I do feel that 244 speed(even with 1800 health) is a bit risky.

    Not really a super team to counter the current favourites(Valk,Imp,DAH) but is ok to handle MPD. Just fun to run something different for a change. I have also tried switching the Son of Animus for either a H/H Scourged Whelpling(9 round DnD, while slightly lower heal with Plagued Blood), or with the Ruby Droplet(to be better able to avoid huge hits with bubble)

      • Vek says:

        Btw just beat a Valk, S/S Fiendish Imp, Warbot team. Even with making a mistake casting pheromones instead of Black claw. Sweet.

        • Discodoggy says:

          That’s funny because I just beat the same team for my 6th win with this team. My opponent didn’t play it like I would have, but it’s still a hard team to get past.

    • Discodoggy says:

      Great team, Vek! So far I’m 4-1 with it, my only loss coming from a Touch Of The Animus miss. Those heals can be insane. Using Immolation on the Fel Flame is a nice touch, I usually go with conflag for the burst but now I’m enjoying the heal caused by the extra tick. I still haven’t used Pheromones. I only have an H/S Kovok so I’m using that.

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