Level 30

Level 30 woo hoo! I can have a second spec now. But wait, I didn’t even choose my first spec yet. I’m just a weird specless priest standing on Sunstrider Isle watching level ones and twos run past me. If you happen to pass by give Safetydance @ Madoran a wave. I chose Madoran because I thought there might be a lot of pet activity on the AH due to the Warcraft Pets guild being based on that server. It was a bad assumption. I checked it out on another character I made and it really isn’t that great, oh well.

It’s taken me 338 top level PvP pet battle victories to get to level 30. Here’s a list of how many it took to get to each milestone level.

Level 30 – 338 wins
Level 20 – 190 wins
Level 10 – 64 wins

Those aren’t exact numbers in general because sometimes people run away at the beginning. That gives you the win but no experience.

So far my stone count is:

37 Polished
3 General Flawless
2 Flying
2 Magic
2 Elemental
2 Dragonkin
1 Critter
1 Humanoid
1 Mech
1 Aquatic

The flawless stone ration is 1 in every 22.5 games or 4.4%.

Note: Originally I posted it the rate was 1 in 19.88 but I added wrong, oops.

I should have been doing this all along but at level 25 I started to keep track of how much experience I get per level. This is without heirlooms or any xp buffs.

Level 29 – 1,850 XP
Level 28 – 1,750 XP
Level 27 – 1,700 XP
Level 26 – 1,650 XP
Level 25 – 1,600 XP

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