Slight Change To “Daily”

When I thought up “Challenge Mode” for myself it was designed to create a competitive pet battling environment for myself. I wanted it to be somewhat epic. Play with my best teams, do my best to win, try my hardest. Well, doing it everyday has made it much less epic than that. It’s not that big of a deal if I lose because I can just do it again tomorrow. I find myself not really caring much after four or so wins, hell, sometimes I even queue with teams that aren’t that good so I might lose and be done with it. Not what I had planned.

So I’m only going to do Challenge Mode once a week from here on out. Hopefully it’ll be more epic that way.

I do however like blogging on a daily basis. So I’ve decided to start a new section called “daily battle”. Here I’ll take a team I like and just play one one battle with it. Since it’s only one battle I can be more descriptive about the strategy and the battle. Check out the first one here: First Daily Battle

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