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After this month I will no longer be doing the POTM competition. I like it because it’s somewhat interactive, but in reality I’m doing all of the battling. While fun, it’s a lot to do. So why should I do all of the work for something only marginally interactive. Why not do less work for something even more interactive? After I finish the current POTM I will be replacing it with a pet battling league.

Here’s what I envision: each player will make a team based on certain restrictions, similar to the restrictions of the POTM. Players will sign up privately with their team by notifying me before the league begins. After all submissions are in everyone will play each other at least once in a round robin style. I’m thinking when players battle each other it can be best of three. I’m thinking that players will contact each other in order to play one another, they can meet up to battle then post the results. I will keep records. Wins are three points, draws one, losses zero points. After the round robin portion is done then the top four players can go into a tournament style playoff to determine the winner. Winner gets a store pet. I’d like to keep the prize small so it’s only slightly competitive and mostly for fun and bragging rights.

That’s the overall idea, but there are a ton of details to hash out.

My biggest concern is time zone differences. What if players can’t meet up, how will we handle that? What if people take too long do their battles, what sort of time restraints should there be?

I plan on participating myself, I will need a volunteer to send my team to before the submissions start coming in, or else I could just make the best counter team.

You saw how long it took to get the POTM working right, I’d like to get as many possible kinks out of the way before we start. Any problems that anyone can identify?

What about a name? Being a big soccer fan the name “Pet Battle Premier League” has some appeal to me, but it’s not that catchy. “Spirit Crab Battle League”? 😛

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  1. DaveX says:

    How do people meet up to PvP pet battle each other if they are on different CRZ’s/ connected realms ?

    Would it be done through the custom-group finder ?

    • Discodoggy says:

      We could either meet up the way people do it when someone is holding a valk, or a Silithid Hatchling, by using battletags. I’ve never done this, so I’m not sure how it works exactly. Or we could choose a neutral realm and all make a level one there, and that’s where we meet. The latter is probably easiest.

      I just realized something sad. How can North American and European players play one another? I suppose they can’t. I guess we could have two division, one Euro and one N.A. Is there any work-around to this that I don’t know about?

      • Lyraat says:

        Re: connecting = Ya, rolling lvl 1’s would be the easiest. Pick a server, any server. You’ll also need to specify a faction and race.

        Re: EU v. NA = No workaround that I know of. They are completely different, require separate accounts. Same goes for the other geographical server groups.

        I love the idea. If you only wanted one champion but we had multiple leagues, you could play the league winning teams like you do now for the POTM. First league-winning team to 5 wins is the month’s ultimate champion.

  2. Liwei says:


    It’s a neat idea, but I guess that’s the end of my active participation what with no active sub and all

    Still, it sounds fun. Have fun trying to dethrone The Dawg everyone 😉

    • Discodoggy says:

      I just realized that I’m ahead of myself. I should have asked how many people are interested before working out the details. So, how many people are interested in joining a pet battle PvP league?

      • DaveX says:

        Wish I could make a firm commitment to this, but alas :(

      • Kayhos says:

        It is a very good idea, but I can’t make a commitment like that, most of the time I don’t have access because of work and life.
        At best, I’d be able to play 2-3 scheduled games in a month and at worse I’d have to forfeit because I can’t make it.

      • llennoca, kel-thuzad says:

        i’d like to join said guild for one

  3. Loki says:

    Who’s interested in doing something that isn’t defined yet?

    I’m in!!

    Seriously though, I will certainly participate, possibly only as a casual due to work/life.

  4. Corndog says:

    I’m in, would love to battle against some good individuals.

  5. Tekulve says:

    Your proposal makes lots of sense, Disco… Scheduling is not easy for me -other than in the summer -so I’ll opt out for now…but I’ll tune in for sure if you run a league.
    Best of luck to all

  6. Wamp says:

    I’m in too. It’s a great idea to make a league

  7. Baldulf says:

    I’m in! Should work like the monthly contests that they run on the WCP forum, except more people should be able to participate, because everyone doesn’t have to be online at the exact same time and date.

  8. Caroline Davis says:

    I would love to participate!

  9. Robert Straif says:

    I am still rather new to pet battles. But this sounds like a great idea

    • Discodoggy says:

      It’ll happen, just not before the new year. Life has thrown me a couple of curveballs this year, everytime I think things are calming down, they don’t. Nothing intolerable, I’m just really busy.

      On a related note I haven’t forgotten about the Stonegrinder POTM, I swear I will finish.

  10. Robert Straif says:

    There is another problem maybe. Some people may be playing on european servers while other are playing on us servers

  11. Harpua says:

    Great idea. Too bad it came up while I stepped away from the game.

    One way you could make this work is to form a guild specifically for the league.

    I don’t know much about guild mechanics. But the sensible approach would be to pick a server and a faction. 1 character per player. Use the in game tools to schedule matches.

    As for a name, Premier league would only make sense if there were several divisions. More appropriate would be WWPBE and WWPBNA. Although you could shorten it to WWE and WWNA.

    • Discodoggy says:

      Good point about the name. A guild is a good idea, too. I’ve also taken a big step back from WoW, I still do a few battles each day, and then I’m making videos here and there. I haven’t left completely and don’t plan to, but right now is surely the least I’ve pet battles since I started.

  12. Robert Straif says:

    I actually quit wow for now … pet battles were the only part that interested me. But while hunting for pets with my lvl 60-65 char i have been constantly getting killed by lvl 100 chars. that killed all of the fun for now. i may return again though. So for the moment i switched to Starcraft II

  13. Grimchant says:

    I have been looking for a league or tournament group for pets. But the first comment asking how we would hook up is relevant. Disco…I think you are part of the pets guild on Madoran correct?

    Either way, pick a server that isn’t full and make a guild (or use Warcraft Pets guild on Madoran server) and let people make a lvl 1 character on it….you can even pick a specific race so everyone can be together in the same zone! Since we don’t have a cross realm system we need to pick one realm and one race/zone. This would make this all possible imho.

    In regards to the comment above, about most people not wanting to pay the fee for WoW just for pet battles…I actually do play battle pets 95% of the time and pay the $15 a month for it ( I know that makes me lamer than most WoW players). I think this can happen; please follow through with this.

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