New Undead Pet Breeds

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3 Responses to New Undead Pet Breeds

  1. Tarnum says:

    Any recommendation for the best possible breed on each of those new pets?

    • Lyraat says:

      Ghostly Maggot = Umm, none? P/S would be my choice, but honestly, not feeling he’s gonna get much use with that skill set.
      Ghostly Rat = S/B with Crouch, H/S with Ghostly Bite. Again, I don’t think this guy will get much use.
      Spectral Spinner = S/S. Apply Blinding Poison turn 1 –> opponent’s first attack comes on round 3. Could also go P/S as 289 is faster than most pets and the bump in power helps.

    • Discodoggy says:

      I’ve only used the Ghostly Maggot in a few battles but I think that an S/S or P/S might actually be useful, depending on how Survival interacts with the undead racial. If you don’t get anything from the speed then the P/B would be the way to go. I’ve read a few thing about Survival on this pet but I’ll have to test it myself.

      My first choice for the rat would be P/B followed by the H/S. You may want the extra speed of the H/S in general for Flurry but the P/B will be faster than most undead, which is what this pet could be good for: taking down undead. I see this pet as being similar to a frog: great at taking down undead, but not so great in general.

      For the Spectral Spinner the S/S is the best in order to utilize Blinding Poison, with the P/S or H/S coming in second if you feel like taking a risk.

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