No PvP for you!

You know how you sometimes get that error message “You are already queued for a pet battle” when you queue? You just need to need to reload to make it disappear then you can queue up normally. I reloaded and it didn’t go away. I relogged and it didn’t go away. I disabled all of my addons and it didn’t go away. I switched to a different character, I started a new character, I even reinstalled out of desperation. That still didn’t fix the problem. My ticket is open; if I don’t get a response by the end of the day I’ll give Blizz a call but for now no PvP queue for me. It happened right when I was having so much fun testing out new Celestial Blessing comps. Damn you green Porcupette!

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5 Responses to No PvP for you!

  1. Snow says:

    Wow that sucks. I get that problem when someone declines the queue. Relogging always works though. I hope that isn’t a bug that is going to happen a lot.

    • Discodoggy says:

      I just got done chatting with a GM and I was told they are “aware of the issue and it is a top priority”. The lack of threads in the pet battle and bug forums make me think that it is not a common problem, so I am not confident that it is indeed a “top priority”. I certainly hope that I’m wrong, but it may be awhile before I get to do anymore battling. I guess it’s time to level up some pets.

  2. Discodoggy says:

    This was fixed yesterday with the restart. Hopefully it won’t happen again. I was hoping to do a daily battle page every day until Thanksgiving break but I was thwarted by circumstances out of my control. It’s nice to be back in the queue.

  3. Snow says:

    Did a gm ever explain what happened to you?

    • Discodoggy says:

      Nope. In a thread on the support section of the forums a mod said that the reset fixed the problem for now, but it may happen again. I’ve gotten the “already queued” message once since then and it freaked me out, but relogging fixed it.

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