March 2015: Teroclaw Hatchling
While the Frostwolf Ghostpup from last month is probably my favorite of the new pets, this tough bird is a close second. I’ve been using the move set of Claw, Dodge and Nature’s Ward. The combination of an avoid and an HoT makes it difficult to take down the Teroclaw Hatchling’s health, which means you can keep your precious flying racial speed bonus intact for longer. I look forward to seeing your teams. You should note that the tier list has been updated to include 6.0 pets, so be careful not to lose any team points unintentionally. There is also a new scoring aspect described below.

Here are the rules:

Each participant will submit one team that includes the pet of the month. I will play each submitted team an equal number of times. Each win will be worth ten points, each draw will be worth five points. Each pet on a submitted team that is not on either of the top or high tier list will be worth ten extra points. Each pet on a submitted team that is not on the top tier list (but on the high tier list) will be worth five extra points. No extra points are awarded for the pet of the week itself.

These extra points are called “team points”.

With more people participating each month it means that I’ll be doing less battles with each team. In order to prevent ties I’m going to add a new scoring feature to differentiate the final scores. It’ll be called “quality win points”. If your team beats a team with a top tier pet on it then you earn an extra point for each top tier pet, if it beats a team with a high tier pet on it then it’ll earn a half point for each high tier pet on the enemy team.

Here is the tier list: Top & High Tier List

If you need more explanation about team points you can see examples here: POTW #2

The winner will receive a Blizzard store pet of their choice!

POTM #2 Results
First of all I’d like to thanks all of the participants. Once again I had a lot of fun with all of the different teams and I was able to try some pets and strategies that I normally wouldn’t have.

Rewining Try
P/P Frostwolf Ghostpup (Scratch, Refuge, Ghostly Bite)
S/S Frostfur Rat (Sneak Attack, Refuge, Call Darkness)
H/P Axebeak Hatchling (Slicing Wind, Rain Dance, Nocturnal Strike)

rewiningScore: 50 (3-4, 20 team points)
W: Anubisath Idol, Pandaren Water Spirit, Alpine Foxling
L: Chi-Chi, Qiraji Guardian, Ghastly Kid
L: Pandaren Water Spirit, Jademist Dancer, Chrominius
L: Kovok, Weebomination, MPD
W: Tolai Hare, Thunertail Flapper, Qiraji Guardling
W: Corefire Imp, Unborn Val’kyr, Hydraling
L: Fragment Of Anger, Clockwork Gnome, Restless Shadeling

Any team that beats an idol right off the bat is fine by me :). I was so excited about Refuge when I first heard about it and started using it; as time went on I began to realize that Haunting Song is my preferred move in the Ghostpup’s middle slot. I had some issues with Slicing Winds only hitting once when it needed to hit more. I’m not a huge fan of the 100-66-33% moves for exactly that reason. The high point was the sixth battle against the Unborn Val’kyr and Hydraling; that was a quality win.

Duck and Weave
P/P Frostwolf Ghostpup (Scratch, Refuge, Frolick)
S/S Rabbit (Flurry, Dodge, Burrow)
P/P Murkalot (Blessed Hammer, Falling Murloc, Shieldstorm)

Score: 50 (5-2, 0 team points)
W: Pterrordax Hatchling, Elfin Rabbit, Sunreaver Micro-Sentry
W: Warbot, Scourged Whelpling, Alpine Hare
W: Fossilized Hatchling, Wild Golden Hatchling, Personal World Destroyer
L: Hydraling, Ghastly Kid, Dread Hatchling
W: Widget the Departed, Fossilized Hatchling, Creepy Crate
L: Fiendish Imp, Wild Golden Hatchling, Fossilized Hatchling
W: Mini Minslayer, Stiched Pup, Swamp Croaker

duckweaveThere really was a lot of Ducking and Weaving going on here. I found myself wishing that I had some more attack options in a few battles, but the flipside was that people often played like they were expecting Righteous Inspiration. The final score makes me think that the penalty for using top tier pets might be too harsh, especially if I’m only going to seven battles.

Hair Club For Darkness
P/P Frostwolf Ghostpup (Scratch, Refuge, Ghostly Bite)
P/P Frostfur Rat (Sneak Attack, Refuge, Call Darkness)
S/S Frostfur Rat: (Sneak Attack, Refuge, Call Darkness)

Score: 55 (3-3-1, 20 team points)
L: Blossoming Ancient, Infinite Whelpling, Iron Starlette
L: Scourged Whelpling, Sunreaver Micro-Sentry, Scourged Whelpling
L: Spring Rabbit, Blighthawk, Death Talon Whelpguard
W: Anubisath Idol, Molten Corgi, Chi-Chi
W: Forest Moth, Spawn Of Onyxia, Celestial Dragon
W: Yu’la, Weebomination, Weebomination
D: Lil’ Ragnaros, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, Teroclaw Hatchling

hairclubThis team made me pull my hair out a few times. When you have your good strategy all planned out and then you miss because of darkness…aaahhhh! This is why I don’t regularly run darkness teams. After a poor start this team was able to win three in a row, that’s awesome. Thankfully I still have a thick head of hair remaining in case I need to play more darkness teams.

Filthy Frolickers
H/S Filthling (Absorb, Stench, Corrosion)
P/P Frostwolf Ghostpup (Scratch, Haunting Song, Frolick)
S/S Dandelion Frolicker (Bite, Frolick, Kick)

Score: 60 (4-3, 20 team points)
W: Unborn Val’kyr, Grommloc, Molten Corgi (49 rounds >.<)
L: Kovok, Weebomination, MPD
L: Anubisath Idol, Sporeling Sprout, Unborn Val’kyr
W: Unborn Val’kyr, Crow, Gilnean Raven
W: Anubisath Idol, Chrominius, Qiraji Guardling
W: Corefire Imp, Hydraling, Unborn Val’kyr
L: Singing Sunflower, Lesser Voidcaller, Netherspawn

These frolickers ended up being a load of fun, much more than I thought I would have. Obviously they lived or died by the rng.

Thrash Or Dash
P/P Imperial Eagle Chick (Thrash,Cyclone,Lift-Off)
P/B Stormwing (Quills, Call Lightning, Thunderbolt)
P/P Frostwolf Ghostpup (Scratch, Haunting song, Ghostly Bite)

Score: 60 (4-3, 20 team points)
thrashL: Unborn Val’kyr, Warbot, Fiendish Imp (imp survived with 86 hp)
L: Murkalot, MPD, Blackfuse Bombling
W: Trunks, Ore Eater, MPD
W: Lanticore Spawnling, Ruby Droplet, Iron Starlette
W: Widow Spiderling, Ethereal Soul-Trader, Living Sandling
L: Curios Oracle Hatchling, Yu’la, Syd the Squid
W: Pandaren Fire Spirit, Phoenix Hatchling, Menagerie Custodian

I hadn’t used Stormwing a lot before this. I’m glad I finally did, it can be a real force.

Metal Speed
P/P Frostwolf Ghostpup(Scratch, Haunting Song, Ghostly Bite)
P/P Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar(Missile, Rebuild, Decoy)
P/S Iron Starlette(Wind-Up, Powerball, Supercharge)

metalspeedScore: 70 (5-2, 20 team points)
W: Shrine Fly, Sifang Otter, Tol’Vir Scarab
L: Fiendish Imp, Son Of Sethe, Spirit Crab
W: Anubisath Idol, Terrible Turnip, Pandaren Monk
W: Unborn Val’kyr, Softshell Sapling, Netherspawn
W: Spawn Of G’Nathus, Molten Corgi, Warbot
W: Corehound Pup, Pterrordax Hatchling, Clockwork Gnome
L: Blossoming Ancient, Unborn Val’kyr, Crawling Claw

Both of the losses came from teams with elemental damage, which is always the risk of running two of the same family. The Iron Starlette can really put a hurt on teams without avoidance. The P/S breed was a good choice was a good choice due to its ability to get up to speed quickly.

P/P Frostwolf Ghostpup (Scratch, Haunting Song, Ghostly Bite)
P/B Royal Peacock (Savage Talon, Arcane Storm, Rain Dance)
H/P Blighthawk (Infected Claw, Ghostly Bite, Cyclone)

Score: 70 (6-1, 10 team points)
W: Rapana Whelk, Core Hound Pup, Pandaren Water Spirit)
W: Weebomination, Unborn Val’kyr, Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot
L: Murkalot, Blackfuse Bombling, MPD
W: MPD, Macabre Marionette, Magical Crawdad
W: KLR, KLR, Fel Flame
W: Anubisath Idol, Fire-Prof Roach, Pocket Reaver
W: Dark Phoenix Hatchling, Treasure Goblin, Dread Raven

The dreaded RI and BFB combo was this team’s only loss. The peacock is a brilliant choice since it has great synergy with both Ghostly Bite and Cyclone.

Necro At Night
necroS/S Qiraji Guardling (Crush, Sandstorm, Blackout Kick)
P/P Servant of Demidos (Magic Sword, Siphon Anima, Soulrush)
P/P Frostwolf Ghostpup (Scratch, Haunting Song, Ghostly Bite)

Score: 70 (5-2, 20 team points)
W: Puddle Terror, Iron Starlette, Twilight Wasp
L: Soul Of The Aspects, Clockwork Gnome, Mini Diablo
L: Sky-Bo, Jademist Dancer, Spring Rabbit
W: Droplet Of Y’Shaarj, Weebomination, MPD
W: Iron Starlette, Molten Corgi, Hydraling
W: Iron Starlette, Molten Corgi, Hydraling
W: Jademist Dancer, Lil’ Bling, Chrominius

I’m loving this competition for myself because it makes me play pets that I don’t usually use. In this case it was the S/S Qiraji Guardling. Even though I’m still not too goo goo for Sandstorm the Qiraji Guardling’s speed and stun made for some nice control.

Trunk Ate It
P/P Frostwolf Ghostpup (Scratch, Refuge, Ghostly Bite)
S/S Lovebird Hatchling (Alpha Strike, Lovestruck, Pheromones)
H/P Trunks (Smash, Ethereal, Avalanche)

Score: 80 (6-1, 20 team points)
trunk2W: Lil’ Deathwing, Unborn Val’kyr, Baneling
W: Water Waveling, Biletoad, Iron Starlette
L: Kovok, Weebomination, MPD
W: Crimson Geode, Baby Ape, Huge Toad
W: Fiendish Imp, Wild Golden Hatchling, Fossilized Hatchling
W: Rocket Chicken, Twilight Wasp, Feline Familiar
W: Corefire Imp, Mr. Bigglesworth, Fungal Abomination

Oh so close. That damn Kovokination team has been a thorn in my side for months and it was all that kept this team from winning the competition. I’m always excited about a new pet with a stun; the Lovebird Hatchling didn’t let me down. Trunks performed wonderfully,too.

Congratulations to Zero for this winning submisson:

Ghastly, Grastly or Rick Astley
P/P Frostwolf Ghostpup (Scratch, Haunting Song, Ghostly Bite)
P/B Royal Peacock (Savage Talon, Arcane Storm, Feign Death)
H/H Ghastly Kid (Diseased bite, Ethereal, Ghostly Bite)

Score: 85 (6-0-1, 20 team points)
ghastlygrastlyW: Clockwork Gnome, Spirit Crab, Zandalari Toenibbler
W: Unborn Val’kyr, Stitched Pup, Death Adder Hatchling
W: Feverbite Hatching, Fossilized Hatchling, Terrible Turnip
W: Amberbarb Wasp, Molten Corgi, Golden Civet
W: Amberbarb Wasp, Anubisath Idol, Dreanei Micro Defender
D: Mini Mindslayer, Mini Mindslayer, Feverbite Hatchling
W: Emerald Proto-Whelp, Strand Crab, Netherspace Abyssal

Again it’s the Royal Peacock teaming up with the Frostwolf Ghostpup for some Ghostly Bite madness. I’d like to say more but it’s getting late and I don’t want to put this off for another day. Zero, email me at discodoggywow@gamail.com with the pet that you want. Let me know if you’re on a US or EU server.

Thanks everyone! Can’t wait to see the Teroclaw Hatchling teams.

Here’s a few pics that I couldn’t fit above:

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41 Responses to POTM #3

  1. Liwei says:

    A common problem with using defensive minded teams is that yeah, you tend to lack in offensive power. I was honestly expecting you to fight against sandstorm or AoE teams but it looks like you ended up against neither, really. Sandstorm kind of makes the poor bunny ineffective after all.

    And I need to get me one of those peacocks so I can revive my old arcane wind teams, methinks. I can’t believe I never thought of it! Congrats to Zero for the win.

    Anyway, my entry for this cycle:


    Teroclaw Hatchling (Claw, Dodge, Nature’s Ward)
    Hyjal Wisp (Arcane Blast, Evanescence, Wish)
    Emerald Whelpling (Breath, Moonfire, Tranquility)

    What can I say? I like Moonlight teams. This one has plenty of healing, and the wisp in particular should be pretty strong under the correct weather. Whelpling plays setup and can be moderately tanky with Tranquility running too. I considered using a Harmonius Porcupette instead, but I felt like having two magic pets on the team would be a detriment.

  2. Aeth says:

    I’m pleased that my team did so well. Thank you for playing it. :)

    My team submission for this month’s POTM is “More Tempting When Drunk”:

    Teroclaw Hatchling (H/P) – Claw, Dodge, and Nature’s Ward.
    Sister of Temptation (S/B) – Shadow Shock, Siphon Life, and Haunting Song.
    Skunky Alemental (H/H) – Brew Bolt, Skunky Brew**, and Inebriate.

    **I’m not entirely sure I understand how Skunky Brew works. If it prevents the affected pet from swapping then that’s the move I choose for this slot. If it simply prevents the team from forfeiting then I pick Mudslide.

    There’s no real synergy to speak of but you’ve got two pets who can heal which will hopefully help with the AOE meta, and the tanky Alemental just throws a wrench in the opposing team’s gears by preventing swaps and lowering hit chance.

    Good luck!

    • Liwei says:

      It makes the distinction that the pet can’t flee on the brew, versus the inability to swap on the mudslide.

      So I would assume it means that it’s simply ‘no fleeing’. Which now I think about it, seems like a really pointless spell heh.

    • Wiff says:

      Skunky Brew is indeed a root that prevents swap. I have fond memories of sabotaging Murkalot with the Alemental back when it had both Shieldstorm and RI; super root on the shield cast, Inebriate to consume all three shields while it RIs itself, and, well…. what smells worse than bad brew, but looks good on a Murkalot? Answer: A Blighthawk.

  3. Gsv says:

    Got to say a big thank you for the site… lots of great info and inspired me to take the jump into pvp battling…

    Undead Free Zone
    S/S Golden Dawnfeather (Peck, Sunlight, Love Potion)
    P/P Sun Sproutling (Club, Photosynthesis, Fist of the Forest)
    Teroclaw Hatchling (Claw, Dodge, Nature’s Ward)

    Even though it is a sunlight team if match ups dont suit I use it more as a weather changer and/or offensive AOE. It works pretty well as a stall (Teroclaw) and reheal the heavy hitting Sproutling on the back line. Anyway hope you have some fun with it.

  4. Misterphil says:

    My team submission is called [Ward’re you looking at?]
    teroclaw hatchling: claw/dodge/nature’s ward
    Puddle terror: Punch/nature’s ward/sunlight
    nightshade sproutling: poison lash/nature’s ward/fist of the forest
    All three have some decent offence – especially the sprout, and backlining in rotation – with sunlght up, makes a nice, demoralising difference!

    • Misterphil says:

      although I have to say that it doesn’t do so well against triple ore eaters with the sheild up in rotation!

  5. Calerian says:

    Try this team out, Disco (not for the contest, just try it):

    S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolate, Nether Gate)
    H/P Teroclaw Hatchling (Alpha Strike, Dodge, Nature’s Ward)
    P/S Son of Sethe (Plagued Blood, Touch of the Animus, Drain Blood)

    Now, for your contest, how about:

    “Can You Feel The Love?”
    S/S Lovebird Hatchling (Alpha Strike, Lovestruck, Pheromones)
    H/P Teroclaw Hatchling (Claw, Dodge, Nature’s Ward)
    P/S Stonegrinder (Screeching Gears, Thunderbolt, Clean-Up)

    Lead with the Lovebird most of the time, wear them down a bit, swap to the mech for some more AoE and possible stuns, close with the Teroclaw.

    • Discodoggy says:

      Calerian, as I was making your team I realized that I had I tried it before, I called it Earthly Slop. It was the team after I made Cosmic Slop, when I was listening to Parliament and Funkadelic lol.


      It’s pretty bad ass.

      • Calerian says:

        Isn’t it, though?

        Sorry, must have missed your write-up on it. Great minds think alike…or simple minds stumble upon a great idea sometimes…something like that…

  6. Bullfeathers says:

    I was going to do another team with Call Darkness on it, but I might start getting billed for hair loss. Also, this seems to work better, so that’s a bonus.

    “The New Broom”
    H/P Fragment of Anger (Seethe, Spiritfire Beam, Soulrush)
    S/S Enchanted Broom (Broom, Sweep, Wind-up)
    H/P Teroclaw Hatchling (Claw, Dodge, Nature’s Ward)

    There are answers to many of the questions of the day. The Fragment is tough, and a triple counter to everything that drops a decoy (beam clears decoy in one hit). The broom is solid and covers its own weaknesses. No fancy tricks or anything. Just solid coverage.

  7. Tekulve says:

    Pumped Panda

    Sunfur panda -Scratch/Hibernate/Sunlight
    Hyjal wisp -Arcane blast /Evanescence/Wish
    Teroclaw Hatchling- Claw/Dodge/Natures ward

    Its gimmicky and counts on no opponent’s switching your weather..the panda starts with sunlight..switch to the wisp..wish..then back to the panda and hibernate…then scratch the heck out of all your undead opponents and Teroclaw mops up

  8. Vapid says:

    I was unsure if we have to use the three set abilities you mentioned about the Teroclaw Hatchling (1/2/2), but to be safe I thought of this team with that in mind.

    #Bronze Medal
    H/P Teroclaw Hatchling (Claw, Dodge, Nature’s Ward)
    P/P Bronze Whelpling (Tail Sweep, Early Advantage, Arcane Storm)
    H/P Zomstrok (Infected Claw, Shell Shield, Carpnado)

    Note: If you do not have a P/P Bronze Whelp and instead have a S/S version that is okay, but be aware the move set changes for the S/S breed. It becomes Arcane Slash, Crystal Prison, Lift-Off.

    The idea behind this team is that they cover each other. Teroclaw fights critters and protects Zom, BW has a weather change and uses Early Advantage with P/P for higher damage, Zom is strong against humanoids to protect BW and has an AoE nuke.

    In general you can start with any pet depending on the what the opponent has and your best guess on what they pick first. The Teroclaw would be the default starting pet with the Flying racial bonus and Dodge in case you picked poorly at the start.

    • Liwei says:

      If it would affect your strategy at all, the contest merely requires you use the pet in question. You don’t have to pick the same moveset as everyone else if you think another would work better for your setup.

  9. Myon says:

    “Gotta Go Fast”

    H/P Teroclaw Hatchling (Claw, Dodge, Nature’s Ward)
    P/P Stunted Direhorn (Trihorn Charge, Horn Attack, Primal Cry)
    S/S Bronze Whelpling (Arcane Slash, Crystal Prison, Lift-Off)

    I’ve always liked the synergy the direhorn has with the Bronze Whelpling, being able to AoE your opponent low to help set up a sweep later on, and provide speed control to cut down any pesky pets faster than 325. Their only flaw is a double weakness against mechanicals, so the Teroclaw Hatchling should do a good job covering them, being able to turn itself elemental.

    These pets flourish when they’re able to go first, with moves like Dodge, Horn Attack, and Crystal Prison – and you’ll want to abuse these efficient moves to build up a game winning lead.

    The Bronze Whelpling is ideally the sweeper and best saved for last – the Teroclaw Hatchling and direhorn are more suited as initiators with the former’s tankyness and the latter’s momentum out of the gate.

  10. Vek says:

    Bleedin Bird
    Teroclaw Hatchling(Alpha Strike,Dodge,Nature’s Ward)
    Frostwolf Pup(Flurry,Howl,Maul)

    Flurry seems to remove two stacks of Decoy even when slower so 289 speed is not so much of a problem. Bleed + Howl + Maul is an excellent finisher.

  11. Celya says:

    Oh dear, I thought I came to enter my team nice and early this month, and, well, uhm… *stares at the list*


    H/P Teroclaw Hatchling (Claw, Dodge, Nature’s Ward)
    P/P Servant of Demidos (Magic Sword, Siphon Anima, Soulrush)
    S/S Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar (Missile, Pig Out, Decoy)

    Basically, I just got the Servant of Demidos and I like it. The Teroclaw has been a great sweeper-pet for me, but I do think the obvious moveset is the most viable one as well. This team probably won’t do well against AoE teams I think, but it’s so much fun when Magic Sword crits three times in a row. If you have a P/P or H/H Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar you can probably use them as well, I just like Decoy on faster pets so if you use one of the others maybe try Headbutt instead.

    • Vek says:

      I believe Mech Frostboar is quite good against the Weebomination actually. Especially with Pig Out. But against Weebomination you don’t need S/S.

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      Since you ended above me, I’m leveling my S/S frostboar and giving your version a try too :)

  12. UndeadAI says:

    Terror of the Abyssius
    P/P Abyssius (Immolate, Flamethrower, Volcano
    P/S Son of Sethe (Plagued Blood, Touch of Animus, Absorb)
    H/P Teroclaw Hatchling (Claw, Dodge, Nature’s Ward)

    The idea is that Abyssius can put out some major dot damage and swap out to the back line while volcano and immolate tick all benefit off plague or touch so its vary hard to deal with abyssius (wanted to go scorched earth but he needs a spamable). the only real concern is critters, sandstorm teams and perhaps aoe teams but the teroclaw should provide some solid coverage vs critters. Also I found its better to go immolate>volcano so that way when you swap it eats the dead turn of volcano.

  13. ZERO says:

    It’s good to know than the Team did it well, you’re doing good work here on your site…. here is my team….

    Team name: “Terror trap”

    H/P Terorclaw Hatchling (Claw, Dodge, Nature’s Ward)
    H/P Fragment of Anger (Seethe, Enrage, Soulrush)
    H/H Grotesque (Shadow Shock, Agony, Ghostly Bite)

    The idea is start with the fragment, Enrage -> Soulrush for double damage, then if its safe to swap for Grotesque Shadow Shock->Ghostly Bite to finish off the first pet, then swap back to the fragment… and repeat. normally I can kill the two first pets, and hurt the third, so the terorclaw can do its job…clean up.

    normally I can kill the two first pets, and hurt the third, so the terorclaw can do its job, clean up. this is what usually i do, but feel free to play at your stile. this is just for reference. by the way, agony does- > 70-140-210 = 420 damage in 3 turns, I don’t know if you knew it.

    not very good in English :-)

    • ZERO says:

      Disco, please you can switch Enrage by Spiritfire Beam (Fragment of Anger), I found after several battles that it’s much better, 693+ damage in total and only 3 round CD, Brutal. Thank you.

      • Discodoggy says:

        Hey ZERO, if I let people change midway it’s going to make it too complicated for me to keep track of. I think the rule should be once a team is submitted that’s the team I’m going to use. I will add that to the rules next month so there is no confusion.

  14. Wamp says:


    H/P Terorclaw Hatchling (Claw, Dodge, Nature’s Ward)
    P/B Spawn of G’nathus (Swallow You Whole, Lightning Shield, Thunderbolt)
    P/P Nexus Whelpling (Frost Breath, Mana Surge, Arcane Storm)

    A bit of everything in this team, weather change, AoE damage, healing, avoidance. I have had some nice wins with it.

  15. Harpua says:

    Was going to use a Talador themed team, but two people already took my Stonegrinder. Had to regroup a bit.

    Guess we’ll call this Lost Dragonclaw

    S/S Albino Chimaeraling (1,2,1)
    H/P Teroclaw Hatchling (2,2,2)
    H/H Lost of Lordaeron (1,2,2)

    You have a fair amount of coverage there. Hoping the extra points from low tier pets make up for the lack of oomph.

  16. Sibel from Kazzak says:

    I’d like to join in this contest, I’ve decided to mostly make use of the individual potential of the Teroclaw Hatchling, and pair it with another pet that I find to be incredibly powerful that way: Servant of Demidos. To complete the mix I thought it would probably be a good idea to stop Undead (and Elementals) in their track. I’m a big fan of frogs, and they’re not on the list either, so I gave it a go to great success. As a bonus it can change the weather.

    Now, undead run rampant in Europe: it’s not uncommon to face two undead per enemy team; weather however is now so common anymore – but if you really need to change it – the frog can. It’s also a useful tool to use on dodging turns as it will heal a little and increase your damage on the next turn (Undead can’t really dodge, nor do they use the weather, so you won’t have to use it then, therefore it tends to be used before Frog Kiss, which always benefits).

    Froggy is, of course, poor against fast vermin like rabbits. Too bad for them the Teroclaw can eat rabbits all day and never lose any health while doing so. Oh, and swap-e-roo teams are in for a nasty surprise when they try to swap in any of these guys with their chances to get a free swap back.

    As final rationale: This team has strong counters vs. most strong pets, especially if you’re a bit lucky with Frog Kiss. It’s also not really weak to anything, the Servant is P/P so even if you could score crits on it of over 2000 damage, the passive will just stop them dead in their tracks.

    Concerns: Cleansing Rain is weak weak weak weak weak. Maybe I should have gone with Healing Wave instead. But I really want to change the weather. You know what, fuck it: We’re going with healing wave instead. There isn’t any weather that terrifies this team.

    The frog is probably also too fast. It helps when it has to face off fast things that aren’t rabbits or that annoying imp (Lucky proc spells doom). But it doesn’t really help beating those undead it’s so strong against, since they’re all slow slow slow. There’s only one alternative though: The P/S Biletoad, but it only gains 30 or so power for giving up a lot of speeds (273). We’re keeping the Leopard.

    The team:

    Teroclaw Hatchling (H/P): Claw, Dodge, Nature’s Ward
    Servant of Demidos (P/P): Magic Sword, Siphon Anima, Soulrush
    Leapard Tree Frog (S/S): Tongue Lash, Healing Wave, Frog kiss

    Have fun, and do your best team! <3

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      A little PS. my original thoughts were close to Celya’s who is using a Mechanical Frostboar; I was *this* close to using a variety of boar, but then I decided it’s first move was useless since the Teroclaw does it better, Missile isn’t needed either since Beasts are weak vs. Birds. I did really want to have a Decoy available, but in the end (perhaps we have different meta’s) the team needs to deal with Undead and Elementals much much much harder than with beasts, who get soft-countered by the birdie anyway.

      I do really like the Frostboar so I hope she does well, as well (although not as well as me ;0 )

      It’s nice to see someone else using the Demidos :)

      • Celya says:

        Oh, you are completely correct, I’ve been making theoretical teams for the POTM and then trying them out myself afterwards, and I’m on EU as well, and even though my team doesn’t do too badly, it suffers a LOT against all the Undead pets I’m seeing. I think a frog would be an awesome third pet, gonna try it out myself as well!

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      The team should have a fancy name still, mmmm, I dub this team: “Don’t care about the weather”. ^,^

  17. Tekulve says:

    This question of what battle ‘meta’ different people get to face intrigues me

    For the longest while I was seeing nothing but undeads, humanoids and a few mechs. You would see chrominius and the PWater spirit once in a while (those who got lost on their way to a tamer or the CT maybe)

    Now I see a fair # of dragons and fliers and beasts…I almost never get to face critters…which is OK by me since rabbits are sometimes a pain..I never really see magic oets in pvp at all either

  18. Tekulve says:

    I tried the s/s Leopard tree frog as a third with the s/s jademist/ s/s slithershick elver

    I’ve never been a frog kiss spammer but with this unit its nice to have the frog for a fast cleansing rain and the frog has Flurry…of course multiple fliers would be an issue …the Elver can handle fliers without the racial advantage though fyi

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      My main issue with the Frog is probably a more local meta concern. I see a lot of annoying cleave teams with two or three Weebominations, often with a clean-up pet.

      The frog annihilates the Weebominations, but then if the cleanup pet is something idiotically strong like this month’s flavor the Teroclaw, it generally can’t beat it. (And everything else died in the backline). Although clearly if you get a lucky Frog Kiss you’re in the clear (but if they get a lucky crit, you’re history).

      And yes, I definitely love cleansing rain, but it doesn’t heal the main pet enough to be a useful thing in PvP. Not on its own.

      But hey, if you want to win all the time rather than make new fun teams, there’s always clonedance etc. I wanted to use pets I didn’t see a lot or at all :)

      In my team, the Servant of Demidos annihilates flyers as well. Usually including the teroclaw. If you don’t dodge right away you’re as good as dead.

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      This thing should support edits, ha ha.

      The thing with a fast pet having a weather means you can change the weather before the enemy can use it. Which is great.

      I’d like to see Mudslide changed so it lasts a turn longer and goes into effect on the pets right away rather than on swap. I’d like to give it a try, but currently it’s seemingly pointless weather.

  19. Drizzill says:

    Love the website, gonna try to get in on this pet battle competition if it’s not too late.

    Tero – Claw, dodge, nature’s ward
    Argi – gnaw, gift of the naaru, headbutt
    Gregarious Grell – Burn, Phase Shift, Cauterize

    Looking forward to see how it does for you and a name you choose. Thanks

  20. Warghosty says:

    Did not notice that Teroclaw was the pet of the month. So here my team with the Teroclaw Hatchling:

    H/P Teroclaw Hatchling (Alpha Strike, Dodge, Nature’s Ward)
    H/H Weebomination (Cleave, Consume Corpse, Corpse Explosion)
    H/P Fragment of Anger (Seethe, Spitfire Beam, Soulrush)

    Doing great for me.

    • Warghosty says:

      Forgot to mention the strategy. Start out with the Fragment and spam Spitfire Beam, then soulrush or seethe if mech. I usually just sacrifice the Fragment while spamming the abilities.

  21. Discodoggy says:

    Looks like a solid team.

    This is the last submission that I’m taking. Next month all teams must be in by the 10th.

  22. Brian Heagney says:

    my team:
    Unborn Valkyre H\H:Shadow Slash, Curse and Haunt.
    Death Adder Hatchling S\S: poision, puncture, blind
    Teroclaw: Alpha, dodge, nature ward.

    Open valk, haunt, bring in adder, blind, poision, bring in tero, alpha, dodge, nature – rinse repeat, about 80% win if you know how to play with the pets. Curse only when Valk is in death round. The speed of the adder and the teroclaw are just a pain in the butt for defending team. I want to attack but I am blind, even if I do attack he dodges, and wait, I’m blind, poisioned, cursed and haunted. Ouch! p.s. always swap adder out after posion, puncture is only to be used if it will actually end the fight.

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