Tier List

Here’s the tier list that was used for making the pet of the month teams. Now it just for a general refence of what pets are good in PvP.

Here are my definitions of the tiers:

1st tier – These pets are extremely powerful due to their over-powered/over-budgeted moves in combination with good move sets and racials. You can build a team around these pets and expect to win often with the right support. I like to think of these pets as being able to carry lesser pets to great win rates.

2nd tier – These pets are not quite as good as the 1st-tier pets. You can still build a successful team around them, but due to certain constraints they will be not be able to single-handedly carry a team to success like the 1st-tier pets.

3rd tier – This is a general catch-all for the good PvP pets. Some will do better than others in certain situations. This group used to be split in two, I found the split somewhat arbitrary so I combined them.

1st tier
Bone Serpent
Fragment Of Anger
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
Ore Eater/Crusher
Teroclaw Hatchling

2nd tier
Fiendish Imp
Frostwolf Ghostpup
Ghastly Kid

3rd tier
Anubisath Idol
Blackfuse Bombling
Blighted Squirrel
Blossoming Ancient
Bronze Whelpling
Clockwork Gnome
Creepy Crate
Curious Wolvar Pup
Darkmoon Tonk
Darkmoon Rabbit
Death Adder Hatchling
Dread Hatchling
Emerald Proto-Whelp
Emperor Crab
Enchanted Broom
Fossilized Hatchling
Frostfur Rat
Gilnean Raven/Crow
Infected Squirrel
Infested Bear Cub
Jademist Dancer
Kun-Lai Runt
Lil’ Bling
Lil’ Ragnaros
Macabre Marionette
Mechanical Axebeak
Magical Crawdad
Moths (due to rng)
Mr. Bigglesworth
Nether Fairie Dragon
Netherspace Abyssal
Nexus Whelpling
Nightshade Sproutling
Prairie Mouse
Puddle Terror
Qiraji Guardling
Ruby Droplet
Scalded Basilisk Hatchling
Scourged Whelpling
Servant Of Demidos
Singing Sunflower
Snarly (and other crocs)
Son Of Sethe
Son Of Animus
Spectral Spinner
Spirit Crab
Unborn Val’kyr
Vengeful Porcupette
Zandalari Raptors

Thanks to Yijiao, Calerian and Liwei for their contributions to the original list.

Here are links to the discussions that led to the lists above:

Tier List Update
Top Tier PvP Pet List

Note about breeds:
While not relevant to the pet of the month competition, I think I should mention something about breeds in case anyone is using this to collect the top PvP pets. There are a few pets on the list above that are dependent upon their breed. If a pet is not mentioned below then any breed is viable.

Fiendish Imp – S/S is the best.
Rabbit – 357 speed S/S
Emperor Crab – P/P
Spirit Crab – H/H
Scalded Basilisk Hatchling – H/S
Junglebeak – P/P

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118 Responses to Tier List

  1. Discodoggy says:

    I added Lil’ Bling to the high tier list. I also added a comment to moths.

    • Vek says:

      Good call. Was a bit surprised Bling was left out on the other hand there are so many pets to keep track of, easy to miss.

      • Vek says:

        By the way. Is it just me or does it feel like Moth Dust(and Frog Kiss/Sleep…) proccs less often now?

        Well I have still been serial Frog Kissed to death but I get the feeling, especially when facing moths, that Moth Dust does not sleep nearly as often as before expansion.

  2. Azaara says:

    I’ve quietly been reading your thread for a couple months now having always collected battle pets but only recently started using them. I stumbled upon your site when looking for a list of high performance/meta pets and found it in your old “Top 10 PvP Battle Pets” Thread. Since then I’ve read you almost every day in hopes of gaining insight into this pet battling world I find myself in. I wanted to tell you a few things and, with this list, the perfect opportunity finally seems to be in front of me.
    Firstly, you are quite literally the most informative person regarding pet battles on the internet right now or at least the most convenient and insightful collection of information gathered in one place outside of something sloppy like Redit. Secondly, even though your blog seems to be aimed at the continued appreciation of pet battles, I feel that reading your detailed thought processes on previous battles has been the easiest way for someone new to break into the scene and have directed several others your way. This list though has got to take the cake. Though it was made for pet of the week, it is now serving me like a checklist of things to make sure to get or at the very least to keep in mind when I’m trying to make a team with less tan optimal pets work. I know that meta is always changing, but you’ve given me something that no where else has been able to: A list of all the top contenders in one place. I know it would be to time consuming to do a bio on each peace to tell what makes it tick but the beauty of it is that with a list more than a couple pets long I now have something to research and right a bio of my own from, so thanks a lot. From myself and hopefully the rest of the pet battling community whose just getting into things and using your site to learn, I say good job, and keep up the great work!

    • Discodoggy says:

      Thanks a lot! It’s good to get feedback to know what I’m doing is useful :)

    • Vek says:

      Quick rundown of the Top tier.

      What often makes a “powerful” pet stand out is that unless you have a direct count(or at least a semi-counter) you are going to have to be very lucky(or skilled I guess) to be able to take that one pet out of action. Some pets require a partner to be truly powerful and are not as great as stand alone pets.

      Unborn Val’kyr – Even after the needed nerfs the Val’kyr is still powerful. It is undead with high health and attacks that still do good damage. Haunt is still one of the most powerful moves, about 600 DoT damage and avoidance(if faster and/or from end of turn moves) plus a free switch to pet of your choice. Curse of Doom hits hard. Also has choice of using Unholy Ascension instead of Haunt which can be very powerful with the right team. Also when using Haunt it is possible for another of your pets to use Consume Corpse for a nice heal.

      Rabbits – The fast ones only with at least 325 speed. If you don’t have a faster pet yourself they will be very annoying to deal with. Dodge and Burrow will make you useless for three turns. So you will need to make the most of the two turns you actually can hit them.

      Anubisath Idol – Also still powerful even after nerf after nerf after nerf. The main things that make it good is huge health combinded with Sandstorm shield and humanoid racial heal. It also has great avoidance or if you want to be greedy and go with more damage and a possible stun from Rupture.

      Gilnean Raven/Crow – Call Darkness and Nocturnal Strike combination on a fast flying pet.

      Emperor Crab – P/P version. With Aquatic racial, Shell Shield and a powerful Heal it can completely shut down certain team compositions.

      Death Adder Hatchling – It is still useful with 341 speed and Blinding Poison. But I’m not really certain it belongs to the Top tier anymore, still at least High tier pet. Before it was nerly untouchable unless having some sort of counter but now with Blinding Poison cooldown increase and Poison Fang damage nerf it is more manageable in general. It is still powerful though and I have faced players using other breeds with the other abilities the adder offers to great effect.

      Fiendish Imp – 333 speed edges out a whole bunch of pets. And if you face a flying pet you still have a strong magic attack that switches your opponents pet out. With the fast switch move and Immolation for damage ticking and humanoid healing from back line it can be a seriously annoying pet to take out.

      Jademist Dancer – This pet becomes truly powerful in combination with another pet that first casts Cyclone. If you don’t have this then the Jademist Dancer is a glass cannon, it can dish out truly great damage but it also won’t stay alive for long.

      Warbot – 325 power minefield, Extra plating for 50% incoming damage reduction and mechanical racial. What is not good about the Warbot?

      Fossilized Hatchling – 305 power BONESTORM. With Ancient Blessing and undead racial your opponent is hard pressed to avoid 2 BONESTORMS before the Hatchling expires. BONESTORM is possibly slightly overtuned since it does 250 damage to all your pets(and even more if you got any humanoids).

      Moths – The issue with Moths is that they are fast and if Moth Dust sleep/stun proccs in the first turn your pet might get one turn of action before it is dead. Luckily after expansion Moth Dust does not hit as hard as before.

      Murkalot – It has alot going for it but the biggest issue with it is Righteous Inspiration and the combinations that offers. It’s a priority move that moves Murkalot out of harms way then inspires your next pet with 100% speed and 100% damage. This can make some truly disgusting combinations.

      Lil’ Ragnaros – 374 power! But since it has 211 speed there are lots of counters. Magma Trap is what tips the scales. The trap can only truly be countered by using Blind Poison or Decoy on the turn it is cast. Otherwise you need to be lucky with Dodge on the turn it blows up. Problem with the Traps are that they deal huge damage and both interrupt and stun your pet(plus next turn), and this from a 211 speed pet.

      Magical Crawdad – This defensive monster is tough to take out unless you have powerful attacks, stun or something to decrease it’s healing with.

      Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling – 309 speed(edges out a lot of pets) Decoy, Thunderbolt for powerful AoE(and now single target) damage combined with mechanical racial.

      Snarly – 305 power Rip(causes bleeding damage) combined with huge hit from Blood in the Water. With hard hitting priority move Surge it is and excellent finisher as well.

      Scourged Whelpling – Undead, huge amount of health. Either it can be combined for Plagued Blood which will heal your team or it can be used for some serious AoE damage with Dreadful Breath. Problem for your opponent is that they need to take out the Whelpling fast to let Dreadful Breath do as little damage as possible. Dreadful Breath is even better nowadays since it scales with number of opposing pets.

      Spirit Crab – Undead pet with huge health and Shell Shield for defense. It can be very tough to take out.

      Blighthawk – Strong undead pet with flying attacks that are strong against Aquatic pets(which are usually the bane of the undead). It can be combined with Jademist Dancer since it has Cyclone or it can be used with Consume Corpse(possibly combinging with Haunt). You can also use Ghostly Bite which hit seriously hard.

  3. Cinprinsys says:

    I am an avid pet collector and I love to do NPC pet battles in my Menagerie and against NPC Battle Pet Tamer’s, random battle pets I come across, etc. I tried PVP when the Battle Pets first came out and I was constantly getting beat so I quit and went back to NPC.

    I came across your list and I have been using it to build up my battle pets in hopes to try PVP again. I was doing good at collecting these pets and getting them to 25, but then I came across comments in your original thread that talked about S/S and P/P and I hit a deer in the headlights look and feeling. I have no idea what that means. Now I’m worried that I’ve collected the wrong types of the pets in the list and totally confused. I am sure this is a beginning fundamental of PVP’ing that I completely missed by just doing NPC pet battles. I just thought if I had a Blighthawk Rare lvl 25 that I was good to go. Is there somewhere that you explain this side of battle pets? I don’t want to take up your time explaining it just to me. Thanks!

    • Discodoggy says:

      Welcome back to PvP battles, I hope that it turns out to be a lot of fun.

      There are two sections in the guide I wrote (Creating A Team) that talk about breeds. The first part is titled “Preliminary Knowledge C: Stats and Breeds” and the second is titled “F. Breeds”. The part F gives some of examples of how to choose breeds in pets.

      Looking for those sections made me realize that I should break the guide up into sections. Right now it’s one really long document.

      As far as the pets on this list go, the most breed dependent are the Fiendish Imp and rabbits. The fast S/S breeds are what make these pets great. Oh, the P/P Emperor Crab is the breed people usually use.

  4. Discodoggy says:

    Now that 6.1 is here I added some pets from 6.0. These are what I’m comfortable with now, however more may come in the future.

    Top Tier:
    Teroclaw Hatchling
    Frostwolf Ghostpup
    Son Of Sethe
    Ore Eater
    Ghastly Kid

    High Tier:
    Mechanical Axebeak

  5. Bullfeathers says:

    You might want to add Axebeak Hatchling to that list, since I believe its stats are exactly the same as the Junglebeak at all breeds.

  6. Calerian says:

    H/P breed of Junglebeak is solid too, mate. I prefer it, in fact, because it means the racial lasts longer.

    • Discodoggy says:

      I used to prefer the H/P breed of flyers over the P/P exactly because of this. Eventually I fell in line with everyone else by preferring P/P birds. You are right, the H/P breed is a great choice.

  7. Vapid says:

    Bronze Whelpling should really be on this list.

    • Discodoggy says:

      I wholeheartedly agree. Fixed.

      Edit: For the purposes of POTM #3 I am not counting this pet as being on the list since two people have already chosen it on their team. It wouldn’t be fair to take off points retroactively. It will count starting next month (April 2015).

  8. Discodoggy says:

    In addition to the Bronze Whelping going on the high top tier list, next month I was thinking of making these changes:

    Stonegrinder – high
    Nexus Whelpling – high


    EDIT: I meant for Bronze Whelpling to go on top, not high

    • Vek says:

      Not without merit, both are powerful pets.

    • Liwei says:

      Nexus Whelpling has always felt like a one trick pony to me.

      It does hit very hard but it’s also pretty easy to KO. Not sure if I’d say it’s a high tier, but it is a good pet…hm.

      • Discodoggy says:

        I think the changes to accuracy and Arcane Storm have elevated its status. No more 80% Mana Surge misses and Arcane Storm having been given the even split mechanic have made it much harder to deal with for me.

        • Liwei says:

          I suppose that’s fair, I just feel like it’s kind of reliant on other pets to be really strong. Any time I’ve used it as the weather setter it hasn’t really had time to ramp up the damage.

          But I guess high tier is fair, thinking about it.

        • Vek says:

          I often run into this player that opens with a Nexus Whelpling. It is quite a powerful starter if you don’t have the tools to mess with it.

          Most of the time I don’t run with any “weather” pets so that is often not an option for me, at least while running my currently most popular teams.

          Using a stun is not really working unless you change the weather first, since Arcane storm makes you immune to stuns.

          Arcane storm is not all that powerful in itself but for the dragon it is quite hurtful when dragonkin racial is up, and the other good use is to damage a lowish Health back line pet to allow dragonkin racial to kick in.

          The tough thing about Arcane Storm + Mana Surge is that you don’t really want to get hit even once by Mana Surge under Arcane Storm and this is tough to avoid since it lasts 3 turns. To avoid it completely you would probably need Feign Death into a pet with Dodge. Or you can take a big hit first and then Dodge to avoid the last two turns. Problem is even if you get hit once it hurts really bad, more often than not over 50% of your health.

          Of course it is not an all powerful pet but I believe high-tier is warranted. Weather changer of course makes it deal alot less damage. I think it is a bit sad that elementals get the extra damage during Arcane Storm, that could have been a small boost to that racial.

  9. Tekulve says:

    I’ve never suffered much from arcane storm in PvP…

    I wouldn’t argue putting the nexus whelp on a higher tier though simply because of the royal peacock’s ability to set up the weather then feign

  10. gsv says:

    Direhorns… particularly Stunted… their usual running mates (MPD, Bronze Whelpling, Fossilized Hatchling et al) are all there… the Nerf took them from OP but it didn’t trash them altogether… jm2cw

  11. Wamp says:

    Disco, Vek, for me arcane winds and elementals is fine. AW is a “positive” weather and affects the hitter. Is the same as the lightning storm. Sandstorm or the blinding weather affect both pets. For me is the right implementation

    • Vek says:

      Yes it is working as intended. But the elemental racial is not that powerful and I wouldn’t mind it being immune to extra damage from arcane winds and come to think of it even, as you said, Lightning.

  12. Celya says:

    I’ve been reading this list (I think possibly for the first time, previous times I only skimmed it) and I think I’m missing something so I have to ask: Why is the Gilnean Raven/Crow Top tier, and the Dread Hatchling only High tier? They’re all Call Darkness + Nocturnal Strike flyers right?

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      Dread Hatchling only comes in the P/P variety. The Gilnean Raven has a S/S variety which makes it stronger.

      The Crow is also S/S and has Flock (Which I think is taken over Nocturnal Strike).

      I’d say it’s not so much these two abilities together, but the entire package that matters. Speed matters a lot in PvP.

      That said, the Dread Hatchling is a powerful pet (but mostly because it has Shadow Talon).

      That said again, having a P/P variety of a flier can work to your benefit in some cases.

    • Discodoggy says:

      That’s a great question, Celya. I’m not really sure that I have a concrete answer, other than my own anecdotal experience. When I see a Dread Hatchling lined up on the other side I’m a lot less scared than when I see I raven, I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s because Gilnean Ravens have a longer history of being that “evil darkness bird” that has spanked me so many times.

      I personally think that H/P is a better breed for flyers than the S/S or P/S that ravens come in.

      I will fix it, thanks for the feedback!

  13. Discodoggy says:

    Added the Bone Serpent to the top list and The FoA to the high list.

  14. Discodoggy says:

    A few proposed changes:

    Fragment Of Anger -> top

    Zomstrok -> top or Zomstrok & Fossilized Hatchling -> high
    They are so similar that it makes sense to put them in the same tier.

    Spirit Crab -> high
    I’d be sad to do so, but with the nerf to 95% moves and power creep it doesn’t feel as effective to me.

    Trunks -> high
    I don’t know if it’s just the teams that I’ve been putting Trunks on or not, but I’ve been winning with it a lot.


    • Bullfeathers says:

      FoA I definitely concur. It’s a one…head…meta wrecking machine. Trunks as well.

      I’d agree that Zomstrok should be wherever the Hatchling is, but I’m not so sure they deserve top billing. They’re both not much different than Trunks, either, at least in the Smash/Evanescence/Avalanche configuration, so high makes sense to me.

      Spirit Crab, I can’t remember ever seeing one, haven’t used one, so no clue.

      • Sibel from Kazzak says:

        Both Zomstrok and Fossy feel so one-dimensional to me. They don’t try to interact really. They just try to Bonestorm twice to break even, and if they get to Bonestorm thrice you’re basically fucked.

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      I don’t know if the FoA deserves to be on the top tier list, it’s definitely not as good as a MPD. It just trades really well if it starts out first and the enemy can’t disable it. Definitely high tier though, possibly top.

      Zomstrok should be in the thrash list for the disappointing visual on the Carpnado. So disappointing. But it’s basically just a Fossilized Hatchling, and I feel it should be about the same as the Fossy. Slightly lower.

      Spirit Crab I have no feelings about, I don’t usually run pets like this. Trunks looks extremely bad on paper, but somehow tends to perform well, even though it’s a bad type and also is H/P. I really don’t know. I think it synergizes well though.

  15. tekulve says:

    Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s that so few held out to get the s/s breed but Bonkers’ speed breed could merit a spot on your high tier list. There are enough dragonoids around to make him quite valuable.

    Other speedy dodge pets like rabbits are on your top list and Bonkers offers a stun chance and hard hits imho …food for thought

    I like the FoA for Top list…Trunks I have tested out on a few comps …it did ok not super stellar so I vote high list for it
    Zomstrok and foss.hatch are both potent …if we werent all running some undead beaters we would hate them more…i vote top for both

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      Bonkers is good, but I’m not sure it deserves a spot on the tier list yet. I also don’t think speedy Bonkers is particularly desirable vs. PvP dragons. P/S Bonkers probably does that job better.

      The thing I like about a Bonkers with some power is that if you can’t avoid, he does suprizing amounts of damage with that self-buff of his (or her)’s.

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      (And I think Rabbits are good because they are faster than other fast pets, and they can dodge twice with only a few turns of openness, and are strong vs. Decoy and Undead, Bonkers is none of these things; he’s a fun niche pet that can do brutal random damage with the selfbuff, if you take it)

    • Celya says:

      I use Bonkers. A lot. In both PVE and PVP. I started pet battles once Timeless Isle came out, and I levelled mine early. I have a P/P, a P/S and a S/S (the last was a RNG-annoying one to get). In PVP I usually run with either the P/S or the S/S, and usually Jab/Dodge/Tornado Punch. Going Bonkers is fun, but the avoid is often more useful. When Tornado Punch procs the stun, it turns around a battle. In case you can’t tell, I really like him. But I’m not sure that he is strong enough to deserve high tier status. It might just be that there are a lot of undead attacks on most PVP teams nowadays to counter him.

  16. tekulve says:

    Read closely Sibel ..I suggested Bonkers for the High tier and it is a viable if not strong pvp pet imho…breed choice being situational oc

    • tekulve says:

      You are also boosting Bonkers’ value by showing that a power breed is another valuable battle plan with it.

      The crit chance buff for 2 round slot choice is not one I go with since i like the dodge option…but it should make for potent damage

      • Sibel from Kazzak says:

        My bad, I missed that!

        Low high tier perhaps. I do like Bonkers myself, but Going Bonkers (crit chance) is mutually exclusive with Dodge.

        But oh my, I’ve had enemy Bonkers’ crit a pet of mine to death, no questions asked. It’s fun and scary. (But unreliable if you are really going bonkers with Haymaker.)

        But even with just Going Bonkers and regular 1st and 2nd slots, he can hurt a lot.

        Definitely high tier if P/P Bonkers could trade something for 1 more speed. It’s just one of those pets I really like, but can’t seem to make work very well.

      • Sibel from Kazzak says:

        I don’t know. It sucks that Bonkers is so hard to get, otherwise we might be able to convince Discodoggy to make Bonkers the next PotM.

        I would sure like to see that.

  17. Discodoggy says:

    I hate Bonkers, but you are both right, it should be added to the high list.

    After playing against the Fossilized Hatchling some more I can see why it ended up in the top tier in the first place. BONESTORM does so much damage on a three round CD. It has a cost of 10% self damage associated with it, but you can get around this by using the undead racial to your advantage. Carpnado is on a 5 round CD, but is evenly split, so you have some freedom as to when to use it (as opposed to BONESTORM being used almost exclusively in the beginning of a battle). More often than not you will get two BONESTORMs used against you but only one Carpnado, even with the Shell Shield.

    I’m still not sure where to put these two pets. I’m leaning toward keeping the Fossilized Hatchling in the top and Zomstrok as high.

    Another thing I’m considering is creating an “ultra tier” (the name is still debatable), composed of the best pets of the top tier. The reason why is because lower tier pets I choose for the POTM may need some support from the top pets. For example, if the POTM was the Twilight Fiendling, I would allow one top pet and one high pet, but the ultra pets would still be disallowed.

    So far I am considering these for the ultra list:
    Teroclaw Hatchling
    Ore Eater
    Fiendish Imp

    The Fiendish Imp is the pet least likely to go on that list.

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      Zomstroks carpnado frequently bugs out for me and does in fact not do more damage when theres fewer opponents.

      Personally I enjoy the whole tier list giving massive minus to POTM teams. Id still advocate a minus point system rather than outright bans.

      Im not completely sure whether an ultra ier list is warranted. I still dont think the ore eater is close to the power of the mpd either though. Sure it avoids damage, but it doesnt deal as massive damages as the mpd does, and its a humanoid. The fiendish imp, maybe, its just so incredibly strong.

      i think your top and high tier already do a decent job of splitting qualities up. its a tough call, but you can always just give it a try :)

      • gsv says:

        You can’t have team/quality points in the same system as finals that have auto-entry for undefeated teams finals with sudden death wins, they are valueless. I understand that you don’t prefer it but what would you do to solve the issue?

        • Sibel from Kazzak says:

          I agree on principle, although like I said: noone here would abuse it, and we’ve theorycrafted this option a while now (even before the last POTM started). I did consider for one millisecond to enter a complete top tier team last POTM, I think this is why I ranted initially about the system, but where’s the fun in that. I want to make a fun new team and see if it can beat gsv and tekulve and the others with it.

          But yea, I would advocate some kind of fall-off system, I think I wrote a little something about that somewhere here too (Where we previously discussed this?).

          Basically, if there’s significant point difference between the last team and the before last team, the last team should be dropped. After fighting a few rounds, of course. Last team could be replaced with quartile, it’d involve some statistics though.

          Option 2: Sudden death
          An additional option would be that every round you fight, one sudden death token is awarded to the lowest point team. Or all the teams that are tied for the lowest. Noone gets kicked out automatically, but if you lose a battle while having a sudden death token, you leave the competition. You also leave the competition if you acquire a third token. The first time the tokens are awarded each round, if the last team already has a token, the process repeats itself for the second lowest team. If the team is the highest point team it only gets a token if it is tied with another team that already has one.


          gsv’s killer-bee team: MPD MPD MPD, start with 0 points due to using ultra pets.
          Selis’s killer-bee team: MPD Wood Wasp Rabbit, start with 10 points due to using mostly tier pets.
          tekulve’s killer-bee team: Bone Wasp, Bloodsting Wasp, Twilight Wasp. Starts with 20 points due to using non-tier pets.

          Round one: All teams win and gain 5 points. Sudden Death token process awards a token gsv’s team. (5T-15-25)

          Round two: Two teams win and gain 5 points (Selis and gsv). Sudden Death token process awards a token gsv’s team and Selis’ team. (10TT-20T-25)

          Round three: Two teams win and gain 5 points (Selis and gsv). Sudden Death token process awards a token to everyone. gsv gets kicked out for having three tokens (15TTT-25TT-25T).

          Round four: Selis’ team wins and gains 5 points. Sudden death process awards a token to tekulve(25TT, 30TT)

          And so on. This system elimites teams fairly quickly though, but it can be tailored. It definitely hurts you to build teams from pets that don’t give you starting points.

          (It’s just a draft, whatchya think :P)

    • Wiff says:

      The way I see it the Hatchling is simply a slightly better version of Fragment of Anger; more optimal stats, a surefire stall for the AoE CD, and a choice between two primary attacks that will thrash counters to AoE undead whether it be rabbits or Anubisaths. IMO it would be strange to see the FoA on a higher tier given that its only real advantage is Magic AoE to brutalize fliers that would threaten certain sweepers.

      • Sibel from Kazzak says:

        That actually is a strength though, hurting flyers more on the backline or soulrushing them if they come front.

        I’d consider the Fossilized Hatchling a more generalized AoE pet, and the FoA more something you can run in normal comps.

    • Rhonstifor says:

      As good as the Fiendish Imp is, and I use it a lot ( which probably makes me underestimate the MPD ) I do not think it is on the same level with Teroclaw, Ore Eater and MPD. I think the Fiendish Imp is kind of like the emperor crab in that it can be a game changer against lots of pets, but as soon as you are against something faster and played well, it is really fragile. I love the Fiendish Imp because it is so fun to play, and allows one to outplay an opponent as opposed to just win because your team is stronger or a better counter. I digress…….
      Anyways, you need to also qualify the Ore Eater and the Fiendish Imp as SS, because, IMO, the slower ones are not nearly as good.

  18. tekulve says:

    If an Ultra list doesnt cause more work for you…go to it ..Id vote MpD and Teroclaw on the Ultra list…the bottom line is that if you dont have a direct answer for those 2 pets…you are hurting from the get-go

    the imp and ore eater are top tier imho

    • gsv says:

      That actually serves as a pretty good definition of an ultra pet… thing is that there aren’t really many more candidates.

      • Rhonstifor says:

        An argument could be made for the Bone Serpent as well. Especially cause its 40% chance to hit my elemental with Nocturnal strike still hits 95% of the time ( seemingly! )
        Trunks is pretty rough as well.
        With all that, I have been obliterating this morning’s META of Bone Serpants, MPDs and Teroclaws with my Infected Squirrel, so I guess the Infected Squirrel needs to be on the Super duper Ultra list!

        • Sibel from Kazzak says:

          The Serpent can lock its moves out for a turn though, so it’s a less viable pet to have last. I’d say the serpent is strong, yes, but ultra? It’s no MPD. Noctural Strike also has a giant weakness against elementals.

          Definitely high tier and perhaps top tier with the right breed in the right meta.

          The Infected Squirrel is nice, yea, it’s just so bad against shielding pets, it really depends on the flavor of the day :)

  19. Tekulve says:

    So I took Trunks out for another run of games

    This pet hits laughably hard with When Elekks Fly ..it can actually one shot a Teroclaw ..for me it so by doing 1700+ damage (a crit)…in another battle I was facing a moth with 1100hp (moonlight was up) and Trunks had 90hp… no problem..one shot and bye bye moth

    It also has AoE that hurts mechs which are rampant in pvp

    That Elekks fly attack is a 50% chance I know ..but with monster hits like that who cares !?!

    I have to revise my choice and suggest this ‘difference maker’ pet for an Ultra tier if Disco wants an Ultra tier

    • Rhonstifor says:

      Yeah, I brought out my infected squirrel to counter someone’s Trunks today. Had to have something that could deal significant damage not effected by the magic racial and live for a few rounds even if when eleks fly hit twice consecutively. Infected Squirrel does really well against all of the non shell heavy hitters in the current meta. Go Squirrel!

    • Vek says:

      As I noted in my POTM4 team entry this is worse than any Idol Demo-spam. Especially since it can be a priority move. There is just not much of a defense against that super hard hitting rng, I guess rhon has the right idea. Fun thing is that it seems even better with smash and ethereal if you look at discos teams and results.

  20. Discodoggy says:

    Added FoA to top.

    Added Zomstrok and Trunks to high.

    Moved Spirit Crab to high (sniff sniff)

    I’m not sure if there’s a need for an ultra tier yet, but still leaning towards MPD, Ore Eater and Teroclaw Hatchling.

  21. Discodoggy says:

    Added Bonkers to high list.

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      May I request the avoiding of abbreviations on the tier list? By now I know that MPD is Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling. KLR is probably the Kun-lai Runt. But I’m beginning to draw blanks after that.

      • gsv says:

        epw is emerald proto whelp and bfb is black fuse bombing. klr is certainly kun lai runt and for completeness RNG is random number generator :)
        acronyms are there to keep you on your leet feet Sibel.

  22. Discodoggy says:

    Celya and gsv have both made claim for the S/S Nightshade Sproutling going on the high tier. I added up my records for the Nightshade Sproutling and it has 118-11-1 record. Seems incredible, except for the fact that I use it exclusively as a second to a Bone Serpent.

    How does this pet fare on its own? Does that even matter? Could it make it on the list due to its ability to support darkness teams? What do you think?

    • gsv says:

      hmmm yes… the bone serpent… good point… I don’t think that high tier pets necessarily need to be good on their own… surely that makes them top tier? always the way I thought about it anyway… might be worth seeing how it went in a few different lineups I suppose… but it seems at least as strong as some other high tier… they were mostly great support pets. jm2cw

    • Vapid says:

      I do think the S/S NSprout is a great pet. I also agree that I generally only use it with a Darkness team and the Bone Serpent is the key player there.

      That being said the NSprout ended up doing pretty well with my Zomstrok team in POTM 5. Though if you do make it high tier this month it means I have to change my POTM 6 team submission again 😀

  23. Discodoggy says:

    Am I living in the past with the Scourged Whelpling and Unborn Val’kyr? Since I started keeping frequencies/records for pets that I face the former is 0-14 and the latter is 2-25-1. In relative terms the valk’s win rate is less than half of a random pet that I face in the queue (7% compared to 19%).

    Do these pets still belong in the high tier?

    I’ve only kept data for 170 battles so far so the sample space is relatively small, perhaps with more battles these pets will make a comeback.

    Here’s the link to the spreadsheet:
    Graves Meta 6/2 – present

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      The Unborn Val’kyr still has Haunt. I’m not sure about the Scourged Whelpling though, Dreadful Breath just doesn’t carry enough oompf anymore and locks you into it for three rounds.

      Although I do vaguely remember that they made the breath a split attack, too. But why bother when you can just run a Weebomination with Cleave instead?

      It may be save to move them to the High tier list though. Although the Val’kyr STILL has Haunt. Haunt is just extremely awesome. If you’re faster, it’s one of the best moves in the game still.

    • Liwei says:

      I think the best way to answer would be to analyze whether or not the pets themselves are underperforming.

      I think both pets are still individually strong, myself. They’re both beefy and deal good damage after all.

  24. Tekulve says:

    I feel a High list ranking is good for the Valk and the Scourged whelp.

    The reality is that [Im guessing] very few of us enter a pvp match now without having some kind of way to address at least 2 of these 3 pet pvp realities:
    teroclaw/elementals(i know it’s technically a flier)

    I mention this to suggest that these 2 undead are surely good pets..it’s just that they rarely beat me in pvp because I’m prepared to handle them
    I wonder if Teroclaw (can be flying/elemental) is a test run ..the developers of wow pet battles may be interested in expanding the #’s of these potentially ‘hybrid’ type pets. This might make pet pvp more unpredictable and force us to vary our attack choices

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      I agree, my philosophy for *strong* team building is currently:

      – I need two ways to deal with Decoy.
      – I need a strong attack against Undead.
      – I may not have a weak team versus Shields of any kind.

      Then, ideally:

      – I must have Darkness
      – I must be able to hurt Humanoids badly

      And then, ideally:

      – I’d really like to have something to stop the stupid birds, but generally a single Soulrush will do. I like the FoA currently, so haven’t had much issues.

      So it’d boil down to:

      1-2 AoE moves that must be weak vs. Magic/Aquatic/Critter/Beast maybe Elemental. It *must* not be weak vs. Undead/Mechanical/Flyer. Ideal cases are strong vs. Undead/Humanoid/Flying. Ideally the moves are split-type. One AoE move that doesn’t do more damage when there are fewer opponents is acceptable on a pet that goes first as a rule.
      -> Avalanche, Carpnado, Cleave, Dreadful Breath (very suboptimal due to 3 turn lock), Magma/Tidal Wave (acceptable as first pet or Decoy clear), Thunderbolt, and Whirlwind.
      -> -> Thunderbolt, Carpnado, Avalanche and Cleave are optimal due to being weak vs. the right families.

      -> -> -> Alterac Brew Pup, Trunks, Zomstrok, Weebomination, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (and a bunch of others).

      Purely with these alone we could make a team that fulfills most of our requirements.

      MPD, Thunderbolt, Decoy, Breath.
      Weebomination, Cleave, Consume Corpse / Death Grip, Corpse Explosion / Haymaker

      And some filler with Darkness :)

      But usually I make fun teams, that only try to be strong versus two things, one always being Decoy and the other usually being Undead.

  25. Sibel from Kazzak says:

    I made a quick Excel sheet with the tier list. As an example of what I think should be done with it, based on Vapid’s post.

    (Top tier sheet)

    Tier list status is determined by combining the listed breeds with the listed abilities. An unlisted breed may freely use any of those listed abilities without being considered tier list material.

    Ability lists that include the keyword AND denote that only that combination of abilities is considered tier list material. These abilities may be freely used separately without being considered tier list material.

    Name, Breeds, Abilities
    Unborn Val’kyr All Haunt
    Rabbits S/S Burrow AND Dodge
    Anubisath Idol All Deflection
    Gilnean Raven/Crow All All
    Emperor Crab All All
    Death Adder Hatchling S/S Blinding Poison
    Fiendish Imp S/S Nether Gate
    Jademist Dancer S/S All
    Warbot All Minefield
    Fossilized Hatchling All Bonestorm
    Moths (due to rng) All Cocoon Strike AND Moth Dust
    Murkalot All All
    LIl’ Ragnaros All Magma Trap
    Magical Crawdad All All
    MPD All Thunderbolt AND Decoy
    Snarly (and other crocs) All All
    Scourged Whelpling All All
    Blighthawk All All
    Teroclaw Hatchling All Dodge AND Nature’s Ward
    Frostwolf Ghostpup All Ghostly Bite
    Son Of Sethe All Touch of the Animus
    Weebomination All Cleave
    Junglebeak All Raindance AND Nocturnal Strike
    Ore Eater All Shell Armor
    Ghastly Kid All Haunt
    Bronze Whelpling All All
    Bone Serpent All All
    Dread Hatchling All All
    Fragment Of Anger All Spiritfire Beam

    The posting unfortunately rapes the formatting, but it’s probably clear enough.

    – All Unborn Valkyrs that run Haunt are considered top tier. (Others are not)

    – Only Jungle Beaks, no matter what breed, that run both Raindance AND Nocturnal strike are considered top tier. (Others are not)

    – Only MPD’s that run Thunderbolt AND Decoy are considered top tier. (Others are not)

    – Only Death Adder Hatchlings that have the S/S breed and run Blinding Poison are considered top tier. (Others are not). So a P/P Death Adder Hatchling can run Blinding Poison and not be considered top tier. And a S/S Death Adder can run Burrow and not be considered top tier.

    And so on. Looking forward to feedback!

    For completion’s sake, also the high tier list:
    Name, Breeds, Abilities
    Blossoming Ancient All Photosynthesis
    Singing Sunflower All Photosynthesis
    Darkmoon Tonk All Minefield
    Emerald Proto-Whelp All Ancient Blessing AND Emerald Dream
    Creepy Crate All Bonestorm
    KLR All Frost Shock AND Deep Freeze
    Scalded Basilisk Hatchling All All
    Direhorn All All
    Qiraji Guardling All All
    Sen’Jin Fetish All All
    Infested Bear Cub All All
    Son Of Animus All Touch of the Animus
    Xu-Fu All All
    Chi-Chi All All
    BFB All All
    Zandalari Raptors All All
    Clockwork Gnome All Build Turret
    Lil’ Bling All All
    Hydraling All Shell Armor
    Mechanical Axebeak All All
    Ikky All All
    Nexus Whelpling All Mana Surge AND Arcane Storm
    Stonegrinder All All
    Zomstrok All Carpnado
    Spirit Crab All All
    Trunks All All
    Bonkers S/S Dodge

  26. Discodoggy says:

    Thanks Sibel for doing all of that work!

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      I can send you the excel sheet, you can decide if you feel it’s of any use whatsoever. Drop me an e-mail if you care to, presumably you can see the field I entered.

      But it’s basically just an Excel sheet containing the information from that post :)

      Keep in mind it’s just a quick first draft, based on my own preferences and what the community here discussed. There doesn’t seem to be much discussion regarding the validity of the tiered pets. Sometimes after the times change whether something should be moved a little.

      But mostly everyone seems to be of one mind concerning the tier list. That might change if it becomes more detailed though, although in the end it’s probably just a win-win, since it opens up more pets :)

  27. Discodoggy says:

    I added the “ultra” tier that I have been considering. I wasn’t sure about adding Murkalot to that tier, but I think that RI warrants it. I also wasn’t sure about moving the Bone Serpent to the ultra tier, my recent experiences against it have put it a cut above the rest in my mind.

    I also finally added the Nightshade Sproutling to the high tier.

  28. DaveX says:

    Love your work Disco.

    just as a suggestion – would it be less confusing to keep the ultimate-top-highest tier the “Top” tier, with other tiers pushed down. Eg like so:

    Ultra/High (whatever)
    Above Average
    And so on..

    I think people could get confused when they see another tier on top of the “top” tier as per the Ultra/Top method you are using now.

    • Discodoggy says:

      Thanks for bringing this up. I thought of this issue myself, I wasn’t sure if it would be an issue or not, apparently it is. I could make top/high/x, but what would the x be called? Another option would be 1st/2nd/3rd, but that seems kind of dry. I play a little bit of Super Smash Bros. where people use a letter system: A/B/C/D/F with S reserved for what I am currently calling the “ultra” tier.


  29. Celya says:

    I have a request. Since the lists are getting longer, could you possibly alphabetize them? I’m finding it tricky to find specific pets on the lists.

    Edit: Oh, it’s fun to have an edit option!

  30. Discodoggy says:

    Relabeled 1st, 2nd, 3rd to avoid confusion and alphabetized the lists.

  31. DaveX says:

    As of 30.July.2015, the Blossoming Ancient (BA) is a Tier 3 pet. That seems very low to me – I’m thinking it’s a Tier 1 pet, just simply because it is so frigging difficult to take down. It feels like you need to have 2 distinct counters:

    1) Weather change to get rid of Sunlight.
    2) Run an aquatic or strong-elemental attack, just to get ahead of the debuff he throws on you.

    Anyone else feel the same? What can counter BA (hard)?

    My assumption is that Darkness teams could do well against BA, but Nocturnal Strike is 50% move against the BA due to the Elemental racial.

    PS thanks for the blog – discovered the vengeful porky from here and have been having a delicious flank against all those AoE undead..

    • Lyraat says:

      Son of Sethe – In sunlight, Son of Sethe is nigh unkillable.
      Ore Eater – Between the aquatic dot, Sunlight boosting the humanoid racial, and the Shell Shield, Ore Eater walks over the ancient.
      Any pet with Darkness or Mortal Strike – Best way to kill any healer comp.
      Gahz’rooki – Because, boo ya! Gahz’rooki! 😀
      Jademist Dancer – Geyser, Whirlpool, and either the ancient is dead, or he swaps out to something else that dies.

      I think Blossoming Ancient is a Tier 3 pet. It’s solid, and, with other healer pets, it’s a darn tough out. But, if just tossed with two random pets, it’s not helping much. For example, Ikky + Lil’ Bling (both Tier 3 pets); a Shattered Defenses team. Blossoming Ancient doesn’t add much to that team as Ikky doesn’t have a heal and Lil’ Bling has a half heal. But add a Tier 1 pet to that team–Bone Serpent would be fun–and now the team is lethal. Even a Tier 2 pet would be better–Warbot to punish swaps, or a Valk or Ghastly Kid for Haunt + Shattered Defenses.

      I’m curious: What team are you running that’s having trouble with the Blossoming Ancient?

      • DaveX says:

        I’m not running any specific set team, I always tend to mix my teams around every week or so. I started noting particular issues when running into the BA about 2 months ago. It should be noted I try to avoid using the OP pets and have generally favoured light-hitting multi attack pets (I am starting to bring in more nuke pets).

        As an example, I faced twice last night a BA (Autumn Breeze)/Frostwolf Ghostpup/ Qiraj Guardling team with my Vengeful Porky/Tiny Snowman / Stonegrinder team. I lost twice, although I think it was more due to the 2x weather against my 1.

        On an aside, I’ve done a lot of battling with the Vengeful Porky in the last couple of days. The key finding is just how good VP is against the current Tier 1 list. It’s strong against the Undead, tough against the Humanoids and when sped up, surprisingly effective against the MPD (Spirit Spikes even hurts when Decoy is up!). Can’t wait to run into a unsuspecting Teroclaw Griefling and surprise it with Spirit Spikes.

    • Discodoggy says:

      I really hate facing it, too. If you don’t have a way to change the weather or have an aquatic attack you are screwed. Whenever I encounter sunny day teams I start running Jademist Dancer teams.

      You bring up an interesting question. Does this make it belong to a higher tier? Food for thought, of which I’m currently incapable due to the late hour :)

      • Liwei says:

        I would wager it doesn’t fare so well in an AoE heavy meta.

        Which is presumably why you don’t have it as a top tier pet these days.

  32. Bogey says:

    Puddle Terror puts the hurt on Blossoming Ancient.

  33. Discodoggy says:

    After playing more with the Vengeful Porcupette I’ve decided it really needs to be on the tier list. Second or third?

  34. Snow says:

    I think I would have infected squirrel in tier 2. Creeping fungus and stampede takes down anything without a shell and it is tanky enough to absorb some backline damage in the aoe meta. It does well against many of the top pets. I could see it being in tier 3 because of shells countering him.

  35. tekulve says:

    I think the veng porc could be tier 2…it’s not that it dominates or needs to be directly countered …it just simply gives you a match advantage…by this I mean it always bests 1 pet+ in it’s matchups…providing you dont feed it to mechs oc

    Until undead get nerfed, It merits tier 2 imho

  36. Discodoggy says:

    Done, Vengeful Porcupette added to 2nd tier.

  37. Discodoggy says:

    Ithink the Curious Wolvar Pup should be included due to Snap Trap. I put it on the 3rd tier.

  38. titanborn says:

    My fav team atm is Death Adder, Mech Scorpid, and Sister of Temp. Using the S/S versions of all three Pets. It brings a ton of CC, Heals and DOTs and Burst.

    • Discodoggy says:

      DAH still warrants special attention in a battle for sure.

      • titanborn says:

        The mech scorp has blind, is faster than a ton of pets and can dish out 850ish damage in a turn. You simply open with scorp if your faster and use “wind up” and then blind him and swap to DAH and then use poison, then blind again, Puncture him, swap to Scorp and second Wind Up. I take 0 damage he is locked out for basically 4 turns/even if he swaps. Once the pet is dead I swap in Sister and doom his new pet and heal the team if needed and start cycle all over. If his opening pet is faster do the same thing but start with DAH.

  39. Discodoggy says:

    I’ve been doing so well with the imp that I was considering moving it to the first tier. I decided to look at the win percentages of all of the first tier pets that I use to compare with the imp. Since I use the Ghastly Kid so much I tabulated its record too. I don’t play the Teroclaw Hatchling, Ore Eater, Murkalot or MPD enough to have a large enough data set so I excluded those pets. Here are the results:

    Graves, 38 teams
    89.7 win%

    Ghastly Kid, 32 teams
    88.5 win%

    Fragment Of Anger, 26 teams
    85.0 win%

    Bone Serpent, 13 teams
    84.1 win%

    Fiendish Imp, 36 teams
    82.4 win%

    Of course individual pet records are somewhat out of context, but still, the imp is the lowest of bunch. Perhaps my little buddy belongs on the second tier after all.

    I wanted to move the imp up but instead it appears that the kid is much more deserving.

    Graves and the kid owe each other a lot due to the incredible synergy of Consume Corpse and Haunt.

    So what do you think, do either of these two deserve a place among the giants?

    • Tekulve says:

      The kid can go top tier-no argument from me
      People play it often in my meta…but not always very well…nobody uses the consume corpse exploit much ..thankfully

      It’s a powerful and useful pet..it isnt one I lose to much simply because you need an answer to undead pets on every comp in pvp. I often have either a dodge or a crouch or an aquatic to lessen dmg.

    • Lyraat says:

      I agree with Liwei: A top tier pet must be able to carry a team by itself.

      Fiendish Imp: Before Graves, he’d be a 1st tier pet, no question. Board control, from-the-backline dmg and heal, fantastic against MPDs, he was great. But right now? Ya, 2nd tier. Gets wrecked too hard these days to carry a team. I was using Graves+Ore Eater+Imp for a bit, but lost too many times thanks to opponent’s Graves. Swapped the Imp for a DAH, and win percentage improved significantly. Perhaps revisit him in Legion/when the meta changes.

      Ghastly Kid: While I havent seen him carry an otherwise mediocre team to 85%+ win percentage, he has a great move set and fantastic synergy for pets with Consume Corpse. Haunt must always be accounted for. I can argue myself to voting him either 1st or 2nd tier. Today, he’s a top tier pet.

  40. Tekulve says:

    Imho… the imp should be on a lower tier..simply because in today’s pvp game..humanoids get hurt quickly and badly..the imp is a super self healer but just look at the 4 other pets you have listed above… 3/4 smash the imp

    try standing and eating : bone barrage/skull toss/haunt /ghostly bite or grave dest.

    I love the imp..Ive used it plenty..but these 3 undead (and others) are too popular to be dismissed and it ends up that your ‘when to play the imp’ options sometimes become limited a smidge

  41. Liwei says:

    In my mind, to be a top tier pet, the pet has to be able to carry the team basically by itself.

    While the imp is very good, I don’t think it’s generally able to do all the work on a team. You’re using it to force in superior matchups more than you’re using it to stomp over the enemy pets after all.

  42. Discodoggy says:

    All righty, I will keep them both on the 2nd tier for now. Thanks as always :)

  43. Tekulve says:

    I peeked at your 1000 battles data.. maybe it’s odd of me to care at all, but I want to advocate for a Bonkers promotion to one notch higher…

    For win % against you, it nearly does as well as the FoA and outdoes pets like Teroclaw

    I know humanoids arent as viable now, but it could merit 2nd tier..the stats also dont take into account those that ran inferior breed Bonkers

    You’ve made no bones about disliking Bonkers in past posts..but it might be even more useful nowadays to dodge Graves and other telegraphed heavy hitters…the s/s and p/p are interesting imho…food for thought

    • Discodoggy says:

      I haven’t played it myself too much. The other day bonkers beat a good team of mine with two stuns. I suppose that I don’t hold it in high regard because it needs the stun to win consistently. Other 25% move stun pets are still good even if they don’t stun, pets like the idol and FoA.

  44. DaveX says:

    From the Tier 1 list, I feel these 4 pets have seperated themselves a bit from the rest.

    Graves – And I am tempted to say it deserves a Tier to itself.
    Fragment of Anger
    Bone Serpent

    The below 3 are also very strong, but I hesitate to include them in with the above 4:

    Murkalot – Yes, in combination with Graves, ridiculously OP, but it is a “boost another pet”, not an OP pet in itself. Being Humanoid really counts against it in our Undead AoE Overlord meta.
    Ore Eater – I find it [suprisingly] weak once Shell is down. Beasts and Undead are very effective against it. Being Humanoid really counts against it with our Undead AoE Overlord meta.
    Teroclaw Hatchling – Probably the one that deserves the most to be included with the “top 4” above. Nigh-unbeatable against a player who knows how to manage the racial.

    Love the Tier list, just wondering if Tier 1 needs to be a bit more exclusive.

    Agree/Disagree ?

    • Lyraat says:

      Graves – Agreed. He probably should be his own tier.

      Fragment of Anger – I know there’s a lot of love for FoA, but I’m not a huge fan. I find the FoA to be equal to the goat, and would argue for putting them in the same tier. They both have strong moves, but neither can lead their teams to victory by themselves. If FoA is tier 1, Ghastly Kid is, too. If FoA is tier 2, so is the kid.

      Bone Serpent – Yes.

      MPD – Yes. Though with the Undead meta, he’s not as strong as before. Dragon breath merely tickles Undead and Fly By is useless. Plus Graves can laugh at his Decoy. Against everyone else, though, he’s a very tough out.

      Murkalot – I see your point, that Murkalot is a buff pet, that he cannot lead a team to victory by himself. But no other buff in the game is half as strong as RI. And since no other pet in the game has RI, Murkalot belongs in the top tier.

      Righteous Inspiration is exceedingly overpowered. And, yes, it is a buff ability. However, pet battles are 3v3, not 1v1. Add him to any team and your team is instantly better.

      Ore Eater – The Undead meta does hurt him, but he can solo a wide variety of teams. Triple moths, Undead counters, Sunlight healers, DoT teams. And dragons last 3 turns: slam, shield, slam. Even against Graves, Ore Eater is effective provided that he heads to the backline when his shield expires; 1300 dmg while taking 300 dmg over 4 rounds is a trade I’ll make every day. I love nuking Teroclaw Hatchlings with him: “Oh, you’re an Elemental now? Enjoy this Aquatic DoT while you sit on the backline!”

      Teroclaw Hatchling – Agreed.

    • Discodoggy says:

      I would rank them like this:

      Teroclaw Hatcling
      Bone Serpent
      Ore Eater

      Murkalot is in a class of its own, since it needs a another good pet to make RI work. I would like to keep it on the list just for the sake of the POTM and the upcoming tournament so people can’t abuse RI.

      I haven’t played against the Ore Eater much and I haven’t used it much because I feel that Shell Armor is broken. I give it a whirl to see if I still feel the same way. Sorry meta, it’s for research!

  45. Dunnik says:

    Just a quick note of thanks to Discodoggy. Chose 3 pets that I had from the Tier 2-3 lists, and used them without any real thought as to synergy. Somewhat to my surprise, this team has performed very well. I went 7-3 over 10 matches!

    Anubisath Idol – Lots of Dragonkins in PvP, base attack makes quick work of them, especially when combined with the Idol’s legendary defenses: Sandstorm and Deflection. Very nice against opponents with lots of damage, or combos.

    Warbot – Unexpected synergy with Sandstorm and Extra Plating for huge damage reduction. Mines are often game winners. Makes quick work of any beast(s) but has the stamina to take on any target.

    Fossilized Hatchling – Glad all that Archaeology paid off. Equipped with Claw for critters (to counter hares in particular), the Ancient Blessing heal, and Bone Prison (was concerned about the hp loss from Bonestorm, but with the heal, may go with that in future).

    • Discodoggy says:

      Warbot was one of my best pets for a long time. Nice to see it getting some use again. If it weren’t for Graves sweeping away the mines I would probably use it more.

  46. Vapid says:

    Got my 5000 pvp wins on NYE! Hooray all achievements done, phew.

    I wanted to mention that the Stormwing pet has been highly advantageous for me in battles. Not as stellar as the Teroclaw, but still very useful against critters and aquatics that you see a number of in the current meta.

  47. Discodoggy says:


    That’s fantastic! Especially in this unfriendly meta. Thanks for all of the input and insight that you’ve shared along the way.

  48. Vapid says:

    This site has been a great help! And I am happy to give input to fellow battlers. If you ever do guest posts or videos, it is something I might consider.

  49. Discodoggy says:

    This list hasn’t been updated in a long time due to the POTM being on hold. However, the list is going to be used for PBL season two. No pets from this list will be allowed in the league (there will be other restrictions as well).

    So I want to ask:

    1. Any new pets that should be added to the list?

    2. Even though it won’t impact the PBL, are all of the pets still on the correct tier? There are some pets that I would like to move, but I prefer this list to be more of a community consensus than my opinion.


  50. Discodoggy says:

    3/6/16 – Made some changes based input from the US forums.

  51. Discodoggy says:

    Updated and restructured.

  52. Sternish says:

    It may seem excessive at this point as the 3rd tier is already so large but do you believe foxes, in particular S/S foxes have excelled enough in the meta to warrant a spot on the list?

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